Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Its a new year....

I saw this fun thing that my friend Deidre did with her girls... I thought, Hey, I'm like a kid - but its still good to review the year end & the questions apply to everyone... so if you want to answer along, feel free to grab the questions - afterall, that's what I did myself.  Thanks Deidre :)

Favorite Color:  I have been in a grey phase
Favorite Food:  I have been in love with edamame this year... mmmm...
Favorite Activity:  Taking pictures... of course :)
Favorite Book:  Mondays with my Old Pastor

Highlights of 2012
Greatest Lesson Learned:  That was I strong enough to give up meat & Diet soft drinks :)
...& that I learned that I can keep my mouth quiet in situations.  Believe me - that was something I never thought I could do.  I tend to be a 'mouth blurter' but have found a new control with that. Who knew?

Hardest Thing of the Year:  My battle with neuropathy.  I still have days where it flares up, but nothing like it was at the beginning of the year last year.  I honestly have never felt so WRONG in all my life.

Favorite Memory:  Crossing that finish line in my PR at the Ky Derby Half Marathon - with my hubby by my side.  I think this memory will be in my top 5 of my life :)

What I loved most about 2012:  I've got lots so I'm cheating & choosing a few
* My marriage, after being with my husband for 20 years, is stronger & closer then ever
* The photography thing has been amazing.  I have a fantastic partner, we've got our feet in the wedding pond now, & its great meeting such fun, unique people with every session
* My family is all closer... Julie & the grandbabies are closer in Nashville & my parents are 5 miles from me
* All my doggies are getting older, but have survived the year... we dont take it for granted

Looking Forward to 2013:
Want to learn:  How to cook more vegan dishes
Want to get better at:  Running
Biggest Goal:  To be more natural in my eating... more vegan... definitely staying vegetarian - but just want to treat my body with natural health.  Exercise, good foods - I want to FEEL good - that's the goal :)


  1. I am so proud of you for giving up Diet Coke! I'm a firm believer that it takes a strong person to break free from things that control us. That's why I like to do juice fasts and derive great pleasure from giving up things (such as Mt Dew) that periodically take hold of me. Happy New Year!!!

  2. Great post! Although, I cannot give up my diet pepsi, I have cut down and am drinking more water! :)


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