Thursday, January 24, 2013

Me, the pilot?

(Used this example in my lesson from Sunday's Youth Lesson)

Its no secret about my relationship with flying & airplanes....

Let's just say, its not pretty.

Anything that can cause instant nausea & stomach cramps & the need for Imodium isn't a pretty relationship.

There's just something about being on a plane that gets to me.

Is it that you're MILLIONS of miles above the earth?
....yeah, I know its not millions... but if you drop out the sky, does hundreds, thousands or millions really make a difference at that point?....

Well, I said something to Ricky the other day that he totally didnt believe.
I told him I wouldnt mind learning how to fly a plane.

WH WH WHAT?!?!?!?!? was kind of his reaction.

It makes perfect sense to me.

If I know how to fly a plane, then I'm in control of what happens.

When I sit in the back of a plane, I have to trust that person flying it.
If there is a problem - do I know that person knows enough about the plane to fix it?
Do they know how to handle something under a stressful situation?
If the controls go out, does that person know how to get us down safely?  Do they know how to get us to our location?  Do they know what the heck they are doing?

& I know they went through training to handle these things... but I dont know that personally.

But if I went to a flying school, I would know I learned it... I would feel safer... more in control.
I would know that no matter what happened, it would be in MY hands... & even if it all went bad, well, at least, it was in my control.

& that's exactly what happens in life trusting God.

We have to sit in the back of the plane sometimes & trust Him up front, driving that plane, taking us to our next location... & we have to just sit back & relax in knowing He's in control & knows what He's doing.

.... not always easy...

Does He know what He's doing?
Does He know where He's going?
Does He know how to get me there safely?


.... not always easy....

So many times in life, we want to take the controls, tell God what is best for us - even go as far as telling Him the best way to make it happen.
....I wonder how often God laughs at me....

We tell God to scoot on over because we've got this under control
...again, I know He's totally got a stitch in His side from the laughter....

There was a big bumper sticker thing when I was a teenager that said, "God is my co-pilot"... which actually is messed up, because if He's the co-pilot, then we've taken that control thing over again.

Time to step aside & let Him take the controls

My job is just trying to get to the next location without Imodium :)

A little funny for the day


  1. I so loved this lesson and you are right on the money! Trusting it all to Him (your worries, your burdens, your shortcomings, your failures, etc.) and allowing Him to take control of your life...that's FAITH! Loved your little cartoon, funny! :)

  2. One of the BEST conversations I ever had was with the pastor of my old church. I asked her if she ever doubted God and if he really existed (I believe many go through that phase...the "is it worth it?" feeling). She told me, "Oh my word! So often I've lost count!" But she also spoke about what you've said here. You have to sit back and trust that He has your best interest. Knowing that a pastor of my church had the same feelings I did? That was comforting but reassured me to "Have Faith". :)

    (and if you want to learn how to fly, I know people. I attended one of the top aviation schools in the country!)

  3. Amen! I finally figured out a couple years ago, that there is really nothing I control when it comes to other people, even my kids. I can only advise and try to direct and its up to them whether they listen or not.

    I'm still learning to just give them to God and let Him take control and my job is just to pray and to be there if they want my help.

    I do okay for awhile and then I try to be the "pilot" again. It's a process I guess.

    Thanks for this wonderful reminder.

  4. I never thought of being in control of the plane. It makes perfect sense to me too!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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