Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lance Armstrong...

Tonight is Thursday... & its the night I turn into a 13 yr old girl & get excited about 8:00... the Vampire Diaries are on.
I tell Ricky to leave me alone - dont even THINK about talking to me...
its my guilty pleasure of the week

Tonight is going to be different...
I'm going to watch Oprah & the interview with Lance Armstrong instead.

Source: via Megha on Pinterest

I'm going to take the fun, forget-thinking-Thursdays that I usually have & try to wrap my mind around Lance Armstrong's words... try to understand why he lied.

I have to say my opinion before I even watch his reasonings...
I'm not angry at him.
I'm sad for him.

I can only imagine the world of lies he has lived in over these many years.

He obviously had to continue the lies for so long that it got to him.

Even when people accused him, he still said, NO - I didnt take any performance enhancement drugs.... knowing he did.

What a tortured man he must have been to have continued the lie for so long.

I for one believed him... why?  I dont know. 
I dont know him personally so I have no reason to put my trust in him.
But you WANT to root for someone, dont you?
Especially someone who came back from cancer... someone who did so much for cancer research... someone who was American & we could all root for him together.

I really wanted him to be the real deal

But he wasnt....

& I dont really think he's an awful human being.

I think he just got caught up in it.
Caught up in the celebrity
Caught up in the pedestal he was on

it happens...

I'm not perfect
you're not perfect
Lance Armstrong isnt perfect

At least he's finally telling the truth

I just pray that he finds some sort of freedom in the truth

& I hope he finds a grace of redemption in his future

Will you be watching his interview tonight?

Did you believe him all these years?

How many are just glad to see Oprah doing an interview again? (meeeeee!!!!)


  1. Oh, I'll definitely be tuning in! I agree with you...I find the whole thing just sad. I didn't really feel he was ever telling the truth, but glad he's finally decided to come clean. 'Bout time, wouldn't you say?

  2. I won't be watching. To me it doesn't matter one way or another.

  3. I'm glad he's telling the truth because the truth will set him free. I don't plan to watch though as I have plans to go out with my sister this evening.

  4. Possibly watching....and no, I didn't believe him. There were too many people who came forward to say "He's lying" for me to think "they're just jealous." If you have THAT many people coming out of the woodwork--that's a problem. I wonder what the loophole was, though. How was he able to use these drugs and not get caught in the act? (did I miss that part? Maybe he did get caught in the act?)

  5. I've no desire to watch the interview; I imagine your conclusions about why he kept up the lie for so long are correct.

    And yes, I did believe him. I really wanted to.

  6. I didn't watch the interview, but did catch some of it on the news this morning. I wasn't surprised that he used performance enhancing drugs. I am disappointed it took him so long to admit it. I don't feel angry over it at all. We all make mistakes and we all need forgiveness. Some mistakes are harder to forgive than others.

  7. I did not watch the interview...don't much care for Oprah. I will say that I was so inspired by him and believed him. I even bought Live Strong laptops for my children several years ago. I am disappointed, but I am not surprised. I watched news of his divorce. I watched his relationship with Sheryl Crow and then saw them break up. He's even had a baby out of wedlock, I think. His life has not been one of good moral choices, so that is why I am not surprised. I almost feel as if I saw this coming.


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