Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Ten Thoughts for Tuesday

1.  Frist show & I'm addicted to The Bachelor already.  I think Kacie B is going to get her heart broken for the 2nd time... makes me sad...

2.  Grocery shopping & got 5 new spices... my resolution of cooking more vegan is starting tonight.  Spices must be key because every recipe calls for tons of it.

3.  Its going to be 64 degrees & sunny on Friday... is it too early in the year to take a vacation day?

4.  Today is our youngest grandson's birthday.  Luke is officially 3 now.  He's probably really confused when his birthday really is since its been celebrated for awhile.  He kept saying this weekend, "I'z 3 NOW"

5. 71 more days till Spring

6.  I still have my Santa picture hanging in my living room... I dont want to take it down :(

7.  My coworker has now had the flu, as in the respiratory kind - the stomach flu, & now, an INTESTINAL flu... didnt even know there was a difference.  Thankful that our office manager INSISTED she stay home today. 

8.  Why do they have to show the actual vomit of people on Biggest Loser?

9. Why did Al Roker talk about pooping in his pants?  Is there such a thing as TMI?

10.  This morning has been moving along just fine... until someone said, "This morning is going by SOOOO SLOW"... now, its moving even slower to me... great


  1. I agree... Today is going slow! And why Al?!!!!! Why did you share?? :)

  2. Yep, it's slow here too! Thank your fellow employee for me for saying that....hahaha

  3. Thanks for the spring countdown! That doesn't sound so bad actually.

    I thought the same thing about The Biggest Loser showing the vomiting--really not necessary.


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