Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... Thank you baby Jesus!!!


A big thanks for all the prayers for my daddy!
He made it home last night
full of new heart/blood pressure medicines

They told him, "You are now officially a heart patient for the rest of your life"

I'd think he'd rather join the "Cowboys Forever" club instead


So Ricky has had the fun of feeding dad's horses & putting them in their stalls the past 2 days
.... & he's loved it...

Maybe Ricky will want to join that "Cowboys Forever" club too


While dad was off getting a stent put in his heart
I got to go to my orthopedic doctor to have my low back looked at

Been hurting since September
Remember when I swore it was my new car that caused it?
Thinking back - I did a lot of things things 
like carrying a camera around my neck for 2 days straight - slipped in the mud - did dead lifts with weights
Any of which could have caused the problem
but I liked to blame my car

Anyhoooo.... when I run, its been aching bad so time to get it checked
Drum roll please......

A bulging disc
(Hold the applause)

BUT... he did say I could still run on it since it wasn't that bad & I was still pretty flexible & the pain wasn't unbearable.

& then Facebook freaked me out with responses of "DONT RUN - IT"LL GET WORSE"
I am thankful for caring friends but I was bummed last night

The doc gave me 30 days of an anti-inflammatory, exercises & stretches
& I did see where the WORST thing you can do it stop moving

So if anything, I'll be walking my half marathon in April
I cant just stop... I think I'd die 


Embarrassing moment of the week:

I had to strip down to undies & bra for my back exam yesterday.
They gave me one of those stupid hospital robes to put on - open in the back

So the doctor has me on the table, pushing my leg back, giving me strength tests - all the good stuff

Then he has me stand & asks if I can touch my toes

I stand up - lean over & touch my toes
as I leaned over, my robe slides right down my arms

I stand up & my robe is down on the floor
.... I'm standing in nothing but my bra & underwear...

& me, not being anything but blunt 
I say, "Well... that's just embarrassing"

I'll always state the obvious


Ready for the Oscars on Sunday?

Does anyone else even care who is in the Original Song Category besides Adele?
That's what I'm most excited to see
... & praying she wears something other then that horrid red dress she wore at the last award ceremony

I will say, I'm secretly rooting for Hugh Jackman's song from Les Miserables to win
(I know - snowball chance in Hades)
Just like I know those are the same odds of him winning over Daniel Day-Lewis


I want to find these magazine racks to hang on my wall

Now, if only I had wall space to hang them on....

Still a good idea
(I love Pinterest of the dream of being organized)



I'm trying to win tickets to New Kids on the Block with 98 degrees & Boyz 2 Men
because HOLY COW - tickets to the concert are $107

...I wouldn't think twice about that if it were Steven Curtis Chapman....

I've gotten through the TV station TWICE this week, but the wrong caller
& got through to a radio station this morning & the wrong caller

DANG IT!!!!!


Sniff... sniff....

This weekend is the Disney Princess Half Marathon

My instagram, Twitter & Facebook feed will be full of pictures in ladies in tiara's  running gear, tutu's & Princess Medals all weekend

I will be green with envy & going in a slight depression



TV Time!!!!!!

The Bachelor:  Did anyone else want to punch Desiree's brother in the face?  I felt so bad for her.  I lay money that the next few holidays are going to be awkward at their house

Modern Family:  Being a Grease 2 fan, I was all giddy excited to see Maxwell Caulfield on there!  & its probably disturbing to you all that I even know his name without even looking! :)

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

(Are you singing "Cool Rider" right now?)

Good Morning America:  Robin Roberts!!!!  Back in the seat!!! But she looks to fragile to me & I worry about her being back already.  She's definitely got the support of a country behind her though, doesnt she?  She's awesome.  I want to watch the special tonight with Diane Sawyer about her journey.

American Idol:  I lasted for 15 minutes on the girls night & then said, "this is a train wreck" & turned it over

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:  What is the purpose of Kyle's White Party every year? & why wasn't Yolanda there?... next year, if they bring Faye Resnick on as a regular, I'm not gonna like that.  But I do like the other little blond chick they keep showing.  & is it just me or does a sober-Kim act just like the non-sober-Kim?

Once Upon a Time:  How many people saw that SOOO coming that Henry's father was Mr. Gold's son?  Charming said it all when he said, "Good thing we don't have Thanksgiving in our world because that would be complicated"
How many people DIDN'T see it coming that Mr. Gold is probably going to be out to kill his grandson?

Revenge:  Amanda?!?!?!  ... I wasnt expecting that to happen. My jaw was hanging the whole time, expecting Nolin to jump in with his speed boat & save her.  Looks like Jack is on the market for Emily now.


OK - off to muddle through the day... doing back stretches all the day long
Have a Fantastic Friday!!!


  1. I don't watch any of those shows, so I have no idea on any of that. Except I am so glad to see Robin Roberts back! :)

    Hope your back feels better soon. I've been living with a bulging disc for probably 10-15 years. Doesn't keep me from doing too much. Just have to keep it stretched out.

  2. I hate to say but I had seen photos from an upcoming Revenge episode that were in the cemetary and there were a couple of people missing so I figured it was Amanda. I know bad me for looking ahead but I can't help it.

    Of course Gold's son is Henry's father. That wraps things up nicely. Probably Henry is going to have some magic come to him shortly.

    I am now singing Cool Rider thanks to you. Thanks a bunch...not. LOL

  3. That WOULD be an embarrassing moment at the doctor's office.

    I love those magazine racks, but I have no wall space for anything like that ... it's the one drawback to an open floor plan. But I love our floor plan so much that I can't complain. ;-)

  4. Great new on your Dad. Sorry about your bulding disk :( LOL at the gown falling :) I am excited for the Oscar's and yes Adele should win!

  5. So many fragments!

    Okay, RHOBH, I do not like Faye. (Who comes to a fancy tea uninvited? AND she is a mean girl.) I liked Marisa at first, but her blog posts are snarky, and not in a funny way. I've had it with Kyle and her hair flipping. Adrienne is crazy. Give me Lisa (loved her calling out Adrienne for her spray tan skid marks) and Brandi.

    Yo-yo was sick during the filming, and travels with her husband, but I'd like to see more of her, too.

  6. Wow, you have a lot going on! Sure hope your daddy is okay and your back gets fixed. Wonder if that doctor asked you to touch your toes because he knew that would happen. Did he think it was funny?

  7. Love those baskets and I think I saw them on the One Kings Lane site.
    I hope your Dad continues to improve.
    With a bulging disc you should NOT run but walking is extremely helpful. Oh how embarrassing at the doctors office. He will be telling that story over drinks:(
    Idol is a train wreck this season. I am not enjoying it at all.
    Sober Kim needs a LOT more work on her steps. Alcoholism is usually a symptom of deeper problems and it is evident she has a few.
    Have a blessed weekend and be good to that sore back...

  8. Good Lawd - that was a bunch of info. Sorry about your back. I agree w/the fb friends that it is probably best to give it some rest :-( Cool that Ricky enjoyed helping w/your dad's horses! I completely agree about Adele's dress. She dresses about 50 years older than she actually is!

  9. I was watching "Once Upon a Time" and then I just burned out on it and stopped.


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