Monday, February 04, 2013

Weekend Wrapup


* Went to the grocery after work... it was a LOAD to haul in & put up.  But I was pretty proud of myself that about 80% of it was healthy food - fruits, veggies, all natural products!  My frig looks like a colorful place with all the red, orange, green colors.  If Bob Harper wanted to surprise me & raid my fridge, he'd be proud.

* DVR catch up time... Real Housewives of Atlanta (Kenya is INSANE), Arrow, Dance Moms, The Sisterhood. ... anyone else watching that on TLC about Pastor's wives?  Just kinda shows everyone is crazy - no matter if you're a leader in church or not :)


* SLEEP!!!  I slept in till 7:30 - that felt awesome.

* It was snowy & cold... I stayed home all day long.... this is a rarity & one I fully enjoyed.

* Spent WAY too long in iTunes... but ended up with 2 new albums

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Chris Tomlin "Burning Lights" & Colton Dixon "A Messenger" ... Very happy with both of them.
But we also found songs for 69 cents a piece so Ricky & I were sitting in the kitchen with both of our computers checking them all out.

I will say, I'm the proud owner of Wilson Phillips "Hold On" once again (I dont know what happened to my Wilson Phillips CD... probably wore it out)

* Found out that my love for "My Fair Wedding" must die... its not on our cable's On Demand anymore to watch past episodes.  I'll admit, it made my Saturday a tad bit sadder.

* RUN!! Time to get in 4 miles... it was too dang cold to hit the road so I stuck to the treadmill.  The TV down there doesn't get all the channels the other TV's get, so I plan my run around what's on the 2 channels I do get.  Watched "Dirty Dancing" while running - but my gosh - the SAME stupid Lunchables commercial came on 12 times in the span of an hour.  NO JOKE.  Literally would play twice on each commercial break - sometimes, back to back.

* I was ready for a nap after that run... & have dreams of Lunchables

* Made something new... Quinoa patties!!!  Came out like a veggie burger... OH.MY.GOSH!  They were great.  Ricky even ate 2 & a half... I'm going to post the recipe tomorrow because it was healthy & easy.  If I can do it, anyone can do it!

Chopped Kale for the Quinoa patties

* End the night with a game with Ricky... Sequence... we are addicted to this game


* Church time!  I didn't think anyone would show up because it had snowed more & the road were pretty covered.  I was wrong.  Full house in the youth group

* Our friends sat next to us at church & it was so sweet... A mom with two of her girls... they are both adults, but she still put her arms around her girls & they both just sank into her.  So precious... Ricky had my phone so I elbowed him & told him to sneak a picture of it... you're never too old to have your mom's arms around you.

Ricky did good sneaking, except he forgot to move his finger out of the way

* Headed back to the running store.  My shoes when I got them were too big.  The guy that fitted me said they needed to be for swelling.  Well, these still felt too big - like clown shoes.  They honestly felt like they would trip me up being so long.  We went in & the guy had me put them on & immediately said, "Yep - those are entirely too big" - THANK GOODNESS someone agreed.  He switched them out for me & I have another brand new pair of shoes!  Ricky even got fitted for some inserts & new shoes for his Plantar Faciitis - so hoping today is a good foot day for him at work.

Just like Cinderella, I need ones that fit just right

* We had an Outback gift card from Christmas so went there for lunch.  So proud of my hubby - in this massive steakhouse - & he got shrimp - no red meat!  ... but it drove me nuts!  We had to wait 20 minutes & when we got seated, there were at least (that I counted) 6 empty tables!  Then the waitress forgot our salads & then she got our order mixed up & half of my food was on the Hubs plate... & then she kept forgetting hot sauce ... & no refills...good thing they had the most amazing broccoli EVER or I'd be mad.

* Headed to Sam's Club for even MORE veggies & fruit.  I'm going to be putting my NutriBullet to work for breakfast & see how it works for me.  More veggies & fruit is a good thing.

(This is actually my Nutribullet drink this morning)

* Stopped by to see my parents... walked in the house & my mom said "I'm sick - throwing up, both ends" .... I don't think Ricky & I moved as fast in our lives.  OUT THE DOOR we went.  Love you mom, but we came this far & not got sick.  So much for a family visit.

* SUPERBOWL TIME... Ricky asked me, "Why are you watching this?" - my answer, "only for the commercials & the Halftime show".  Can I say, I was disgusted by the Go Daddy commercials - still gagging at the after thought.  & I for one loved the Halftime show.  I thought Beyonce was amazing!  How she kept up the energy with all the dancing & STILL sung live - I was impressed.  Destiny's Child Reunion - I LOVED IT!!!!!
But shows how much I cared for the Superbowl - as soon as the Halftime show was over, I turned the station.  Bummed to see Real Housewives of Atlanta wasn't on.

Now, back to the grind... another week lays ahead - hoping its a fantastic one for us all!


  1. DH wanted to watch the game. I kept busy but managed to see the commercials. Some were cute, but the Go Daddy commercial literally made me want to gag. Ugh!

    Hope you were able to avoid getting exposed to your mom's bug.

    I love Chris Tomlin. He's going to be in concert in St. Louis in a month ... I'd love to go.

  2. I'll be stopping back tomorrow for the quinoa recipe. I love quinoa but so far have only had it in the noodle form (fake spaghetti) - you always amaze me with all you have going on!!

  3. We DVR'd the SuperBowl and fast forward through all the football and watched just the commercials and halftime show. I agree Beyonce was amazing.

  4. I almost lost my dinner when that "kissing commercial" came on. YUCK to the nth degree! If I made the attempt to swing and sway my hips like Beyonce, I'd have to be rushed to the hospital! I need to listen to some of Colton's music...loved him on Idol! Cool running shoes!

  5. We didn't watch the game except bits and pieces. We watched NCIS reruns. That should tell you what we thought of the game.

    Love the pink shoes!

  6. I can't wait to see the Quinoa recipe - I love veggie burgers & I think I have quinoa in the cabinet.

    It's snowing here right now. And I have another hour and a half before I can leave work.

  7. I will be checking tomorrow for that recipe! I am back on WW and looking for new heatlhy recipes to try. Love the pic of the mom and her girls. I don't get the chance to have all my boys at church with us at the same time any more, but I would love to have them snuggle against me in church again!


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