Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Wrapup


* Stopped at Rainbow Blossom on the way home.  Goodness - it was a test of patience.  I had to go through Downtown Louisville to get there - it took me over a half hour when it usually takes me 25 minutes total to get all the way home the back way I go.  ..... then I was so frustrated at Rainbow Blossom.  I was trying to get help with finding a good Probiotic.  I want to start taking it but didn't know what to look for.  The help in there - no help whatsoever.  In the end, I treated myself to a vegan cookie for all the hassle.

* BACKYARD at church.  After 5 minutes before it started, there weren't any kids.  They had to move the day because it was supposed to be last Friday, but the snow/ice with canceling schooled pushed back the Backyard program.  But BAM!!! Kids galore started showing up literally 5 minutes before the start.  It was a jammed packed house & so much fun!!!!


* Ricky had to work... know what that means... one dog that loves to get in his place.  This is what I rolled over to... & he was waiting for me to open my eyes.  He started taking his paws & waving them at me, like "come on - you're awake, you can rub my belly now"

* Went to pull up Netflix to watch the last episode of Downton Abby Season 1 & found out I was already at the end.  Dang it!  I wanted more!!!..... but ended up finding Pretty Little Liars & heard people talking about that one too, so started watching that one.  Stupid & Corny... but now I'm hooked in finding out who -A is :)

* While watching, I broke out all my new cookware the Hubs got me.  I'm just shocked that you can't put this in the dishwasher.  All hand washed... & you can't use spray cooking oils.  Only real oils.  I feel like I am a real cook now with this stuff.

* I kept putting it off, but knew I had to do it... got my 5 miles in.  I actually took it outside in the 40 degree weather.  The sun was shining so it wasnt that bad at all.

* Came home & iced up my lower back.  It was so numb after the ice that Ricky pinched my skin & I didnt even feel it.  Nice!

* Ordered me my inversion table!  Come on Amazon - get it to me quick!!!

* Used my new cook ware for a new dish.... dont even know what it was called but it actually involved me chopping up 2 lbs of tomatoes for the base of the dish.  Yes - I used 2 lbs of real tomatoes (no can) & just said "Base of the dish".... I'm in the big leagues now :)

* Caught up on Grey's Anatomy... feeling like I'm almost over this show.


* Church time - Youth Small Group.... in my small group, we talked about how some kid's mom's chili gives him horrible farts & his brother's even worse... & dead snails.... Jr. High boys are full of information

* Ricky & I headed out for a quick lunch after church.  Went in & the waitress said she'd give us a menu - we said we knew what we wanted & she said, "oh yeah, you two are the veggie platter people" :)  She remembered us.  I said, "But I'm the weirdo that wants it separated & not touch"... she said, "That's right"... then came back & said, "I didn't mean to say you were right calling yourself a weirdo" - she was embarrassed   I thought it was funny :)

* The ride home... gloomy day ... (Hey - look, there's my friends Ryan & Chasity in front of us)

* We had the electrician over today installing a new light outside so I just cozied up for more Pretty Little Liars

* Debated watching the Grammy's but then thought, "Nah" & stuck with my regulars of Once Upon a Time (giants are easily killed if you stab them with needles in their ankles apparently) & Revenge (about time someone shot that evil woman straight up)

Now back to another work week...hope everyone had a great weekend & refreshed for a new beginning


  1. I got new cookware a few years back, and while the sales clerk told me that I could wash them in the dishwasher, everything I've read elsewhere recommends hand washing ... which is what I've been doing. I hadn't heard, though, about not using cooking spray. I rarely use cooking spray on my cookware, but perhaps I need to stop altogether.

  2. You should never use cooking spray on non-stick pans because it messes up the coating. And a dishwasher would slowly erode the coating also.

    Caphalon is a good brand. You probably need at least one pan that isn't non-stick though. Of course that is mostly for cooking meat to get it brown and you don't do that. So maybe you can get away with all non-stick.

    I LOVED Revenge last night. I kept looking to see is the bad Ryan brother had a wedding ring on to see if he could be our floating body but I'm so worried that it will be Jack.

  3. OMG! You & Tracy are KILLING me with the Revenge talk! I'm going to watch last night's episode as soon as I get home!

  4. Love the small group conversation. Too funny!


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