Thursday, February 14, 2013

Let.It.Go.... Prevail

2nd week in our blog hop for our Bible Study of Let.It.Go

In this week, I found a verse that I've already written down & is going to also be my Siesta Scripture Memory Team verse for February 15th... its THAT good...

not that all scripture isnt THAT good :)

I see this played out every day of my life...

Plans I make
Because goodness knows I wake up with plans on how the day will go
... & more times then not, it doesn't work out one bit like I had planned.

That can go both ways.

I can plan on having the best day, & then BAM! Something happens - work slams me with ridiculousness, a phone call received with bad news, a car runs into the side of you on the way home, you twist an ankle on a run.... all sorts of things can happen to make your plans of a good day turn instantly to a bad one....

& I can wake up dreading the day & think its going to be horrible - & then someone is kind & gives a smile to me, or I get a phone call of words that say "I love you", or I feel full of energy & have the best run of my life... small things making that dreaded day one of the best you've ever had.

I love this verse because its now such a reminder in my heart that we may PLAN how the day is going to go... but there's a God out there with a PURPOSE for my day.

& His purpose?  Its going to PREVAIL!

I actually looked up what "Prevail" means... it means "to prove to be stronger & in the position of greater influence & power" - "Win through"

other words that mean the same are: triumph  succeed, be victorious, overcome, conquer

I don't know about you, but my plans don't stand a CHANCE against those words

We know that God is going to triumph, be victorious, conquer all....
but we're still like little kids over & over stomping our feet saying, "But I want it THIIIISSSSSSSS way"

(Please dont tell me I'm the only one who stomps my feet at God)

& God just shakes his head & reminds me that while I have plans - I dont see the bigger picture.

It gives me comfort of knowing that His purpose will prevail....

because let me be honest here.
I have tried to push my plans & have actually turned down some wrong roads in life & REALLY said, "nope - God, I'm doing it my way"...

& I've had regret about decisions in life
found out the hard way that my plans really didn't turn out the way I thought they would

....funny how our little minds always think we know better then God....

But I don't know about you - this verse calms my heart that is full of bad decisions & it reminds me that no matter what - THE LORD'S PURPOSE WILL PREVAIL....

Isnt that awesome?

Knowing that when we do mess up - God will (& I'll take this one from Selah) Bless the Broken Road... because He has a purpose... & it WILL prevail....

Now, I can say, that just made my day a lot better already....

& for the record, this is the perfect example of LOVE & how much He loves I just wanted to give a big Happy Valentine's Day shout out... (like that transition?)


  1. Oh my goodness, I needed this. I'm HUGE at making plans ... and God is HUGE at reminding me that His plans are exceedingly better than any plans I can come up with. You'd think I'd have gotten that figured out by now.

  2. Perfect transition and this post is exactly what I needed today. God has the ultimate plan, and I can trust it.

    Have a Blessed day friend ~~ dawn

  3. Great post, Rebecca! With God all things are possible and He will help us through any storm in life that we are faced with everyday. Hallelujah! Thank you for sharing your heart with us in your story. God Bless You! :)

  4. Oh, how I needed this today! You truly have no idea! Being the control freak that I am, I'm always trying to make things happen MY way. I'm constantly being reminded by God himself that He is the one who's truly in control of every situation I face...all I have to do is let it go and let it be. Oh, He isn't finished with me yet...not by a long-shot! :)

  5. It is awesome to see God's Word coming sliver in your life. This verse is definitely full of hope. I love that I have an all knowing God that goes before me to set out the best path for me:/

  6. Wonderful post my friend and very much what I need to remember.

  7. You have no idea how good it was for me to read this post today! Thank you! And thank God!

  8. Wow, could I ever relate to this!! Thank you for being the fly on the wall to remind me how futile my plans are and how I need to surrender to God to avoid disappointment. This is my favorite blog post I have read all day :)


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