Thursday, February 28, 2013

Well, that was easy....


We're in the 4th week of the Bible Study called Let.It.Go.

What I love about it is it gives me all sorts of verses to look at, study, & even better, easy picks for me to keep as my next Siesta Scripture Memory Verse.

Yesterday, we were told to look at a verse that I love, & actually was shocked I didnt have the verse memorized in previous years.  I looked back in my little notebooks that I keep all my verses & nope - not there.

Found my next verse for March

Always be joyful.  
Never stop praying.  
Be thankful in all circumstances, 
for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.
-1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

The trick with this verse, we were asked to put our name in front of every sentence - like it would go,

Rebecca Jo, always be joyful
Rebecca Jo, never stop praying
Rebecca Jo, be thankful in all circumstances
for this is God's will for you, Rebecca Jo, who belongs to Christ Jesus

Cool - right?

Except, last night, I was ready to pull my hair out.

My schedule is swamped for the next few weeks.  I mean the kind of schedule that nothing can get off track or I'm going to scream... & I think I actually did last night.

My sweet husband got me a new computer for our anniversary.  & if anyone has had any dealings with the new Windows 8 - I dont even have to say another word - you know how frustrating that is in itself.

Well, my new computer was running slower then my 4 yr old laptop from the moment I got it.  So we took it in to have it looked at.  That wonderful group, the Geek Squad took it, did their thang, & gave it back to me.    Actually, my hubby was so sweet & stopped & picked it up for me so I didnt have to worry about wasting time going by there.

I get it home... & nothing... & mean, nothing... they removed all my programs I had installed.

My picture programs, all my actions in Photoshop, all my music.

I just wanted to scream & say "Aint nobody got time for that"
Source: via Lainie on Pinterest

But I was set out to reinstall some of my stuff... let's start with iTunes


Fast version?  I sat in front of my laptop for 4 hours moving one song over at a time to iTunes from my flash drive.  Why it didnt just move them all?  I have no idea... why it wouldnt copy over?  I have no idea.  All I know is I had to move each song ONE BY FREAKING ONE!!!!

& then, all my play lists were gone.

I need my playlists for running... this is serious stuff folks...

so another hour going through 1,000 songs & putting them in a playlist.

By the time 10:00 came around, my eyes were bugged out of my head, my clicker finger was exhausted & I felt like I had been on some sort of shock therapy.

But wait... Rebecca Jo is supposed to be joyful... & praying... & thankful in ALL circumstances!

Ouch... I dont think I was any of those... though, I may have prayed that I didnt take my computer & smash it in the ground.

& God answered that prayer.  (Thank you Lord)

So 2 out of 3 isnt bad - right?

Yeah... I know... utter failure here... on the FIRST day of clinging to this scripture.

Well guess what - today is a new day & I'm going to try again putting my name in this scripture.. & living it

& when I think about it now, I was joyful because as I was sitting at my computer, my neighbor's fiance was outside the window giving me the biggest wave & the cutest smile (I love this girl)....

& I was praying - seriously - because I have hundreds of Christian music on my iTunes & I would play some of these songs I forgot I had & would have a great time worshipping while sitting at the computer

& I was thankful - for my sweet husband who picked up my computer for me, & helped me make supper while I was running back & forth from the oven to the computer

So maybe I wasnt too far off base...
...but I know I have a long way to go...

Because I have a feeling my schedule is going to have a lot more surprises in it then I expect

How am I going to react?

I'm just praying this joy, praying & thankful attitude gets easier :)


  1. Do you know the origin of that photo you used? It actually is from here in OKC. The woman was in an apartment fire and when she was interviewed by the tv station, she said "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That". She became an internet sensation.

  2. We are all a work in progress. Keep working at it....take baby steps and yes be thankful every day is a new day to try again and do better:)

    Amanda G
    OBS leader

  3. Oh my goodness! Did I need this today! The last two weeks has been like that for me! A great reminder for me as well! Thank you!

  4. First, who the Bible study by, "let it go". Sounds good. I would like to look it up. I love, love, the idea of putting your name in fron of the that.. makes it stick...God always has a way of bringing to the forefront the scripture we are studying, memorizing...making us walk in it...what's fair about your openness and honesty...Love that you are doing Beth Moore's scripture memorization too. You are a blessing! Blessings to you!

  5. One key thing you said that makes it all better and offers a big dose of JOY...tomorrow is a new day! Hope it's going better for you and here is to day 2!!


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Oh so true. I, too, am thankful for another day to try to get it right.


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