Friday, February 08, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea 

 Whew - its been a long week... but its FRIDAY!!! Let's Frag! 


Can you believe its February?
As Ricky reminds me - only 10 more months to Christmas

 I actually have bought 2 Christmas gifts
....but know I will totally forget them when December comes around!


Speaking of Christmas 
Yes - we just got our tree down this week

& for the record, the ornaments were off
we just had a bare tree in the corner

& for the record again, it still has presents under it

But the tree just sort of grew on me & was just like a big plant in the corner
that lit up

Now its so bare & empty
Only 9 more months till it goes back up :)


Dont ask me if my Christmas picture with Santa is still hanging
....Just dont ask.....


I'm hoping to be hanging upside down soon!!!

No - I'm not turning into an old school Vampire via "The Lost Boys"
(New age vampires don't hang anymore - notice that?)

I have plans to get an inversion table.

I've asked around to friends that have them & use them & they swear by them for back pain
Especially for running, they say when you take that pressure off of your back, it helps with all the pounding from hitting the pavement...

this low back pain?
I'm willing to try anything

I foresee some sort of sit-com episode though with me getting on it
Move over "I Love Lucy"


Little Health Tip:

I actually eat this every day
(tastes great on a banana... even better on a graham cracker)

& I am thinking there's something to this.
I've sworn by this & green tea this flu season
.... & I'm knocking on wood right now too...
that cant hurt either


I want Ricky & the rest of my family to stop a minute today & give the Lord praise
....that I've never made them do this....

I'll admit though... I do like this idea ;)

Even though I do think that Mrs. Potts costume is semi-inapporpriate


TV Time:

Scandal:  I honestly gasped & said OH.MY.GAAAWWWD at least 4 times last night.  "Wait for me" "No" "Wait for me" "OK" "Nevermind" ... & we found out who shot the President.  OH.MY.GAWD

American Idol:  So I guess they are letting anyone through now.  Can you imagine Simon being there & these people forgetting words & sounding like a fool & STILL making it?  Me thinks not
Side Note:  That short guy - Matheus... he kept saying, "I've never sang with a live band" - so that says to me one of 2 things.  He's lying or Glee Project is lying.  He was in the final 5 of Season 1 Glee Project & they sang with a 'band' - so either the band isnt real or he's full of poo

From The Glee Project... ummm... is that a band behind him?  Something's  fishy then

Vampire Diaries:  Y'all know I love my Vampire Diaries... but I am so lost with the story line going on right now.  This 'cure' they're going after & this weird guy that has control over Bonnie.  I'm just lost.

The Bachelor:  HOW IS TIERRA STILL THERE? ... I was so sad to see Selma go.  I thought she'd make it to the final 4.  Her odd timing of whispering words always amused me

The Following:  the end where they were teaching the child to torture & kill the animals - I literally got nauseated.  This show is almost too much for me.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:  Can I say, I LOVE Yolanda.  I love she stays out of the drama, speaks the truth of how stupid all their fighting is, she loves to work out & cook healthy... she's like a real life Barbie Doll to me.  & her husband is cool friends with Josh Groban.  Yeah - I wouldnt mind having her life.

(Look at this lady!!! INSANE)
Source: via Joan on Pinterest



  1. I think my husband needs one of those inversion tables. I'm interested to hear how it works for you.

    These new vampires do very little vampire-ish things, it seems.

    I want to try the honey and cinnamon thing - it sounds yummy.

    With a slight costume adjustment, that could be the best picture idea EVER. If our families won't do it with us, we should just get a bunch of bloggers together to do it. ;-)

    Yolanda might be my new favorite.

  2. I didn't like Matheus on the Glee Project. Can't believe he's around for another reality show.

  3. I can totally relate to the forgetting about early gift purchases - I have some gifts (PJs) for my grands in a drawer that I bought last October for Christmas 2012. I need to just give them to DD now before they all outgrow them.

  4. I've heard those inversion tables work wonders! I have a few kinks myself that need to be worked out. That cracks me up that your tree just came down and that you've already purchased 2 Christmas gifts! Love it! The thing about Matheus that got my goat last night is he kept making references to his height. I felt like saying, "Just embrace the way God created you and move on!" He can't keep using it as a crutch. I'm really pulling for the guy that stutters. What an inspiration!

  5. I just knew I had seen Matheus before!!!! I just couldn't remember where! thanks for solving that mystery!

  6. Oh, I would totally do a family dress up like that!!!

  7. Christmas is only 10 MONTHS AWAY????? I don't like buying gifts but I'm impressed that you already have two!

    I have one son who would love to have our family take a picture with those costumes....

    I'll be interested in the inversion table too!

  8. Seriously, how do you find so much time to watch television? I don't even have time to blog or read lately, and you do that too!

    I like Yolanda too, I didn't at first, but I do now.


  9. I TOTALLY "get" having a tree up until now. Mine's been down for a while THIS year, but that has not ALWAYS been the case!

  10. I hope you like the inversion table. We love ours.

    As I was reading this, I realized, I don't watch much TV. I watch AI and all those other shows.....I have no idea.

    I hope your weekend is beautiful ~~ I love you friend ~~ dawn


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