Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Wrapup


* Went to a surprise birthday party for an amazing young lady.  Sweet 16.  She's a lover of coffee (already!) so her mom had it set up as a little coffee shop. It was yummy to have all the coffee drinks to choose from.  I think I want my next birthday to have the same kind of party :)

Here she is walking in the door... totally surprised!

* Watched the 20/20 special with Robin Roberts... oh my word!  I knew I loved her before - but I love her even more now.  Her faith was just so amazing. & her family! Wow!  I teared up when her family was in the room singing praises with her - it just reminded me of when we all surrounded Steph & sang worship songs.


* Woke up freaked out... I know its because of watching the Robin Roberts special.  I woke up thinking, "Is Steph alive?" ... I had dreamt about her & she was telling me that she was fine & living in Colorado.  I was like, "Are you kidding me?  I thought you died?!?!!?!" - she kept assuring me she was alive & well in Colorado.  So when I woke up, I literally believed it for a few seconds... & then I realized it was a dream.  It was THAT real.  Maybe Colorado is just code for  Heaven.  Colorado needs to make new travel pamphlets to let everyone know that.

* Took my new computer back to Best Buy to have it looked at & repaired.  Yep - the new one Ricky got me in October.  I hate Windows 8... HATE IT!!!

* Stopped in Joann's & bought some new fabric for a baby session I'm doing this Saturday.  So soft - so fun!  It was cool though because the lady cutting the fabric said, "What are you making?" - I told her I'm no sewer (if they only knew of my lone sewing machine that has never been threaded)... but I was a photographer" - the lady behind me said, "WHAT? I am looking for a photographer" - NICE!  Plop out a business card & hopefully have a new client.

* Chili's for lunch... I think we're done with that place.  Two times we've been - two times its been awful

* Went to Kohl's to take back my shoes Ricky got me for Valentine's.  They would crease on my toes & hurt.  So I'm looking around & find a few pairs I'm interested in.  But size 9 is not easy to find - so I just find every size 9 & grab them.  I open up one box & GASP... literally GASP!  Its the Breast Cancer shoes I've been wanting since last year..... Now - get this - there is no display - there is no other shoes in that style in another size - just the one size - MINE!  I put them on... It honestly was a Cinderella moment.  I think I skipped to check out line.  It was destiny

* Stopped by my parents so Ricky could do Horse duty... I've got to watch him - he's gonna sneak a horse home, I can just tell

* Ricky was tired & wanted to go to bed early -I told him I'd watch some TV in the room with him for a minute but was probably going to go in the other room to catch up on my DVR shows... next thing I know - I'm OUT OF IT... sound asleep at 9:30. Musta been all the excitement of my new shoes


* Before church - got my inversion table together.  I about freaked out the first time I went backwards on it. Feels like the whole thing is gonna tump over - but Ricky was there & said it wasn't even budging.  It felt wonderful to stretch out my back.

* Church.... Today was a frustrating day for me.  The kids in the small group were WOUND UP TIGHT.  I hate days where I feel like I'm just saying "SSSHHHH - listen to whose speaking" more then saying anything else.  Days like this make me wonder if its time to hang up my Youth Leader badget.

* Ryan was working so we were able to snag Chasity up to join us for lunch :)

* Got in 6 miles for the day... new event of the day - I had a road full of chickens in front of me.  No joke.  I made a chicken sound ... not a good one either... & they all took off across the road & into a cut in the fence where they belonged.  I wonder how often they 'sneak' out :)

* OSCARS!!!!!....

  •  I didn't think Seth MacFarlane did HORRIBLE... I would of preferred Amy & Tina.  But it did worry me within the first 10 minutes, he did a song called "We saw your Boobs" ... but he did pull out some funny moments.
  • LES MISERABLES!!!! I loved they sang live! ... I cant say the same for Catherine Zeta-Jones - who looked totally uncomfortable & shaky & the lip synching was awful.
  • I actually rewound & replayed the Les Miz song a few times... thankful for the invention of DVR  

  • Jennifer Hudson, I think, is the new Whitney Houston - voice wise - not the drug, Crack is whack Whitney
  • Jennifer Lawrence tripping?  All I could see was Hugh Jackman running to help her up.... perfect gentleman!
  • I think every awards ceremony needs to play the Jaws theme music to get people off the stage
  • Kristen Stewart - the biggest train wreck there.  
  • I think Anne Hathaway is just perfection ... ( Hugh Jackman too) ;)
  • Wasn't it such a big build up for Adele?  & then I wasn't too impressed
  • Barbra Streisand ... I love her voice, but every time I see her, I just have the word DIVA flash in my head
  • I loved being on Twitter during the Oscars - some of the tweets I read were hilarious.  Steve Martin & Joel McHale were cracking me up.
Now - I'm tired & have an Oscar hangover... who made the decision to make the Oscars go on until 11:30pm?  Not cool for us East Coast people who have to get up at 5:30am

Have a great week friends!


  1. i watched a few minutes of the Oscars...switched to "Duck Dynasty". You had a busy week. lots of excitement and wonder you were so the the coffee party idea, love how you can just run into customers when you are a customer...Take care...Blessings!

  2. How aggravating that you had to get your new computer back in for repairs. Ugh!

  3. Oh my goodness,
    I want a birthday party in a coffeehouse. I mean P-L-E-A-S-E!!! This is BRILLIANT!!

    And those shoes!! Yes.plesae. It was meant to be.

    Oscars. No Seth McFarlane for me. I kept it on mute for most of the 17 minute intro. I mean seriously. Longest intro EVER!! Kristen always looks like she's on something to me. Hmm....sad really. I always feel sad when I see her.

    Les happy for them to sing on stage one.last.time. Did you see Anne Hathaway on the red carpet? She talked about that. I was already sad.

    I wasn't even sure that was CZJ. She looked so awkward. Weird.

    And Adelle.....hmmmm..... yep thought it would be grander.

    But Jennifer Hudson. AMAZING!!! Girl can SAANNGGG!!

    All in glad Anne Hathaway won.

    Love you girly ~~ have a Beautiful day ~~ dawn

  4. Kristen Stewart-agreed!!

    I think it's ridiculous that at 11:40 pm they still hadn't announced the big awards.

    Sorry for the computer woes-ugh. We love our Mac!

  5. I'm looking for some new running shoes. As soon as this yucky cold gets gone, I'm getting back in the swing. I really love yours! I saw some when we ran out for a few mins. yesterday...Nike Air Max Run Lite...gotta have them! I detest having computer problems...drives me insane! Hope yours is up and running soon (no pun intended!).

  6. Sounds like a fun party for the 16 year old. I think Seth did fine and better than some over the years. Billy Crystal is still my favorite. Did you know Seth has had sold out shows at New York's Carnegie Hall and London's Royal Albert Hall for his singing. They should have had him sing something funny! Kristen Stewart is always like that, never happy in public. Actually the Jaws music bothered me, it seemed kinda mean. Yes they did run long and I kept saying that and my 89 year old dad called me from Florida when it was over.
    I said "your still up?"

  7. So you lied about going to bed after your dream cast's performance?

    I thought the show was fantastic--Seth was great! The boob song even made me laugh because, let's face it, people know those movies for that (those) reason(s). The Flying Nun spoof was my favorite.


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