Tuesday, February 12, 2013

HEY!!! I'm LOUD!!!!!

Last night, Ricky & I were watching the Bachelor.

Stop... yes, I said that right.
& No, it wasn't by choice for Ricky.  I usually go in the other room & watch it because I know he wants nothing to do with this.  But I've started a new 'cleaning schedule' of one room a night & Monday is the bedroom.

So I had the TV on, had the room clean & the Bachelor came on so I just decided to stay in there.
I mean, who wants to leave a clean room when the others are dirty? Come on... only makes sense...

The Hubs is such a good sport.  He just gave me a look & said, "WHHHHHYYYYYY do you watch this stuff?" ... to which my response was, "I love crazy"

I will say, Ricky made me laugh throughout the night watching it with him.  His comments were great.  I need to force him to watch it every week & just do a recap post of nothing but his comments...

they'd go something like this:

"Does this guy like all of them?  Because he says the same thing after every girl"
"Is that the girl that was just at the house?  Is that the same girl he just took out? Is that the girl that was crazy? - if a girl has dark hair, he thinks its all the same girl
(When Ashlee said she loved Sean) "WHAT? Don't EVER say you love someone that soon!!!' - Dr. Phil would be so proud of my husband.
"That's just stupid"
"He's just stupid"
"She's just stupid"

... you get the picture....

But I was talking about how I just love Ashlee

There's something about her that I just think is beautiful - inside & out

(If she doesn't win, I'm going to hate Sean)

I told Ricky, I think I look at people like that & am in awe of them.  Ricky was like "people like what?"
People that are so soft spoken & seem to just stay calm in all situations.

Me?  I don't know the meaning of 'soft spoken' or 'calm'
I don't even know if I COULD be soft spoken
& I don't think I could react any differently then overly-dramatic ... (I'm flailing my arms at even typing that... & flailing my arms WHILE typing is an art people... a straight up art)

Ricky was so sweet & said, "its who you are"... & I guess he fell in love with that person
(which is so funny because 'soft spoken' is too loud for who Ricky is... opposites attract - right?)

But I have to remember that God uses people for who they are
God created us all to be different
God needs all sorts of people

Loud & soft spoken
Each for a different reason & cause

After all, I'm the one who can scream at the Jr. High kids when they're getting too rowdy - ministry in action!  BAM! :)

Its a good reminder to see in the Bible all the 'loud' people who had no problem speaking out & being the ones who drew attention.
& its also nice to see the ones who delivered powerful messages with subtle tones & actions....

So whoever you are ... wherever you are... know you are specially created in your own unique way & God is going to use exactly like for a reason.

It was a good reminder for me last night to know this....

& to be thankful that I've never had to be on the Bachelor

After all, its usually the LOUD ones that are kicked off first ;)


  1. You so right Rebecca Jo. Only God could take what the world sees as "blah" and make it "bravo". I loved the using your "loudness" as ministry to the middle school kids. You are so right again....they will not listen to just anyone...so minister away... In the name of Jesus! Blessings!

  2. Thank you for reminding me that God made me to be the way I am ... and that if I am wishing I were differently, I'm essentially telling God that He didn't do a good job in creating me. Thanks!

  3. I so love how you turned an episode of The Bachelor into a Bible lesson...atta girl! ;) Oh, my word, was I ever giddy to see Tierra GO! She was just too much to take in. Yeah, I'm convinced that with my big ol' trap, I'd be the first to get booted off, but you know what...God loves me, anyway! :)

  4. I don't watch The Bachelor, however, I totally get what you are saying. I'm the loud one. Of 5 kids growing up, when we got loud, guess who's name was called out! You got it, Mine! I have always been loud too.

  5. I'm just so glad that crazy Tierra is GONE. CH asks me why I watch those shows. My answer is something along the lines of: "Leave me alone & let me watch this!" (You're a much nicer person than I am!)


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