Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Wrapup... a day late...

Its Tuesday - I know...

Yesterday had issues with computers & the day in general...

so I'm a day late... sue me.  No, please dont sue me.  Unless you want to win yarn, running shoes or a few cameras.  It's all I got.

Anyhoo - here's how our weekend shook out


* Stopped at the local health food store because they ordered me some Tumeric that I use.  They tried to sell it to me for $35.00 a bottle... SAY WHAT?  I told them on thank you & went home & ordered TWO bottles for $31.00.  Mark up much?

* Ricky & I went to the Dollar General Store to pick up some quick stuff we needed.  We had never been to our local Dollar General Store that is up in the next little town.... 10 minutes away from us.  I kept joking with the Hubs that he is a big spender for a Friday night date :)  We actually did have fun though going through the store.


* I have a new addiction - iTunes ... I need to stay away from it.  I uploaded about 10 new running songs. I love remix versions of songs with the BPM on them.  I love a good 140-155 bpm song.  Keeps me at a steady pace.

* Got in my miles for the day... it was a lighter week. Just 3 miles.  But it was COLD, so stuck to the treadmill.

* Got my shower & waited for two cute little blond haired boys to come in the door....Grand Boys visit :)

* We measured them again & Isaac is up about one inch since October - Luke is up a little over 2 inches!!!!!  Growth spurt!

* Isaac was on the hunt going through Ricky's super hero things... he's on a new one - Hawkeye.  For his birthday, he got a bow & arrow so he's really all about Hawkeye right now.  Luke - still loves his Wov-a-ween

* Ricky went & picked up pizza & we played games during the night... Password.  Ricky & I love that game.  It was bitter sweet though - we opened it up & right there on top was the score card with "Steph & Jack" on it in Steph's hand writing.  We played this all the time with them.  Made me smile

* I love our version is from 1962

* The boys had fun with game time too .... by throwing other games pieces everywhere on the floor.  Entertainment at its finest.

* Ended the night with a Pocahontas marathon.  & found out that Pocahontas II is horrible.  It ruins the first one.  Pocahontas gets all 'playa' & dumps John Smith?  After he was ready to die for her in the first one?  .... so depressing


* Church time!!!!  ... Youth game involved some injuries.  I always say its never a good game unless someone is bleeding or bruised.

* Headed out for lunch & a nice easy afternoon.... & a much needed trip to Starbucks!  I was dragging.  Give me a VENTI size please!!!!!

* The event of the weekend... SKATE!!!!!!!  Ricky rented the skating rink out for friends/family & the youth gang to come hang out.  It was such a fun success.  Everyone had such a great time.

Here are the boys on the way to the rink... prepared - not putting the skates down for a minute

Isaac pushing Pappy
Me doing a great photo bomb behind my sister in law & cousin 

The only time I got off the floor in 2.5 hours :)  We're a very STRIPPED family

Julie & her boys.... Julie is the one who needs knee pads :) (she hurt her knees years ago from skating & it STILL hurts her)

* The youth kiddos were so great on the floor... everyone was full of smiles & laughter

* Chasity had me laughing so hard at one point, I had tears flowing & I thought I was going to pee on myself.  That's proof enough of a good night :)

Here's a new video of Ricky & his buddy Ernie... they've been skating together since they were kids.  They make it look so easy - dont they?

* After all the skating, we went to Steak & Shake with a gang of friends/family & ended the night with a load of food... I mean, energy :)

It was a great weekend... not much more to say about that... makes me want to put on my skates more often - that's for sure.


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend. I love Password although it's been years and years since I've last played it.

  2. Man...Ricky and his buddy would put anyone to shame on those skates! I am totally impressed! I used to be good at roller skating when I was a teen, but I went several years ago and a Micheal Jackson tune came on and I got so wound up that I fell down about 10 times in a row...and my knee swelled up the size of a cantelope! Chris has never let me live that one down!

  3. I wouldn't mind a new camera (I need one badly!) and I always love yarn...but I won't sue you to get them.

    Password! We used to play that when I was a kid. So much fun. I haven't thought of it in years. Your version looks exactly like the one my parents had.

    Love your stripey family photo. (Not to be confused with strippy family photo, because that would be just wrong).

  4. Love the video of Ricky and his friend skating. They are just so smooth. I never could skate like that. Awesome!

    Sounds like a perfect weekend. Oh and don't feel bad, I didn't post mine until today either. ha

  5. Woo-hoo! Look at Ricky's moves! :)
    Very impressive!


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