Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hampering Home

Week 3 of our Let.It.Go

So see?  We're talking about things we want to control & the Bible is right there telling me I should watch over the activities of my household... I'm doing it right!

.... wrong....

One area that I know I'm a little obsessed crazy about is my house.

I so badly want it to appear organized & in order.... this is where I know my control 'issue' comes into check.

After all, I can put something on the kitchen counter, but if the Hubs puts his mail on the counter... well, let's just say, WATCH OUT!!! Because I didn't say it was OK - so its not OK.  It's my kitchen counter - I say what goes on it.

I wish I could say I was joking ... even merely joking.... but its true

I get crazy about controlling my house & where things go & picking them up.

Funny thing?  My house is always a mess it seems.

We're busy

I cant imagine little kids running throughout it constantly

For the record, I do love when we have two blond haired boys running through it & dumping toys everywhere.  I think it gives me a good excuse for my house to be a mess.

When its just the two of us though - no excuse - we're adults - who should pick up after themselves.

But man oh man - it can be a flicker of a flame in a room full of dynamite...

I mean, I get on & look at some of my favorite blogs & see their houses.

Hello?  Did Better Homes & Garden design that kitchen of yours?
& did Ty Pennington come & redo your huge bathroom for you?
Because mine always has tooth paste running down the sink & towels on the floor....

I want those kitchens - I want those bathrooms - I want those bedrooms that hold king size beds & STILL have room to move around... with no clothes on the floor, no dust on the furniture, no papers on the corner of every things that is considered a table.

Its all about control I'm learning....

But I love in the chapter called "Hovering over the Home" that says,

No doubt its easy to to be a control freak about the house.  It's more difficult to apply a little control to our tempers & tongues.  But when we do, we can set the tone in a way that invites Christ & calm into our homes rather than cutting words & chaos.  Sometimes I wonder if I spent more time planning kind words than implementing around-the-house routines, perhaps my home would be more amiable.

That was eye opening to me...

That sounds nice doesn't it?

Christ & calm in my home....

& that's not something that I think a picture can capture
... but when someone comes into my home & they feel welcome, & they feel that calm & Christ all around them - then maybe that takes care of all the dog hair they'll have on them when they leave...

Because goodness knows I can't control those dogs getting on my couch...
They're the ones who honestly control the house over me & the Hubs....

Do they have a doggie version of this book?


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing. GBU!

  2. I need a lot more calm in my home...and you can never have too much Christ.

    I'm trying hard to give up on control. It doesn't work, and it just makes me more frustrated.

  3. Thank you for sharing! Praying for your journey towards letting go. An awesome message I heard recently from Pastor Steven Furtick said this: "The death of contentment is comparison". We are all given the same amount of hours in a given day. Much more important to show Christ in our home that shiny countertops! God bless you!

    Jennifer Newsom,
    OBS Leadership Team

  4. Ugggh, I am not a control freak but when things get crazy messy--as they often do--I go off the deep end. I need more calm and Christ. Thank you for this! Visiting from the OBS!

  5. Chris always gets on me because if he doesn't claim the mail/stuff he's dropped on MY kitchen counters, I toss it in the garbage. Really gets his goat! See? I need HELP!!! :)

  6. Oh, I can relate to being ok with MY stuff on the counter but not with DH's stuff. I'm with you - it's MY counter and I say what goes on it. Oh yes, I definitely have control issues. Yes, indeed. :-(

  7. I like things put away, but dust doesn't bother me much. My husband needs everything handy, but he hates dust. The important thing to remember is we live in our houses. those folks who post photos, they clean up before the photos are taken.

    Don't let them fool you.

    Having Christ be the center of your home means it's in order!



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