Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea 



Yes, I'll join in the riot of Google Reader
I cant believe they're shutting it down!

I had a mild panic attack when I saw that yesterday morning

But I did find somewhere else that isn't AWFUL

It's similar.... but different

You can't read the full posts like you could in Reader
but at least you can keep your blog lists together

I like it because its simple to add & remove people
Good ole Blooger hasnt been letting you delete blogs that you follow
& I had a whole list of blogs that quit blogging & I couldnt get rid of

I also like how simply you can categorize your blogs there
AND... if you have an iPhone, you can download an app that lets you see your blog list on your device

I'm an Android user.... the ugly step child of the phone world


I'll use this Protest Sign for Google Reader

... & anything bad going on in the world...


I have to say, I think I did pretty well with the time change this get-go
Usually, I'm in a coma for the first week

.... this probably means some time this weekend,
I'm gonna just fall on my face sound asleep...


I dont talk politics around my office
mainly because my manager is the WRONG political party ;)
But I know she's just not worth wasting breath discussing things with because she's not a good 'listener' 
....has her mind made up & that's that

So we steer clear of conversations

It seemed our political views came up full force when this happened

I was mad... I actually like Elizabeth
she's a little TOO right winged for me, but I like her opinions on some things
she's not afraid to speak out

When I mentioned I was upset if she leaves, you'd thought I said, 
"I hate America"... with a spit & a shooting of the middle finger

I finally had to just go in my office & play some Steven Curtis Chapman to calm down

FYI - I'm thrilled Joy is leaving

& the crazy thing?
 I watch The View probably 3 times year :)


My frags are kinda long today, arent they?


The Bachelor:  I didnt care for Catherine
so BLAH on that ending

I do like Sean's sister!
Know that she has a blog & she's blogged throughout the season?
She seems amazing

I want to be a distant cousin of this family

I also cant wait to see if Sean has the moves for Dancing with the Stars


Never fear
... I'm finally getting into Season 2 of Downton Abby

I'm trying to take my time with this one & season 3 because I know it'll be awhile before season 4 will be out to watch... right?

How many seasons ARE there?
I'm so confused


Is it me or does Mariah Carey look totally bored on American Idol?

I only started watching again when that one girl sang the Colton Dixon song!

I have to say, no one really impresses me so I dont really care about the show
But its just interesting to watch the dynamic between Mariah & Nicki
... a fight is GONNA happen... 
we know that - right?

By the way, Bon Jovi preformed on the result show?
he was actually in Louisville singing LIVE the exact same time the show was on
so that was taped
The tricky edit of television


Funny of the Day:

Anyone else remember this game?
I think I just discovered where my anxiety comes from

I'll shut this down...
I'm just too long winded today in frags

Hope its a Fabulous Friday!


  1. Okay...that does it. Now you're the 3rd to mention Google Reader. I'm gonna go check out the link you left for us. Thanks.

    AND...I'm not sure if this is a test for us visitors or what...are you making sure we are paying attention?!!! Huh, huh, huh?

    But...What's 'BLOOGER'? [kidding]

  2. I'm going to check out your new reader...easy is what I need when it comes to technology : ) Why is reader shutting down? It's not like Google's going out of business.

    I have some blogs in my reader and some in my blogger you know if the two are related and my dashboard blogs will also disappear? I do love the idea of deleting the ones I no longer follow or that no longer exist.

    There are 3 seasons of Downton and the 4th won't be out until after Christmas.

    I am not a fan of the View and also will not shed any tears over Joy leaving.

  3. Take your time on Downton...I finished it all up and now I am so upset that I have to wait until January 2014!!!...what???? take it slow! I like to do this with when I read Francine Rivers latest series...I waited for months for the new book to come out, read almost the whole thing and then realized I was almost done! At the end, I literally limited myself to reading a few pages a day (kind of like my coffee intake) and couldn't wait to wake up the next day to read my next few ;)

    Blah on The View...and I love Elizabeth! It all started when she was on Survivor...she is genuine fo sho!

  4. Doesn't everyone get a view on the view? I like your protest pic.

  5. oh my word, I have so much to comment about!! first, my daughter used to cry every time that game popped!!!

    haha...I caught the "blooger" too..which is weird since I am NOT a detail person at all.

    I have TRIED to watch idol this year and given up each time....just.can'

    I don't watch the view...but I like elizabeth and I think every show like that needs at least one of her!

    downton abby.....ugh...can't believe we have to wait till JANUARY! I won't tell you what I really feel b/c I don't want to spoil it for you! your welcome. :)

  6. I tried a few new 'readers' or whatever they are now called. I liked bloglovin' the best. Some of the others were not user friendly. It's still not the same as Google Reader, but I can adapt. :-) Thanks for mentioning bloglovin'!!

  7. I don't know if I'm reading in google reader or not....she said shamefully because she doesn't even know. So I guess I'll survive.

    I watch the view about as often as you do, but I can't stand Joy and I do like Elizabeth. She's the only conservative on the show as far as I can tell.

    Just take your time on Downton Abbey IF you can! I couldn't stop watching! Can't wait until the next season gets to the states!

  8. I'm going to have to check out Bloglivin because I'm not all that satisfied with Feedly :-(

    There are 3 total seasons of DA, but they don't have as many episodes as American primetime shows, so yes, take your time! Season 4 probably won't get here until January 2014. Boo.

  9. I don't watch The View much but I couldn't agree more w/your sentiment about Joy - good riddance!

  10. I haven't used my Google Reader for a while, because when I do have time to read blogs, I use the spreadsheet I made a while back. They can't take that away!haha

    I'm not a fan of Catherine, either. And what the heck was wrong with Des? When he let her go, I lost respect for him--He's an idiot. But yes, I watched til the end.haha

    I enjoyed your fragments---Didn't even count how many you had :) Thanks for linking up.

  11. Thanks for clarifying that View thing. I know I often wonder at how you get all you do done AND have time to watch TV, so when you were upset over Liz leaving, I wondered just WHEN you fit in watching that show too!


    Thanks for the bloglovin' tip.

    Guess I'll have to make that my first summer project...


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