Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Wrapup


* Stopped at the grocery.  I was starting to go on Wednesday, but every time I was going then, someone had already snagged up all the Sparkling Water at Kroger.  So I went back to Friday & lo & behold - they had 4 cases (its all they store.... c'mon Kroger - get more Sparkling water)... so I win - I bought all 4 cartons & this person is going to come in the week & find Kroger is out.

* Got caught up on my Real Housewives... both Atlanta & Beverly Hills.  I heard that Adrienne wasn't coming back next year.  I can only say, "who cares".  She hasn't even been on much this year & when she's on, its only drama & ickyness


* Ricky had to work today, but no sleep for me.  Had to take Zoe to get groomed.  When her hair starts to grow out, its like POOF... & we gotta keep her in check because she'll get matted up so easily.  So off to the groomers we go.

* Came home & knew today I needed to get in 8 miles... so I got it in while the sun was shining.  It was so warm - in the 60's... but WINDDDYYYY!  I swear, I think at one point, my legs were moving, but I wasn't going anywhere.

* Got my miles done & looked down at my new shoes.  My toes have already bore a hole in them.  These shoes are less then 2 months old.  What is the deal with my toes?  I must run with them straight up the whole time.

* Went & met with a couple who I will be doing their engagement pictures & possibly their wedding.  I love talking all things wedding.  Such happy planning.

* Had to wait to pick up Zoe from the groomer, so stopped at Goodwill.  Found a game for the twins to keep at my parents - Pictionary for Juniors.  They love to draw & have you guess what it is - so now, they'll have plenty of ideas on what to draw... also found a book about running & a guy who visits tribal cultures to discover how they can run for MILES, sometimes faster then animals & not get injured & how their stamina works.  Got it for $1.50... hardback.... I was excited

* Hubs was tired from a day of work so we just went to a local restaurant for a quick dinner.... we both were a tad grossed out when we each had a hair in our salads.... eewwww....

* Couldn't go to sleep for the life of me... at least it was Saturday


* Church... glad to see some kiddos faces I hadn't seen in awhile.  They looked like they had grown so much.  I can honestly tell when kids grow in a week.  Its weird - some kids walk in & I'll say to them, "You've grown over the week" & I'm dead serious.  Its like they're weeds growing so fast!

* Leave youth & open the door & WHAT!?!?!?!? SNOW!!!!!!!  I mean, slippery, icy snow.... (wasn't I just in shorts running yesterday?)

* Headed out to grab some lunch at our local Sunday place.  The waitress knows us know & just says, "Sit here, I'll get your food" :)

* Tried to get to Starbucks to get a pick me up with the zippo sleep, but the roads headed down to get to the next town were all blocked off thanks to the snow & ice.... (wasn't I just sitting on the back porch reading yesterday?)

* Just headed home & got caught up on the season so far of Survivor.   That Brandon Hantz... how did someone not tackle him when he poured out all the beans & rice?  Those Hantz people need some counseling... badly

* Ricky & I had a movie date in the basement...

I honestly laughed so hard throughout the whole thing.  Its not realistic.  Really?  Kevin James is gonna take out professional UFC fighers?  But it was funny... & I loved Henry Winkler in it.  I just look at him & can't believe he was the Fonz.

* Once Upon a Time .... this show just keeps getting better & better

So now, its Monday... & it's thundering & lightning (wasn't it just snowing yesterday?) & I've sat in traffic for a half hour barely moving... next to a semi with flashing lights.  I'm so car sick right now & feeling like I could have a seizure from the flashing lights all morning...

its gotta get better - right?

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend and I hope your Monday gets better.

    Our weather has been a little like yours too, although the snow missed us. Thank goodness!

  2. I'm so tired of the snow. We are on Blizzard #3 (or is it #4?) today. No school for K-12 in the area, which means no school for us at the college. I know we can handle the snow much better than you guys, but I'd happily trade you for a thunderstorm! :)

  3. We walked our little walk this morning under very cloudy skies.......two days ago I was working on the pool in the sun and yesterday and today thunderstorms! Spring weather I guess.

  4. Adrienne didn't show at the reunion taping, had you heard that? I liked her so much last season, but this one? Just shows what can happen to a person as they deal with great hurts in a relationship.

    The Kevin James movie was full of so much that could never happen (especially from a teacher standpoint), but yes, I laughed too. My biggest question, how did the choir get to Las Vegas if the school was so broke?

    Still, it was cute--or like my friend said when we went to a demolition derby long ago, "Just good stupid fun!"

  5. Ok, it's mid-March. Time for winter to leave already ... it's SPRING now! Ok, officially it's not spring until Wednesday (when the high here will be a mere 37 degrees). What's with this weather????

    Hope your day gets better SOON.

  6. Actually watched Once live last night since my daughter is home. I did not have the boy/stranger connection figured out but my daughter did.

    I did much better with my Revenge plot twists. Poor Jack...he just doesn't have revenge in his blood like Emily does. Bad things are going to happen to him...I just know it.

  7. I love Once Upon a Time! I'm completely addicted.

    We've had that hot one day, freezing the next day weather here alot too. It isn't fun!

  8. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I've never heard of your date night movie. We like Kevin James and who doesn't like the Fonz, so I'll have to look for it.

    Know what you mean about the pooch. I have a poodle and she will be fine one day and then just *BAM* she's a matted mess the next!

    Thanks for visiting me. Have a great week. :)

  9. Well, you can't beat your kind of weekend, I'd say! I've been wanting to see that Kevin James movie...I'm always up for a good belly laugh. Bella gets groomed tomorrow. She looks like a walking powder puff right now. Are you ready for Dancing With the Stars tonight? I can't wait!!!

  10. Wow, you did a lot over the weekend.
    I certainly need to start walking.
    Way to go on exercising! We have Here Comes the Boom coming this week on Netflix. Glad you like it. We have loved Kevin James since the King of Queens. Have a great week.


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