Friday, March 08, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea 

 Friday...Friday... FRRIIIDAYYYYY!!!! 


Tomorrow kicks off the Triple Crown of Racing
The Anthem 5k

I've been kinda dreading these races because of the back pain (which is improving - not 100%, but improving) & I've just been having some body struggles - (I'll talk about that in another post)
.... but...
today is packet pick up day & that gets me excited

& I know my time is going to be horrible
& I know I'm not going to feel as strong as I have in previous years
& I know I'm going to be left in the dust of other runners
& I know no PR is in my future
I'm going to have fun
I'm going to just move my body

A 5k distance is still a 5k distance no matter how I get there
so I'm going to enjoy it

After all, my hubby is going to be with me this time
so we'll go out & have fun together

I'll even make him hold my hand & skip with me if need be :)


We went to say good bye to friends last night
I've talked about my friends Joe & Erica & their sweet baby Emily throughout the years

they are moving across the country to help their daughter fight this horrible disease called Infantile Seizures
Can you lift a prayer for them as they travel across the grand ole US of A?
& pray for that sweet angel of theirs... she is just precious

I'm just glad we live in a world where we can keep in touch with Facebook & Twitter

But goodbyes always bite....
I just did quick hugs, quick "love you's" & I bolted out of the door 
THAT's how you say goodbye :)


I always have the stupid reoccurring dream of being back in high school & not knowing my locker combination

but I've been having a new one lately

Driving & hitting the brakes & nothing happens... the car wont stop
& I either wreck or wake up before I wreck

Any thoughts?  Is it official - am I really out of my mind & crazy?
(Ricky - dont answer that!)


Oh snap!  The new posters for Catching Fire came out yesterday



Anyone going to see this movie this weekend?

I cant wait to see this one either

My mom is an Oz-head fanatic!
So we're all trying to find a good time where the whole family can go together

After all - she used to force my brother & I to watch The Wizard of Oz every year when it came on tv
so it works that we all sit together in a theater watching this.


By the way - I'm ticked at the magazines that let out who the actual Wicked Witch is
I wont give it away
but I wanted to be surprised in the movie
Spoilers get me every time


Funny of the day:

Since I was talking Wizard of Oz for my mom... the funny of the day is for my dad


Anyone got any ideas how to keep finger nail polish on?

Don't tell me a top coat

y'all know I'm a confessed germaphobe, so I'm constantly washing my hands, using hand sanitizer, doing anything I can to get the germs of the world off of me...

so on the flip side of that - my finger nail polish is chipping 2 hours after I put it on

I see the cutest designs on Pinterest .....

& I can only imagine the time it takes to create something like that

& if it chipped a day after I did all that....
... I'd probably have to do one of those hands in the air, looking up to the heavens & scream "WHHYYY?????....

(I actually do that move at least twice a week)


TV Time:

The Bachelor - Women Tell All:  I know Ashlee got a bad wrap for being all cold to Sean & giving away what he said in the fantasy suite, but I like her even more for that.  She's a woman scorned - don't mess with that!
.... word is Desiree is going to be the next Bachlorette.  Me thinks her brother had that planned all along!

The Biggest Loser:  I really want Danni to win ... she's fought hard to stay there..

(I want Tim Gunn to give me a makeover)

but I'm scared to death that lawyer woman is gonna take it.
Also - I just love Bingo.  He needs his own Disney show!  He's adorable!

America's Got Talent:.... yeah, I know its not on yet, but news of Heidi Klum being a judge?  That's disappointing. She just rubs me the wrong way... with that stupid "Auf Wiedersehen" - I just want to say "Peace out Blondie" & throw a gang sign when she says it.
At least Howie Mandell is still on it

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:  Even Giggy gets to go to Paris?  That dog has the life.  (Did you know he even has his own Instagram account) .... I also learned from this week's episode that I'm not a fan of French cuisine.  Did they really want the ladies to chop the head off of those ducks?  I freaked out a bit.
.... did you hear the news?  Adrienne isn't coming back next year.... I for one don't feel a love loss.

Onto tackling the day!
Hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday!!!!



  1. I am impressed with your running, heck I can't even run to my mailbox. Good-byes - dislike them - have moved away frmo friend 3 times. Glad we have ways to stay connected.

  2. Enjoying the horse comic. Too cute.

    We drove by the local theater on the way to breakfast this morning and I told hubby I'd like to see that movie.

    Oh yeah! I didn't know they had started making the 2nd movie in the series. Definitely want to see Catching Fire. Do you know when they plan to release it?

    Have a great weekend.

  3. I saw the "Catching Fire" posters yesterday and IMMEDIATELY thought of you! Cannot wait to see it!!

    I hope your friends find some relief for their sweet daughter! And just remember--it's never "good-bye" it's "I'll see you later!" (it doesn't make it any easier, though!) :)

  4. I'm looking forward to Catching Fire. I think I'd like to see Oz, but hubs is not sure so I may go with a friend.

    Skipped the Bachelorette this season, but I like The Biggest Loser. I like the final four, but am also rooting for Danni to win.

    Good luck with the race!

  5. Prayers to your friends and their little girl.

    As I was reading about your 5k, I was eating potato chips. Ugh! I put the bag down because I felt guilty. ;-)

    I get my nails done at a salon. No chipping! I gave up on doing my nails a long, long, long time ago. I like the cute picture. I think I will have my nail guy try it out!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Running and I don't get along, but you're my hero running even with back pain!!

    It does suck to say goodbye, doesn't it? That's how it was when I moved to PA from WA 14 years ago - happily I'll be returning to WA later this summer - the hello's are going to be much more fun! ;) But yes, thank goodness for Facebook and Twitter - it'll seem like no time has passed!

    Both Princess Nagger and I CANNOT WAIT to see Catching Fire - she's happy to hear that it will premiere a week after her birthday. She said "OK, a belated birthday movie!" since she and I have a tradition to go see a movie on or for her birthday. :)

    I SO want to see Oz! Us kids had to beg our parents to let us watch The Wizard of Oz when we were kids and visiting some of their friends from church (on the weekend that it happened to be airing - we didn't have a TV, my dad got rid of it because he thought it was 'bad' for us...heh!) We loved it so much us 4 kids kept reenacting it many times afterwards! :) I've tried to get Princess Nagger interested but so far no luck - maybe this movie will do the trick! ;)

    That horse funny is FUNNY!

    If you find out the perfect trick to get nail polish to stay on (since top coats don't seem to do the trick for me, either), I'm all ears. Or I guess in this case, all eyes. ;)

    Ashlee was my favorite - after the Women Tell All episode, even more so. She definitely deserves much better than Sean after that. I did like Desiree - she's so cute and quirky that I thought to myself she'd probably be a great candidate for the next Bachelorette. Though her brother really was a piece of work, wasn't he?

    Another Winter Storm Dud and some Funnies

  7. I too am impressed with your running...especially when you hurt. Can you send me just a little of your discipline?!

    Oz has not gotten good reviews....was going to go see it tonight but just don't want to go out.

    but catching fire...YES!! can't wait!!!

  8. I am glad you are running anyway. Don't fret over the time, just breathe and finish the race.

    Way to go horse!!!

    I never get to see theater movies. Oh, hey, if you guys ever go to the Oz museum, it's weird and small. But the drive out to the actual farm house is crazy long, however, you will never see a state that flat!! You can see OK and CO from there and they are 100's of miles away!!

  9. We will be going to see "Catching Fire." I like Danni too on Biggest Loser--she's come a long way from where she started, in attitude too and won all those weeks when she was the only one on her team! I can't believe Gina (the lawyer lady) is still on there. At least the last two weeks she finally quit whining!

  10. Exactly -- a 5k is still a 5k no matter how long it takes and how you get to the finish line! I love the idea of holding hands and skipping!

    I totally can't wait for Catching Fire, either!

    Some salons offer no-chip manicures. They use a special type of polish that's dried under UV rays and must be removed the same way -- they can't be removed with acetone. They cost a little more, but you have to keep maintaining them if you want to keep the polish.

  11. there's gellvying polish now that lasts up to two weeks. no joke


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