Thursday, March 14, 2013

Who I Am...a challenge for all :)

I saw this on Facebook the other day

I don't know about you, but I think I'm pretty good at hearing the voices of the list on the right.

Discouragement... worries... fear....

Wait a second... that's not God's voice!

God wants to comfort, love, reassure...
I don't hear that voice very often


Because I guess I'm not listening for it.

Just like we don't hear compliments like we hear the criticism.

So this morning, driving into work, I thought of a challenge

I came in & got a piece of paper & immediately put my mad artistic skills to work

(Don't start cracking on my artistic skills... It took years for me to learn how to draw flowers that awesome with Highlighter markers)

What I plan on doing for the next few days is keep this list....

But how I'm going to do it... every time a negative thought comes into my mind, I'm going to write down the opposite... I'm going to FOCUS (shout out to my word of the year!) on who God says I am... not the negative, worrying, fearful person that Satan wants me to be.

& I'm not going to be false in this either

like when a voice says, "you're fat" - I'm not going to put "I am skinny" ... because goodness knows I'm not... but I can write "I am active" ... just something TRUE & opposite of what Satan tries to drag me down with.

I've put it on Twitter & Instagram with a hashtag of #whoiam ,  so if you want to join in, please, post some pictures & hashtag it ... or put it up on Facebook & tag me if I'm your friend (& if I'm not your friend on Facebook, send me a request) so we can all see who God calls us to be

I'm excited to start looking towards the positive... start FOCUSING on who God says I am

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  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!

    This is a really neat idea! I really like how the two voices (God vs Satan) are put in opposing columns. For some reason seeing that makes my mind SEE the difference and understand it better.

    People always say "you are your own worst critic" but maybe the phrase should be "Satan is your worst critic"

    Thanks for this! putting the columns in my prayer journal today for sure!

  2. I think this is a wonderful idea! We all struggle with those little voices inside our heads that try to convince us that we're not worthy, not good enough, etc. What a great way to show Satan who's really in charge!

  3. Great idea! You can start with, you are not a loser, you completed the race which makes you a winner!


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