Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Wrapup


* Packet Pick up Day... It was cool that since this was the 10th anniversary, they gave 2 t-shirts.  One for the race & one in honor of 10th Anniversary with all the past years logos.  Nice!

* Pasta Night... I always eat pasta the evening before... carb up baby

* tried to get to sleep early, but nerves always get the best of me on a race night... so I was tossing & turning


*... & up at 5:30.  Plenty of time to get ready.  Ricky went with me & he saw how much it takes to get ready before a race.  Especially a COLD race.  Our bedroom was like a dressing room on a 90% clearance sale - clothes thrown everywhere.  "This will be too hot"... "This will be too cold"... we were like Goldilocks.  Or I should say, Ricky was like Goldilocks.  I've been to this rodeo before - I had my clothes laid out the night before & knew exactly how to dress for 33 degree weather.

* WORST 5K EVER... seriously... I cried real tears over it... I'm going to do a race recap tomorrow...
here we are after the race, before I got my time & the tears came

* Went out for breakfast after... & goodness gracious - we couldn't find anyplace that didn't have a wait.  We ended up at Panera bread (after leaving because the line was so long & coming back) & sat in the drive through forever.

* Home to get the sweaty cold clothes off & get that reward of a warm shower..... aaahhh

* My afternoon consisted of taxes... another year done

* Headed out to dinner & Ricky wanted Texas Roadhouse... I was shocked when he ended up ordering a veggie plate.  His own meat consumption has dropped about 95%.  ... I guess my face when he orders meat may sway him a bit on what to order :)


* Time change!!!  hate loosing that hour, but man, I love a lighter evening

* Church  .... I think I almost saw a child being ripped in two during the youth game.  The kids were comparing battle scars of rug burns & blood/cuts... its how we worship :)

* Weekend tradition of Target.  The store was EMPTY.  I was thinking, "is the Super Bowl playing or someting?" ... felt like we were missing out on something somewhere.  But it was nice.  I walked around the store for 30 minutes with Season 2 of Downton Abby in my hands debating on whether to get it or not.  Ended up putting it back... but now I'm kicking myself!  Gotta get caught up!!!

* Went over to see my mom & dad.  I wanted to play with some settings on my new camera & my dogs just are sick of me taking pictures so I did the next best thing... my dad's horses :)

* Playing with the pictures & watching Celebrity Apprentice... I always hate how subjective the 'firing' is.  If it was real life, Gary Busey wouldnt even be back on, but Donald Trump loves trouble & trouble makers, so he keeps those types of people around.  I hate that part of the show.

* Time change MESSING ME UP... I couldnt get to sleep....

...sigh... its gonna be a long day

Hope everyone's weekend was wonderful ... now back to life :)


  1. Go back and get that DVD, you won't be sorry!

    We went to Carrabas to eat the night before the Iron Man and waiting forever .....I told the husband....carb loading! :)

  2. I have never seen a Target that empty.

    Great picture of the horse!

  3. Check on PBS and see if you can watch the episodes on there before you spend the money!

  4. I'm sorry your 5k was so crummy!

    I have only seen season 1 bc that is all that is on Netflix/hulu I HATE all the facebook posts on it- I try to ignore them and just LOOK AWAY! I don't want to find out anything until I can finally see it myself!

    Love a quiet and calm target, glad you had a good time there!

  5. I love the picture of your dad's horse. Good job!

  6. Ahhhh! Sorry you weren't happy with your 5K time, but at least you finished it-more than I can do! We had a busy weekend and I am tired today, but that will pass, won't it?

  7. I can never sleep after the time change except this year I had to get up at 4:30 to catch a plane and lose another hour of sleep. Meeting on Tuesday will be fun...NOT!


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