Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rodes City 10K 2013

Rodes City 10K - this is my favorite race.

Not sure why... I think I like the distance of a 10k.  Its challenging, but not horrible. & this course is fun & interesting & its always full of people & energy...

This was my 4th year doing this race.

Headed to pick up my packet & we got some extra swag, which was fun!  Starbucks Iced Coffee - yum! & some Biscotti Spread.  I had no idea what it even was - but mercy me... its like crushed graham crackers in a jar... of angels voices... its THAT good :) 

The shirt from last year's race is probably one of my favorite - it was on St. Patrick's Day last year - so it is green & so soft.  This year?  its that weird yellow color & it is the stiffest material!  
Oh well, cant always get it right!

Race Day:  We wake up at 5:30 & eat something.  I do at least.  Ricky isnt a breakfast eater so he said he would pass.  I asked him on the way if he wanted to stop at the donut shop since he runs on sugar anyways.  He almost considered it.

It was warmer then we thought, 40 degrees... the forecast earlier in the week was calling for rain & low 30's - so I was glad to wake up to see a 4 in the temperature.  
I also didnt mind the clouds because we run straight towards the sun rising & its BLINDING 
This year - no worries on that

I actually layered up too much & as we were leaving the car, I took off my jacket... & I'm so glad I did.  In that first mile, I was just perfect - warm but not over heated.

We got to the Start right as they were finishing up the National Anthem - which we knew the beautiful lady singing - so glad Ricky got to hear her.  I've heard her the past 3 years

So literally, we stood at the start line for like 5 minutes & we were off.  Able to slide right in the front of the line & get going.

Things I remember from each mile:

Mile 1
* 2 girls had on Wonder Woman socks that were AWESOME!  They had little capes on the shins of their legs on the socks too!  Me want!

* Passed some convenient store where they must have been serving something for breakfast.  The smell was HORRENDOUS.  Everyone was grabbing their nose passing by

Mile 2
* A lady from our church ran by & said, "I knew his hair anywhere" - talking about Ricky's pony tail .... you can't miss it

* A guy was standing on the side of the road with a Starbucks in his hand... he was holding it in the perfect position where someone could grab it like a water stop.  I asked Ricky if he dared me to run by & grab it.... I got a "NOOOOOOOO" from Ricky.  Buzz kill! :)

Mile 3
* Tripped over a big rock... & try to recover in the crowd by screaming "Watch out for the rock" ... I'm the race road examiner

* YES!  There is a store that sells meat of all kinds & the smell every year makes me gag... literally... & this year?  The store is CLOSED!  No meat smell!  YES!... but saying that now, I feel bad for the owner.  Economy troubles must not benefit rare meats

* Favorite part of the race... a nice down hill turn that takes us back to the turnaround point.
* Hit the 5k at 2 minutes earlier then I did in the race 2 weeks previous.  That made me feel better with having such a bad 5k in that race.

Mile 4
* Ran into a friend who was making me laugh at all the pins she had to put on herself while running because her underwear was falling down..... laughter makes a mile go by fast!

* Ricky, myself & my friend came across a photographer on the course & we all hammed it up & waved & he took the picture... I hope that was the official photographer of the race & we are able to snag that picture up!

Mile 5
* A guy on a ladder with a sign that said, "God, Country & White Castle" ... there ya go! 

* Saw a lady running in all white - a white tutu, white gloves, white compression socks, a tiara... on her back?  A sign saying that it was her wedding day!!! She was running the 10K the morning of her wedding!  I LOVED that!

Mile 6

* A guy was on the side lines to the corner of the finish & his voice was GONE... but he just kept on screaming, "YOU'VE GOT THIS!"... "You are STRONG'.... "This is your own marathon"... I have to say, I know he probably still can't speak, but I appreciated it so much!

* A girl who was having an individual race with me has passed me with about a half mile to go... we got to the end & Ricky said, "Are you going to let her beat you?"... that did it... I turned on the fire.  I sprinted the last .25 of the race... & passed her right at the finish - HA! (Its also those mini races with individuals that push you)

* Pushed myself so hard on an empty tank that when I crossed the finish line, I thought I was going to pass out.... like they say, "If its pretty, you didnt push yourself hard enough"... I wasn't pretty!
Thank goodness for Panera Bagels & Powerade at the finish line 

Finish Line picture

The only downfall of this race - the start line & finish line are not even close to each other.  So we had to take a shuttle to get back to our car.

Then it was time to think about EATING!!!!

I wanted to get to Cracker Barrell just to get Steven Curtis Chapman's new CD - the only place they are selling it (besides online)... so we said, 'let's go up there'

YES!!! GOT IT!!!

But we got there & there was a wait... & honestly, I'm not that big of a fan of Cracker Barrel, so we headed back to what is becoming a race tradition - Panera Bread... yum!!!

The day ended up being beautiful... the sun came out, the weather warmed up... it was a perfect day!

I used this race as my 10K for my Viritual Race at Run with Jess:  http://www.runwithjess.com/

Look at my cute Zoe & Bruno... they want a medal too

So that meant I got a medal for my 10k.. which always makes everything better!!!

In the end, I think I did decent with my attitude... I still wasn't thrilled with my time.  But I did set a time I wanted to beat, & I beat it by 5 minutes - so that was great.  This race was still 6 minutes slower then my PR on a 10k... which isn't that great.  But its not my SLOWEST 10k either... so I'll take it.

.... Oh, not only did I get a medal, have a good time running, & got a SCC CD?  I also got the Les Miserables DVD that evening... so yeah, it was a pretty awesome day...

Now, onto the Papa John's 10-miler next Saturday....


  1. Woo Hoo...so proud of you, girl! I so admire your "go get 'em" attitude! No matter the mountain...you CAN do it! Keep on plugging right along...there's no stopping you now! :)

  2. You go girl!! You inspire me to want to do a 10k now. We have "Wicked 10k" in October locally so I might go for it.

  3. I knew you could do it. Glad your back allowed you to go faster for this race.




  5. You are AMAZING! Panera Bread is a great tradition too! Good luck next week!

  6. Woot Woot!!!!!!!

    Love it!!!!

    You look SO great!

    My fave part of this post was your sentence about being the "road examiner" bahahaha that's sooo me!


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