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 Today is Hodgepodge day... not yesterday.  I had it in my mind all day yesterday that it was Wednesday.  That's always depressing when you're ahead a day...

1. Do you play games of luck/chance for money? Have you ever played bingo for money? Visited a casino? Placed a bet on a horse? Bought a lottery ticket? 

Yes to all the above.  I've not been to a casino since 1999 after we came back from Vegas - but I have nothing against casinos... just that they are usually smoked filled & I cant bear with that.

I'm in Kentucky - do ya think I've bet on a horse?  Does the sun rise every day?

I'll buy a lottery ticket when the jackpots get crazy & people are all freaked out.  I always say, I wont buy one if the jackpot is less then a few million... I wont accept anything less :)

I just thought the other day that I missed Bingo.  My grandmother & her daughters used to go every weekend.  Me & my BFF would meet up with my mom & aunts & go play with them at the midnight Bingo sessions... that meant we got to stay out till 2 am.... good times :)  My friend used to just dob (technical Bingo term there!) away on her papers because it was fun - no other reason.... it was like a big crayon to make your own artist creations.

(this was always my luck at Bingo)

2. Will you be preparing and/or dining on the traditional corned beef and cabbage meal this St. Patrick's Day? Mashed-baked-hash browned-french fried...your favorite way to have potatoes?

Ewww... corned beef... ewwwww....

Potatoes - I can go with.... My favorite way of having them?  In my belly!!!!
I love everything about potatoes.  Never met a potato I didn't like...

Have you ever had Potato Candy?  I havent had it in FOR-EV-ER!!! But it reminds me of being little.  It was such a treat having this... I need to con my parents in making some for me.

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

3. What's the last thing you felt 'green with envy' over?

All the runners with a better time then me in my race Saturday......
missed my gloomy race recap post of yesterday?  ... sigh...

4.  What's at the end of your rainbow?

A cow....

When we moved into our house in the country, we had cows in the field across from us. A storm came up & caused the most beautiful rainbow.  Guess what - the rainbow ended in the field across the street from us!  I've never seen the end of a rainbow in my life till then... haven't since either.

But it was so funny because cows were walking right through the rainbow... they were like some 70's hippy looking cows.

I wonder if cows are color blind or if they wondered if they were having a stroke or something walking through that ....

5.  March 12th marks the anniversary of the death of Anne Frank (June 12, 1929 -March, 1945). Anne's diary spent detailing her time spent hiding from the Nazis ranks as one of the best selling books of all time. Besides your blog, do you keep any sort of diary or journal? Was this a habit you developed as a child or is journaling something new for you?

I've been a journal nut my whole life.
I bet you can find journals I wrote as a kid, all the way up to today... its always been something I did.
I guess that's why I love blogging.... but I do keep record of other things in a journal.  Y'all dont want to hear about my inner thoughts every day anyways.  (I'm saving it for my Best Seller Book anyways) ;)

I'm one of those nerds too that have to look at journals in every store.  Touch & feel them, look at the pages, see how it opens.

For the record, TJ Maxx has the BEST journals for the best prices :)

6.  What's an item in your home or closet that contains every color of the rainbow.

My yarn bin/shelf/containers....

yarn yarn everywhere... every sort of color you can imagine :)

the side effects of being a knitter

7. Write a limerick with you as the subject. You can do it!! Just remember this is a family friendly blog...don't make me get out my wooden spoon. 

There once was a girl who ran
she'd get so hot she needed a fan
sweat & strong
miles that are long
....her time still sucked...

what?  I didn't do it right?

Let me try again

There once was a girl who knit
never enough yarn she could get
scarves, gloves, hats she make
working till her hands would ache
... her running time still sucked...

WHAT?  I'm missing something here...

8. Insert your own random thought here.

All this Pope Watch is interesting to me.

Pope Smoke Cam... Pope Alerts... Pope Alarms....

The best part of this whole thing?  TWEETS!!!!!

I laughed all day yesterday at some of them...


  1. I think your limericks were good. Running time will get better as your back heals.

  2. Love your yarn. That's what I said too, that and my scrapbook paper (and I just gave away a bunch of that last week...still have tons though).

    Love that potato candy, but haven't had it in years.

    Cute cow and rainbow story.

  3. Love the yard too - and I thouk you should be very proud to just finish running! (I'm impressed.) And, I am SO with you on this whole "pick a pope" process. I am a Christian and believe that we are all equal in God's eyes. Too much hoopla for me. I'm a bit upset wth th networks for interruptng regular viewing. I mean, there is a Catholic channel, right?

  4. I feel like you should do a knitting series and teach us all to knit!! :)

  5. You and those limericks...what a stinker you are! Didn't I tell you yesterday to keep your chin up...God's got this! You are awesome and things will get better...TRUST and BELIEVE!!! Those tweets are hilarious...just what I needed this morning!

  6. bahahaha this post was hilarious on SO MANY levels.

    The bingo card pic was just classic- and sooooo true for me!!!

    Your poem thing was funny and the pope tweets were hysterical!

    love u girl! thanks for the laughs :D

  7. Yes the smoke is really a bummer at the casino's. The ones with really high ceilings seem to be the best with circulation. That is so cool about the rainbow! I actually look at journals all the time, they have such lovely ones.
    Love the tweets!

  8. I think your limericks are fabulous! :D And I agree that TJMaxx has wonderful journals. I always have to pick them up, flip through them, see if they're college ruled or not and all kinds of things. I'm kinda picky about my journals. (Unless someone gives one to me, then I automatically love it!) Love the twitter chatter!

  9. I liked your limericks : )

    Twitter is fun when there is something big going on in the universe. I know a lot of people don't get it, but I love reading there. I'm not so great at the tweeting part, but there is a lot of humor on Twitter that makes me laugh.

  10. Oh I laughed out loud when I read your limericks! You're so funny. ;-)


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