Thursday, March 21, 2013

What I'm loving right now...

After all the talk of my FitBit & the so-in-love relationship I am having with it, I thought I'd share some other things that I'm loving right now

1. The Host - by Stephanie Meyers

I've been wanting to read this, but new books keep coming out so it got pushed down my list of books to read.  Then the previews of the movie came out & I was reminded why I wanted to read it.  Its now on my Kindle & I can't put it down.  I was walking around reading it last night while making supper.  I better read it fast... this book is over 600 pages long! Don't know if I'll have it read by the time the movie comes out.  If not, I'll wait for the DVD.  Gotta see how it ends in the book first.

2.  Yogi Tea

I drink this Raspberry Passion every morning at work.  It is so yummy.  I also have a Sore Throat Comfort at home for when my throat gets the best of me.  I dont know what's in that stuff, but its amazing the way it coats a throat!  I love them even more because of this...

They also put the coolest little quotes & sayings on the label.
Its like a fortune cookie for tea drinkers

3.  Tresemme Dry Shampoo

My hair gets oily quick.  Having long hair too, it takes time to straighten it, or curl it every time I wash it, so it bites to have to wash it every day.  I find ways to give my hair a few days in between washes, whether that be a head band, a pony tail, a new style.  But this stuff is fantastic.  You spray it in, let it sit, then comb it through & my hair looks really fresh & clean for an extra day of not worrying about washing it.  I've always heard of others talking about dry shampoo - I never knew how awesome it was until now!

4.  Almay One Coat Mascara

I have tried every mascara.  I'm rough on my eyes.  Always rubbing them - watering when running - long days.  This is a great mascara that really tends to last well to the end of the day.  & I haven't used the water proof.  I hate tugging so hard on my lashes to get water proof stuff off.  But this does pretty well, without the tugging.  Its cheap too so I don't mind replacing my mascara every 3 months like you're supposed to.

5.  Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

this is my new best friend.  I really think this, along with my Turmeric  has helped my back where its not unbearable & has kept me running.  I get on it every night after I exercise or run & it just seems to pull my back where it should be.  Its very relaxing too - after you get used to it.  I used to feel like the whole thing was going to tump on me & I'd be so stiff & jumpy on it.  Now, I'm good not to fall asleep on it.  & no, I don't go 180 degrees.  Ricky does - not me.  I'm good at a 45 degree angle - just enough to get the pressure off my back.  This one even comes with a lower lumbar pillow that you can use if you want... its awesome.

6. Pink - Try

I'm so obsessed with this song right now.... I know the song is about a relationship, but the chorus, "Gotta get up & try" - I am singing that LOUD when I am running.  Good running mojo right there!.... this video, very So You Think You Can Dance - right?  Pink is pretty dang awesome!

7. Les Miserables - DVD

yeah - its not out to Friday, but I'm already loving it!  I saw it in the paper on Sunday that it was coming out & screamed to Ricky "ITS OUT!"... I put it up on Instagram & Ricky just commented on it simply, "no" :) haha!

Anything you're loving right now that I should know about?


  1. Ooh I LOVED The Host! I listened the audio book & really enjoyed it. In fact, I was wishing she'd write some more books about those characters. And this is from someone who didn't really like the Twilight books - I thought Bella should have been grounded until she was 30 & then married Jacob. Ha!

    I'll have to check out that mascara - I'm not loving what I use right now.

  2. I have oily hair too. I never though dry shampoo would work for me. I use tresemme shampoo, so I will try the dry stuff too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I remember back when dry shampoos were first around - ugh. But like so much else, I'm sure they've improved the technology, so I need to try dry shampoo.

  4. I'm glad you mentioned the dry shampoo. I saw it in the store and wondered if it really worked. I'll have to get some and try it out before my big trip!
    Love, love, love Pink! Did you see the article about what she did during her concert?

  5. I have GOT to get myself some of that tea! Can you buy it at places like Wal-Mart or do you have to order it online? That song by Pink rocks! I love it and I sing it all the time...really is powerful!

  6. I like the idea of the inversion table...I would at least like to try one.

    That Almay mascara sounds good. May have to check that out. It's time I change mine out anyway, even though I seldom wear it.

    I guess I must be one of the few people in the world that did not really care for Les Mis. Anyway, hope you can buy it soon since you love it so much.

  7. I really enjoyed The Host myself! Can't wait for the movie. The previews have definitely got me excited. :)

    Fortune cookie tea?! I love that idea. Gotta find me some. Thanks!

    I just finished Edenbrook and loved it! So that's what I'm still thinking on right now. :)

  8. Once again...kindred souls! I loved The Host...much better than the Twilight books if you ask me ;) Les Miserables is my fave! I will have to try the dry shampoo because I am like an oil pit if I don't wash my hair everyday (envious of people who don't have to!!) and can't wait to try the tea! And Pink is one of my favorite artists too!

    Ever heard of a "favorite things" party? Had one at Christmas with my Bunko buy 5 of your favorite item under $5 (or whatever price point you want to make it). So, for example, if OPI Cotton Candy nail polish is your most favorite thing, you buy 5 of them (same exact item) and then you all get together and pull names to exchange! Every person walks away with 5 items that others love and if you didn't get the one you wanted, it's usually inexpensive, so you can go purchase it yourself! Does that make sense? We all loved it!!!


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