Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... thank you Lord


Tomorrow is my 10K
I'm going in with a new attitude

I really am just going to try & check myself this time
No negative talk
No worries on time
Just crossing the finish line & knowing I accomplished something
(Watch, I'll have another pity party next week in a post)
NOOOO - I'm not!

My split personalities are coming out


I'll be doing the race tomorrow in 30 degree weather!

This is my 3rd time doing this race
... the past 2 years?...
The temps were in the 50's at 8:00am
Beautiful, spring, sunny days

this is just messed up


Speaking of messed up....

we're expected to get around 4 inches of snow on Sunday

I think I could punch Mother Nature in the gut about now

I've yet to see a bloom grow on a tree

It IS Spring?.... right?

Source: viaRebecca on Pinterest


I'm going to admit it
I was sad to hear of the Ryan Seacrest - Julianne Hough break up
Like they're my best friends or something

I just thought they were so cute together


I have always loved to color
it is a stress reliever for me

I've stepped it up from crayons to markers though
Its like I'm a pro color-er

But if you like to color (or if you have kids who like to color)
check out this page
Free DISNEY coloring pages!

Thank you Pinterest for that heads up!


Deep thought of the day:


Hall & Oates are coming to town for a concert

I even thought about getting tickets
As a child of the 80's - I grew up with their music

Maneater - Out of Touch - Rich Girl - Kiss on my List - Sara Smile
good stuff right there!

I saw this Halloween costume & about died

Source: viaMaura on Pinterest

You too can be BOTH Hall & Oates


TV Time:

Dancing with the Stars:  Oh yeah - its back!!!  I'm already in love with Kellie Pickler.  I think Derek must have something in his contract that says, "I get the cutest lady & the one with the most potential every year"
The football player?  He got on my nerves acting like he was out of breath.  Really? Stupid
Disney Kid is gonna rock it this year - I can tell

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:  If they bring Faye Resnick in next year, I'll have to quit watching.  I don't think another person on TV has irritated me more then this lady that just randomly shows up to every event.
I read that Adrienne didn't even show up for the reunion & wont be back next year.  Didn't phase me one bit, but scares me now that there is an opening on the show.

Once Upon a Time:  Is Snow really going to turn dark?  Say it isnt so :(
We got to see Sheriff Graham!  I posted on their Facebook page, "Come on, this is a town of magic - you can find a way to write him back in the story line!"
& did I see our beloved Pinocchio coming back?

Survivor:  I love Malcolm.... I hate Phillip's pink underwear
....enough said


OK - Time to wrap it up...I could chat all day long
Hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday


  1. You go girl! You will rock the 10k! :)

  2. You already know my thoughts about spring weather. Mother Nature is not my friend right now.

    Good luck on your race!!!

  3. I love to color, too. One of my favorite things to do with T#4 ... although crayons are still my choice of coloring instrument. ;-)

    I had to laugh at that cartoon. At least we have a sign or two of spring ... our flowering pear and our flowering cherry have buds ... although nothing else has buds. :-(

  4. good luck on the 10K which is 9.99K more than I would do.
    I miss those Charmin ads with Mr. Whipple. Those were much better than the big pharma ads for all types of drugs that you didn't know you should have.

  5. Good luck with the 10k! I love your attitude of "just finish." Because no matter what your time is, you'll still have done it, and that's an accomplishment.

  6. Will be praying for you tomorrow friend! Maybe you should write some motivational thoughts on the top of your hands and then when you're running and negativity starts creeping in you can just look down & be reminded WHO you are and WHOSE you are! You are winner no matter what RJ!

    Sure wish you were enjoying the Spring weather we are getting. It's 90 here today and supposed to be 100 tomorrow! Maybe you and Ricky should come visit us in south Texas....RoadTrip! I'll try to blow some of the heat your way.

  7. ok, we are going to hold you to your "new attitude" about running the race!! I am just so impressed you even run! :)

    Last weeks Once upon a time was awesome!!! I have a feeling snow will go bad for a while and then be redeemed!! and yay for sheriff graham!!

    I told my husband last night that if I had to spend 24 hours a day with Phillip, I might have to kill him and hide the body...ugh. Even though you know he would be the best one to take with you to the end..I don't think I could make it that long. Kudos for those that do!

  8. You got it right on Survivor! But I think I like Dawn even better than Malcolm.

    I was so glad to see Brandon go. Now I think Phillip needs to go.

    I saw part of DWTS, but missed the Disney girl and Pickler dancing. Maybe I can catch them this next week.

    Have a good weekend.

  9. I didn't hear about their break up, that is sad :( Hope your run goes well tomorrow. ((HUGS))

  10. I think the fact that you are doing ANYTHING in 30 degree weather is amazing! Especially a 10K.......god luck and just have a good time!

    I saw that cartoon somewhere else's so cute!

  11. I saw Hall & Oates often when I was much younger. Go. See them.

    I'm supposed to be packing for a trip--leaving in an hour (yeah, right), so I skimmed this post...

    Faye--agree, if she's cast, I stop watching. I'm not one of those love to hate people.

    Ryan and J? Sad.

    Coloring pages? They're great for Operation Christmas child boxes...

  12. Hall and Oates played at hubs big company meeting a few years ago. I love the costume!

    I felt the same way about Ryan and Julianna. I think everyone feels like they know Ryan Seacrest because he's kinda everywhere.

    Hope the race went well!


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