Friday, March 01, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
I'm moving slow today... its Friday, but it feels like Monday


Its snowing... again...

I'm not sure the sun exists anymore


One of my bloggy/Twitter/instagram/facebook friend
 (Oh heck, she's just a friend who lives in a different state)
has been talking about her new little gadget - 
the FitBit One

Now, I'm all curious about it

It even tracks your sleeping habits by a bracelet you put on your wrist with it

I'm Rebecca Jo & I'm a fitness gadget addict

Anyone have one?  Thoughts?
Anyone that could care less?


Today is Colon Cancer Awareness Day

I'm wearing blue today for that very reason
My Daddy-O had colon cancer & it was caught early
(Thank you Jesus)

But my friend Steph also had colon cancer & that has spread to her liver
Not everyone is as lucky as my dad

So wearing blue to support & honor all those who fight this ugly thing called cancer

(Yesterday would have been Steph's birthday too.... miss my friend)


So, I found out why I cant watch videos anymore at work
They limited video streaming, music streaming & social networks
to the bottom of the priority list

We're limited in 'space' used in the internet so they knocked that stuff to the bottom

Do they know they just ruined my lunches?
This is cruel & unusual punishment

I can still get all my bloggy friends links though so I'm still surviving


I have a photo session Saturday
....excited about it!

I took off during the holidays & winter is hard to do pictures
but getting back in the swing of things

Saturday?  A 3 week old baby
Everyone... go "Aaaahhh"

A baby GIRL too...
so got my bows & tutu's ready


Did I mention its snowing?


Cuteness overload:
My fur babies

Last night I looked down & they were both side by side on this dog bed.
Now, don't feel sorry for them & think they have to squeeze on one bed together
We have dog beds ALL OVER the house

Its like dodging land minds in my house

But these two stick together & they were so cute

They're getting so old & the thought of one of them passing away just breaks my heart
& makes me worry for the other one


Funny for the day:

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

I need to remember this when someone's sick

I'm just not good when people aren't feeling well
Y'all know I'm a confessed germaphobe
... & I'm a chain puker...

so this is perfect for me.

Maybe I can even put a fake hand on the end of the broom so I can pat the shoulder?
Shark Tank.. here I come!


TV Time:  

The Bachelor:  I dont even care now.  He sent AshLee home & left two little girls standing.  Good luck with that Sean.

Dancing with the Stars:  NEW CAST REVEALED!!! I am so excited Lisa Vanderpump is going to be on there!  I dont think she'll make it long, but love her!  You already know the football player is going to win it!  But excited to see Dorothy Hamill on there as well.  She's aged very well!


  1. Stopping by from FF......sure enjoyed your Fragments.

    My brother has had a FitBit since they came out and he swears by it. He wears it all the time and tracks everything at the end of the day on his computer.

    My Dad and best friend are both colon cancer survivors. I did not realize that today was CC Awareness Day. How cool!

    Oh, we have two labs that stick closer than close and we have the same thoughts, just don't know what's going to happen when one of them dies. Goodness, a sad thought.

    Happy weekend!

  2. If you're tired of the snow, you can always send it my way - we kept wishing and hoping, and kept getting bypassed. I'm sorry if our wishes for snow ended up dumping on you instead. ;)

    I've been looking at that FitBit and thinking about getting it, I'll be curious to see if you do, too! :)

    I'm so sorry about your friend. ((HUGZ!!))

    What a bummer they limited video streaming at work - that does mess up lunch time! :)

    Too funny your dogs stick together like that - ours do the same thing. :)

    FUNNY image - I think you should get a broom stick handle and put a hand at the end - that would be hysterical! :)

    Granny Princess Nagger, 5-dollar Pancakes and Apple Pie Apples – it’s a Friday Fragment Free For All of Fun!

  3. fitness gadget addict
    confessed germaphobe
    a chain puker...
    What a combination. Believe or not I remember working at the office before the web was available and we had fax machines.

  4. Oh my goodness! I am the same way with sick people! One of my daycare kiddos threw up for the first time last week and it was all I could do not to throw up with her! Of course it was sitting at the table too, so I had to clean it up! Lots and lots of Lysol and lots of washing my hands! Yech!

  5. Never heard of the FitBit, but now I must investigate! I love all things gadget!

    I didn't know it was colon cancer awareness day, but I had a wonderful friend who died from that awful disease 14 years ago.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. So many people talking about snow. I know everyone says, "don't be jealous. it's awful." but it would have been nice to get a couple of snow days.
    Love the puppies!

  7. I don't pay much attention to Dancing with the Stars, but am curious - - - which football player is on this time?

  8. A football player on Dancing? No way!!

    Oh my hubby worked with a guy in MD who had the health gadget thingy. Apparently he loved it. But that is the extent of my knowledge there.

    We have limited streaming here too. We are charged by usage in AK. So we have to be careful with usage.

    I totally chain yak too!! I can't be very supportive with others because I will need my own support chain :-( That button is absolutely hilarious!!!

  9. Oh how I would have loved that broom 2 weeks ago. We had 4 grandkids spend the weekend and they got the 24 hour puke fest going around. Gross.
    I had Colin cancer 10 years ago and thank God it was found by accident very early. My best friend is not so lucky. She just had so many parts removed including half her liver. I hate cancer.
    Have a blessed weekend and stay healthy..

  10. What a nice picture to have of your dogs. They look very nice!


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