Monday, September 23, 2013

Camera in my hand all weekend...

Busy weekend.. .like a blur...

I even had a day off on Friday & my house still isn't clean, my laundry isn't caught up & I have yet to make it to the grocery for the past two weeks...

Sounds like Fall season, which is busy busy busy with pictures.

* Slept in on Friday... I say, 'slept in' but was still up at 7:30... as a teenager, that time would have made me cringe.  The joys of adulthood.

This is what I woke up to... she can sit like this for HOURS...
forces you with her mind to rub her belly

* I did do one thing productive.  Got all my Fall goodies out & decorated my living room & entryway.  I love all the Fall decorations.  Orange, pumpkins, apple candles.  My favorite time of the year.

* Such a beautiful day, I take the dogs outside to walk around & I noticed my butterfly bush has bloomed virtually overnight.  So lovely... & then I bend down to take a closer look at the little butterflies all over it... when all of a sudden... EEK!!!!!!!! 

Look at this baby!  I grabbed the dogs up & got them inside!  Luckily, everyone on Facebook was all over it & told me its just a garden spider & not poisonous ... my fear was that the butterflies would get in the web & I didn't want my beautiful bush turning into a death trap.  So I sat out front & kept knocking butterflies away.  Then I noticed that they were avoiding it all together.  I breathed easier.  I didn't want to kill the spider - didn't want my butterflies dying... I think it all worked out.  As of today, the spider is still there & no harm as come to the flittery friends.... nature working with me here.

* I felt like a nature photographer... while I went back out to knock away bugs from the web, I took my good camera out.. I got some AMAZING pictures.  Haven't uploaded them yet, but I got pictures of the spider actually shooting webbing out of its body ... its the coolest picture I think I've ever taken.... I understood why people sit in the woods or forest or desert for hours to grab a picture of an animal then.

* A day off work calls for a nap... its just a must...

* Getting more caught up on Elementary.  The new season starts this week & I still have 15 episodes to go on last season... gotta step to it

* Ricky had to work on Saturday... that always bites...  This is what it looks like when we go out front & wait for him to come home...

* Had an engagement session Saturday night with a friend I had never met face to face.  First became friends on Daily Mile, then facebook & she's also a blogger.  She got in touch with me about engagement pictures but let me know over & over how much she hates getting her picture taken.  That's a goal for me then to make sure that a client, much less a friend, isn't miserable in front of my camera.  In the end, she totally nailed the pictures, looking lovely... even 'comfortable'.... whooo! :)  Glad Chasity & I could give her & her fiancĂ© a good experience

* Stopped at a Chinese restaurant to take home dinner.  We are UBER picky for Chinese food & never had ordered to go from this place... I don't think Ricky & I ever ate so fast in our lives.  & Ricky said, I plan on being burned out on that place by the end of the year :)

* Missed church service (thank goodness for online recordings of the message) because I needed to work on pictures, but made it to Youth Merge class.  I had 22 middle school kids... HUGE class... love these kids so much...

* Best line in Youth:  I had on a long sleeve shirt & a knitted hat.  One of the girls had on short shorts (I don't get why they make shorts that short now a days... & I know I sound 80 years old saying that)... but I was warm.  It gets toasty in that room with 40 teenagers.  I told them to open the door & this young girl said, "No, its cold" ... I told her she shouldn't wear shorts when its 40 degrees in the morning.  She looked at me & said, "Are you just having a hot flash?" ... I just busted out laughing... all you can do

* Headed out for Round 2 - another photo session.  I don't normally like to do 2 in a weekend because I want to make sure I don't get backed up in editing.  But I was doing good with the first one's editing & I just love this kid anyways.  Another awesome Senior session in the book.  (No picture edited to brag on this one... but it'll come)

* Got to have my first Starbuck Green Tea Frappuccino... not what I was expecting.  Not horrible... not too bad though.  A little too much though.  I'd definitely get a small next time.

* Editing, editing, editing... which has my bicep tendonitis SCREAMING right now...

* Took some breaks to just sit outside... enjoying the first day of Fall... & loving on our spoiled girl, Sydney.  She's just so sad lately without Buffy.  Its really breaking out hearts...
She whined until Ricky picked her up...
spoiled?  Yes... we like it that way...

* Neil Patrick Harris just needs to host everything... & take turns with Tina Fey & Amy Poehler...

WEEKEND BONUS - I'm all about taking videos since Buffy died. I want to have memories I can look back on... so taped the dogs when Ricky gets home.  How do you not love to be greeted so excitedly - every time you pull up the drive :)


  1. Your sweet little fur babies are so darn cute! Ours act the same way whenever Chris comes home from being gone most of the week. True love! I can't wait to see more of your spider pics!

  2. sounds like a great weekend...minus the spider. i went to get the mail last week and put my hand in the mailbox only to spot a black widow. i freaked out a bit...not a spider fan.

  3. Love the dog welcome! Our pets greet us as soon as we walk in the door--a dog and two cats.

  4. I love your fall decorations! I'm such a nerd, I love decorating for fall...other than Christmas I don't really decorate much but love to go nuts with candles and pumpkin stuff!

    Also, that spider=horrible. I don't care if it's not poisonous, I'd have fainted!

  5. The fall decorations are beautiful...making me want to pull mine out!!

    That is some LOVE on that video! We are like that with our babies too! Once my nephew said "'s not like you've been gone for a month or anything"..ha! Nothing like coming home to that much love! tea frappacino...not sure about that one! But I did discover Starbucks vanilla iced coffee (a few weeks ago when it was hot) and it was yummy!

    Think I'm gonna go pull out my decorations...;) Hope you have a great day!


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