Monday, September 16, 2013

Random weekend thoughts... surrounded by horses

* Sleeping with the windows open... aahhh... & cough & sneeze... allergies are kicking my butt.  But I do love a cool breeze in the morning.

* Sydney, since Buffy has passed away, refuses to sleep on the ground anymore.  If she sees either one of us on the bed, she needs up there.  Now, she's a 12 yr old Aussie, which means bad hips, so she'll put her paws up on the bed & barks until we put her up.  She'll also bark in our faces in the middle of the night to put her down.  Full service.

This picture actually makes me sad...
these 2 would NEVER have laid next to each other...
But with their buddy gone, they're learning to tolerate each other more

* Still getting caught up on Elementary... loving this show.  Makes me want to talk in a British accent.

* Went to sit outside & read my Kindle... brrrr.... chillier then I thought

* First photo session of the fall that I wore jeans.  I'm usually wearing my wicking running gear so the sweat doesn't get me... this time?  Jeans & debated a long sleeve shirt.

* Photo session with a horse... its a little trickier then you'd think... you're looking through the camera & when the horse moves, I need the thing on my lens that says, "Objects are closer then they appear"

* Went to help a friend who was photographing a wedding... guess what was there?  A horse.... this was the day of horses... the bride was actually going to go down the aisle on her horse, but the environment was making the horse jittery.  I heard someone say, "Anyone else having visions of Runaway Bride?"

* I was editing pictures late into the night & kept hearing a yipping noise... turn & see Sydney griping at me.  What did she want?  You guessed it - to go to bed & someone to put her on the bed. ... once again, Miss Princess wins out

* My turn to teach in Merge... I love these kids.  I asked them how well they know me & if I could be anywhere, where would be my favorite place?  Hands up everywhere & shouts of DISNEY WORLD... then someone took it a step further & said, "I thought it would be playing Belle in a movie"... OH SNAP, that's the winner!  & then someone said, "I thought it would be a world of yarn".... yep, I'd say the kids know me. :)

* Another gorgeous day... we ended up eating lunch with friends & determined we needed a place that had an outside eating area.  We sat for hours laughing... & eating... laughing... & eating... & then fighting off flies

* Sam's Club... Don't be jealous - I did some Christmas shopping!

This is NOT someone's Christmas present...
because I'm not Donald Trump

* Stopped into Starbucks while Ricky went into Best Buy (equivalent of a shoe store for a woman)... & I think I was the only one not getting pumpkin-something.  I was so afraid they've gotten rid of the Peach Green Tea Lemonade... but YAAHOO - still had it. 

* I really liked my color combo for the day.  Found these shorts at Target for $5.00 & loved the navy with it.  I felt so preppy & back in my high school days.

* Miss America while on Twitter made it so much better... I mean, how do tweets like this not make you laugh?


  1. your Sidney and my Lily are the same age...yep, bad hips. Lily still loves to chase the pool sweep for hours and then literally can't move that evening....yet she continues to chase!! We had to get doggy pain pills for those times because who can turn down that excited face just waiting to go out!

    LOVE the picture with the horse!!

  2. Twitter definitely made the pageant more entertaining! I sometimes speak in a British accent...when the occasion calls for it : )

  3. Poor doggies, so sad about Buffy. Nice of you to share your bed with your dog though. Great horse shot! Funny comment about the bride on the horse!


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