Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday

One. New Girl.
I can't believe it!  I missed it.  I had no idea the season premiere was Tuesday... followed up with The Mindy Project.  I am so bummed.  Can't find it anywhere on line either.  I'm thinking after next week's shows, it will release it on Hulu.  Fingers crossed anyways.  So I've now got my DVR set to record any new shows for both of these. DANG IT!

I like you being weird too Jess....

Two. Sad Alert.
We think Sydney is just now realizing Buffy is gone. The first few days after Buffy passed away, Sydney was OK... but its easy to think Buffy was somewhere else.  In the other room, downstairs, out in the back yard.  But she's realizing she hasn't seen her in awhile.. & now?  Sydney will sit & look at door ways & whine & cry... can you tear my heart out any more?

That these two even touch now actually makes me sad
(For those new here - these 2 were both Buffy's friends, but don't care for each other one bit
....with Buffy gone, they have to learn to adapt)

Three. Running Mojo.
I think I'm loosing it.  That's ok... I think some people have never found it.  It happens to me every now & then.  I'll get it back.  I've got a race in October - my favorite race of all time.  Big Hit Half Marathon.  I'm planning on October - December to try the P90X anyways so running will be put on the side lines anyways.  It's all good.

Yeah... this is about as far as I've gotten the past few days

Four. Apples.
I got the best package of apples from Sam's Club this weekend.  They are cut in slim slices & they are sweet apples.  I haven't had good apples lately... can't find good oranges either.  But I know what I want to finish up this container.  Some caramel dip.  If there is a way to make a healthy food become Unhealthy, I'll know how do to it.

Is this not the cutest Caramel apple EVER?!?!?!

Five.  Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Yes, I'm aware of all my other favorite shows beginning this week, but the talk in this house is constantly on this show.  Ricky reminds me over & over that THIS is the show that we will record, watch, re-watch, & then have super hero discussions over.  I just know I'm going to end up being given pop quizzes.  Ricky is great with super hero pop quizzes for me.  & I will say, over the years, my Super Hero knowledge has become quite impressive.

This is exactly how I answer all the super hero trivia thrown at me


  1. Usually fox will put them ondemand about a week after the show first aired. And release them online 1-3 weeks late unless you have certain cable companies.

    Fox is the worst about that. ABC is the best. You can even stream their shows live on their app.

  2. Again: proof that if we were neighbors, not only would our dogs be BFF's, but so would our husbands. Andy is talking NON-STOP about this show. It's insane.

  3. Lets biggest info on Super Heroes is: Superman doesn't take bathes, to find out why, just read my blog post today. That Sir Cuteness is ALL about educating me! =)

    Your puppies make me so sad =(

    Caramel Apples.....YUMMM!!!!!

    I tried runny again.
    My knees are crap.
    The end.

    I hope you have a beautiful weekend ~~ love you friend ~~ dawn

  4. Oh, that is so can see that they are just crying inside wondering where their buddy has gone!

    I know nothing about superheros.....nothing!

    I'm impressed at runners in general! We walk fast, but the few times I've tried to run it doesn't last long or go well!!

  5. ahhh I love that show too!!! It's awesome :D


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