Friday, September 27, 2013

Five on Friday - its an App kinda day..

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I just uploaded a new app & it made me think to do a top five of my favorite apps I use...& note, I'm not a cool iPhone person.  Just a regular Android user... so don't judge me.  I'm not that awesome.

{ONE} Cartwheel by Target

Its an app that you load & then you can go on & add coupons for Target.  Target people!  The best place to find everything you could ever want.  Besides Amazon - but that's online - so a different category.  You just load up the coupons & then bring your phone to the store with you, let the cashier scan the little fancy-scanny-thing (I'm so technical) & you get the discount.  Top that off with the Red Card, which saves 5% on everything.  I don't know why anyone that shops at Target wouldn't have one of those.  Its just a debit card... but it gets you 5% off everything.  Ricky & I are amazed at how much we've already saved there for the year.  Just wait till Christmas!  .... But you can even view the coupons online if its easier to do then on your phone.  I'm excited to save more money at Target... since they get 47% of my paycheck anyways.

{TWO} My Calendar

Sorry fellas - this one is strictly for the ladies.  I think its also renamed & is called "Period Calendar".  I love this app.  Not only does it track all the lovely female stuff, but its just a good health tracker.  It keeps track of symptoms you have daily & I love that it has a note field where you can write things down.  I actually use it as well to track how bad my Bicep Tendonitis pain is, or any other health issue going on.  You can also have the info sent to your email so you can print it off if you ever need to take it to the doctor.  I also like the little reminder that goes off on my phone that tells me I have 3 days until my next period.... like my angry, crying, sleepy emotions didn't tell me that :)

{THREE} Accuweather

I check this app out a few times a day.  I think its the best weather app there is.  It will give you the daily info, the future forecast, but I love the breakdown by hour.  It's pretty good too.  Being a photographer, I have used it many a time to see when the rain is going to hit & when its going to clear.  I've known it to be really accurate.  I've used it for running, to know what outfits to wear & the most important, how to style my hair for the day!  Ladies all just said, "Amen" ... but you can use it to track other locations.  So I'll use it to track a location where I'm doing pictures, or at home... or when we go to Nashville, I can change the weather to that location so I know what to look forward to.  This is just the weather nerd in me showing.  I've always been a little obsessed with meteorology.  Missed my calling.

{FOUR} Aviary

This is my favorite photo editing app.  I believe its free, but the add on's are not.  The different edit features.  But they are only $1.99 to add on & I think I've added on at least 5 of them.  Great cropping, contract, brightness tools.  Even a tool to clean up blemishes on the face.  Stickers & neat frames.  It has it all.... & easy to use.  I get excited whenever they release new effects because I'm a sucker for them.  Being a photography geek, I love playing with pictures on there & seeing what I can do.

{FIVE} Starbucks

This app gets used a lot as well.  I'm finding a lot of people don't know it exists or know how it works.  Its wonderful.  You just put it on your phone, plug in your Starbucks card number & then its there & you're all set.  I have mine set to when my balance gets below a certain amount, it automatically uploads & adds more funds. I never have to worry about not getting my Starbucks fix in.  I also love it keeps tracks of your "stars" you get when you are striving for that gold card. (I'm only 3 away!) But my favorite thing?  How easily you can pay for your order.  Don't even need your card anymore.  Just scan your phone & bam!  Finished.  I think the whole world is going to turn to this in paying for purchases soon... Mark my words...


So any apps that you use a lot?  Let me know... & remember again, I'm a poor Android user... don't tell me something that's awesome that only iPhone has.

What can't you live without on your phone?  A MUST HAVE!!!

& of course, this isn't all.  I'm an app fan... lots of games (I can play Spades for HOURS on my phone), have tv schedules at a swipe of a finger & of course, Instagram is an all time fav, but that's a given for everyone anymore - right?  I'm RebeccaJoKnits on there - look me up & send me your Instagram name.  Y'all know I love pictures!

Happy Friday everyone!!!


  1. Thank you for shaking the Target app! I have the debit card too and love it! I love the free shipping when you order online! And we have saved almost $150 this year alone. :)

  2. Love my Pandora App and Rockabye Baby. It is the best app for lullaby's. You will find yourself singing away to songs we listen to on the radio.

  3. OOO Target App. Had NO idea!! That calendar app is so cool too.

    I am lame. No cool apps on my phone. But on my iPad oh man, I could hook you up! =)

    Love you friend ~~ dawn

  4. Thanks for reminding me about the Target app! Woohoo! Just visiting from the 5 on Friday linkup!

  5. has an app?! HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS!!???!?!?! My life is forever changed for the better :D lol love it!

  6. Oh, how I LOVE the Starbucks app! I also have the accuweather. another one I really like is "out of milk". I can go online, make out my list, and it will download to my phone. On my phone, I have the categories according to the Kroger store I go to, so it save a whole lot of time!

  7. High five from another android user!! I am excited to use the Michaels app I installed instead of pringint coupons :-)


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