Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Long Weekend....

How many of you needed that long weekend?  I know I did... something fierce...

* Met with a young lady Friday at Starbucks & her mother.  I did her Senior pictures a few years ago. She always was interested in photography herself & is doing her first wedding.  She needed advice.  We sat & talked just about weddings for 2 hours... & we finally cut it short, but I could talk for HOURS about wedding photography.... especially in a Starbucks where Peach Green Tea Lemonade is so close by

* I need a Starbucks Barista in my home

* Stopped at Feeders Supply to get 5 different bags of treats to see if Buffy would eat them... no such luck :(

* Watched my first "Elementary" that is on my DVR... I have the whole season from last year.  One down, 26 more to go.... (first episode alone was AWESOME!)

* Took Buffy to Feeders Supply on Saturday to pep her up... she was so excited.  We actually found some treats she would eat.  Sydney got to tag along too.  The lady at the cash register asked if she would take a treat... Ricky told her probably not because she has liver cancer.  The poor lady was ready to cry & told us she would pray for her. How sweet is that?  ... but she even said Buffy didn't look ready to go & to know she would let us know...

She definitely perked up in a store full of balls.....

* I had gone to another register with Sydney.  The guy said, "Is she friendly" - I said, Oh yeah... he leaned down to pet her & she GROWLED at him.... WHAT?!?!?  Poor Sydney... she is acting so funny since Buffy has been sick.  Poor girl...

* Our house is just full of sad right now...

* We had MAC (Merge after church) Sunday & we played a new game - a scavenger hunt with cell phones.  We said, we're not going to let the kids have all the fun, so we joined in... here's out picture for "Team Picture"

We actually ended up in first place beating all the kids... but we forfeited the prize..
we're cool leaders like that....

* Hottest day of the year & after running around taking picture of bird poop (one of the scavenger hunt items... gotta love youth ministry)... Chasity & I head out to do a photo session....MELTTTTTT!!!

* Iced frozen bandanas are a little tip for hot days... we used them on the client & Chasity & I were laying them on our heads in between locations.... HOT!!!!

* Just wanted to show some of the pictures from the session ... some of you may have seen them already on FB on my Photography page... but my parents don't get to see that, so this is for their benefit.  :)

I told her it looked like angel wings... & then I saw the reflection in the water...
doesn't it really look like an angel????

You should see me trying this same move... not as impressive...

There were people on the side watching us & they said, "This looks like a Carrie Underwood album cover" :)

* Labor Day found me in front of the computer editing all the pictures... I love a day off after a photo session....

*  Buffy slipping away from us... the sadz settle in deeper..

* Forced myself to run today... I hadn't ran all week & my body was like "what's happening?" ... luckily I did it while watching Rachel Ray.  Watching food shows makes me want to run faster to burn calories so I can eat more.

* Just a lazy day for Labor Day... loving on our Buffy... letting her know she's loved...

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!


  1. Sorry to hear that the pups is not eating and treats are hard to come by. Thinking of you, friend!!

    And on another note: LOVE the senior pics!! I don't know about you, but my pics were not that fun. I had some outdoor shots, but mostly they were in a studio. Today's pics are so much more fun!!

  2. Those senior portraits are so beautiful, Rebecca...you really outdid yourself on those! I love the ones of her in the water! Talk about perfect all the way around.

    Every time you mention Buffy, my heart just aches. I've been in your shoes and I don't wish it on anyone. Just keep on lovin' her to pieces.

  3. First, I am sending Buffy and all of you hugs. That was indeed a sweet cashier and I am glad that you found something she will eat.
    Secondly, you are a very talented photographer. All three of those are amazing -- especially the angel wings.

  4. So sorry about Buffy. :(
    That first picture is just AMAZING.

  5. All this just makes me so sad!! I'm so so sad for Buffy and for y'all. You all are just the best "parents".

    These Senior pictures are just some of the best I've ever seen. Truly AMAZING!!! The cheerleader pic is so amazing!! She's for real. Seriously. Girls got jump!!

    I love you sweet friend SO VERY MUCH!!!


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