Thursday, September 19, 2013

Refuse to change....

I work with someone that has short hair...

I mean SHORT... like Sharon Stone short.

Her hair has been like for as long as I can remember, & I've been at my job for 21 years.  A LONG time...

I have to laugh though because like clock work, every 6 weeks, its her hair appointment time.  She goes right after work.  And every time she goes, she complains that she wants a different look.

I told her that she probably needs to grow her hair out to get a different look - at least to have hair to WORK with to have a different look. 

Its either that or shave your head, & have everyone think you're having a Brittney Spears break down.

Not a good look for Miss Brittany

Its like she doesn't even hear me when I say that... she instead brings pictures of people with different hair styles & says, "This is what I want.  Which one do you like the best?"

She even told me that sometimes she just doesn't think her hair dresser hears her when she says she wants a change... & that she isn't willing to do anything different.

Well, I can attest on the hair dressers behalf.  Last time she had her hair cut, she came in the next day to work & it was a different look.  Very cute, I might add.  The hair was more pushed back then down in the front, a sort of spikey look... it was cute.  Maybe not a huge change, but a change.

The very next day?  Guess how it was styled.  The exact same way it always is.

I laughed about it yesterday driving home, thinking of her walking in the hair salon once again with pictures in tow... dreams of something different...

But I saw her this morning, & its exactly the same... just trimmed up...with the fresh color

Yeah, I smiled to myself... but then I realized how many times in life I want a change in my life, but I sort of don't want to change anything.

Make sense? 

We like the comfortable... the familiar...

We don't have patience... I mean, if she grew her hair out for a few months, I'm sure she'd have so many options to choose from in a new look.  But who has the patience to wait?... Want it NOW...

Its easy to blame others for changes that don't happen....I don't have (insert whatever change you need) because so&so isn't working with me.  They're holding me back.  They're not working with me.

We don't listen to advice.... I know I'm not the only one telling her she needs to grow out her hair for better odds of looks, but its like the words go in one ear & out the other.  We like to shut off the words we don't like to hear, don't we?

We also just don't like to change... simple as that.. we're always drawn back to the familiar.  Just like the style of the hair goes back to the way she always styles it herself, its the basic line of "its what I do".  Its always so easy to just stick with what we know.  Even if its keeping us in the same place in life.  If its familiar, we just want to stay there.  We're not comfortable stepping out of our box.

My job, my diet, my health, my finances, my relationship with others, my relationship with God...all areas that I can instantly think of that could do with a step forward... a change...

what changes do you want in your life?

Are you blaming others for those changes not happening?

Ready to put excuses behind?


  1. Once, I grew my hair out (I know, hard to believe!). I let it grow so that I could have something different. I even went to a NEW hairdresser, plopped down in the chair, and told her to cut it however she thought it would look the best. Gave her free reign. And guess what??? She cut it how it was ALWAYS cut!!!! Now THAT was just strange!!!!!

  2. Lynn - that makes me think of the Brady Bunch movie where they kept trying to do Mrs. Brady's hair & it always went back to the same style :)

  3. I just got my hair done yesterday...same look as always. Although she did use a razor instead of a scissors so the ends look a little different. I'm just very predictable.

  4. Oh my goodness, I really needed to read this. Anxiety holds me back a lot of the time and I get so comfortable in the routine of what I know. It's hard to work past what we don't want to change, but once we do it is always SO much better than we could have imagined.

  5. There's a lot of changes that I want to make in my life. One being, 100% self employed., instead of just a little bit. I know that I have the capability, and I'm the one holding myself back. I've seen people have HUGE success in such a short period of time and it makes me soooo jealous. I know they put in hard work, but some of it is that it came easy for them (or least easier in the beginning). I recognize that I'm holding myself back.

  6. Excellent observation!

    I am overwhelmed with wanting change right now and not knowing where to start in order to make the changes happen. I'm most afraid of upsetting other people's lives.


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