Friday, September 06, 2013

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time
I think I've missed out on Friday Fragments the past few Fridays...
& honestly, don't feel like it now...
we're just stressed & feeling down about Buffy
... things are still going downhill fast for her...
but I'm going to try & just blab to clear my head...
So really, its BLAB Friday

* I'm the first to say that I don't stay up on anything political or world news, but I know what happened in Syria is horrible... but I'm not sure we need to the call our selves the Police of the World... why are we always inserting ourselves in everyone's business ... especially when we can't take care of our own problems in our own country? ... (stepping off soapbox)

* Its #Skirtember ... & yes, I used a hashtag... that's what you do when you're cool.  (Not really)... but every Monday, you can link up with Kristin at & the point is to wear as many skirts/dresses as you can for the month of September.  I'm up to 3 so far... not today. Casual Fridays are what I live for.

* Amanda is gone in Big Brother!!!.... YAHHOOOO!!!!!

Yes Amanda - that is the direction of the door....

* Anyone else noticing how much later the sun is rising?  I hate driving into work in the pitch dark

* Anyone else notice how early the sun is setting?  I have to make sure I don't wait too late now for my evening run ... (I almost put my evening runs, but that sounded like a medical issue)... Time to break out the reflective vest for late runs.

* So I feel like a 15 yr old girl - I'm finishing up on Pretty Little Liars Season 2 on Netflix... I'm not sure why I watch it because every episode, I'm like "That is so stupid.  Like an adult cop would date a teenage high school girl" - change "cop" with "teacher" as well.  I don't remember having a wardrobe and/or wearing make up & having hair like these teenage girls.  It really is corny if you look at it... but I'll keep watching, I'm sure :)

* I'm kinda excited about the new American Idol Judges.  I was always a fan of J-Lo being on there... & LOVE LOVE LOVE Harry Connick Jr. ... I may actually watch again...

*  Speaking of judges - have you seen Christina Aguilera lately? OH MYGOSH... girl is looking amazing!!!
Now let's just see if she can dress normally

* What do you think of the DWTS cast?  I have to say, I love that Bill Nye the science guy is on there.  Please let him have rhythm... please...
But I'm excited for Amber Riley & Derek... And I think that Elizabeth & Val are going to be the ones to beat.  Anyone remember she did a movie where she was a dancer... yes, a dancer without clothes... but Val is one of those dancers that probably will have her take as much of her clothes off as possible. 

I'll always see her as Jessie from Saved by the Bell... even though she's aged something crazy

I'm not sure how I feel about Valerie Harper being on the show.  Its inspiring that her brain issues are doing well... but wouldn't you think the pressure & the stress of the show couldn't be good for her? I hope she has the time of her life though.


  1. Girl...what a night it was on BB with Amanda leaving, then Elisa! Could you believe it? I record "BB After Dark" and I know who won the HOH! Pretty pumped! I'm not exactly jumping for joy over the DWTS cast this time around. I will be watching to see how Valerie Harper fares, bless her heart. You really have to give her BIG kudos after all she's facing right now.

  2. I cringe when I think of the DWTS cast. I don't really watch...mostly catch the recaps on EW. But I'm getting excited about Revenge!

  3. I'm a big NetFlix fan too! There's always somethinbg to watch besides the tired old stuff on network tv.

    But I do like DWTS-- a lot. It's an interesting cast this year. I was very surprised to see Valerie Harper though. Not sure why she'd want to use her energy on that grueling schedule.

    Have a great weekend, jj

  4. Praying for you, sweet Friend. :(

  5. I have noticed all that sbout the sun. It reminds me we'll have to participate soon in the clock changing follies. Sigh. HATE that.

  6. I think, just like when you run when you're hurting, Valerie can dance with a brain tumor. We want to protect those we care for, but it isn't our choice. Make sense?

  7. Buffy and your family are still in my thoughts.
    I hadn't heard of Skirtember but I have worn them a lot all ready -- it is still so hot here that I prefer them.
    I <3 Harry Connick, Jr.!

  8. Sorry to hear about your sad situation with Buffy.

    Some day, I will take the time to shop for some dresses.

    My coworker met Bill Nye once. She said he was an arrogant jerk, just sayin.

    Can't wait for IDOL to start!!

    Kendall and I used to watch PLL--I understand the draw.

    I literally belly-laughed at your runs comment. Too funny!!!Thanks for linking up!


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