Thursday, September 12, 2013

What do you say about yourself?

Ever have those moments where you just don't feel up to par...

& by par, I mean, up to par with everyone else?

I know the saying....

I truly believe this

It just seems lately that everyone is doing it better, everyone has it better...

I look at things in my life & see things with my own eyes... & see how much better everyone else's life seems to be

I run & run & run... for over 5 years now, & still don't feel progress... Feel like every first mile is always a struggle & every mile after that is even worse & yet, I see others starting to run & in 3 months, they're ready for a marathon... really?

Fail Running 2
This person is still even better then me in running....

My house always seems to be a mess & I see everyone's cute little decorated homes & the Pinterest ideas come to life in every corner of their world... & I don't even have time to clean the dust from the corners of mine...

I feel like my blog doesn't fit in anywhere... when I see others with cute "mom blogs" or "Fashion blogs" or "Fitness/running blogs"... & I just see my thoughts are everywhere & scattered on here...(sorta like my life)

I watch every little calorie I eat & still gain weight... & see others who skip lunch & lose 10 lbs in a week...

Tell me you lost 50 lbs by some stupid new trend... & I'll give you this look

Someone else's hair is more beautiful
Someone else is more creative
Someone else gets recognized before you for things that you've done longer
Someone else's photography is better
Someone else's car is cleaner

It just seems like everyone has it together... I don't
Like I'm in the back of the pack of everything...

Anyone else ever feel like that?

Please someone say yes... if not, then I'm REALLY in the back of the pack of life...

.... & then I'm reading John & see that someone asked John the Baptist a simple question...

....What do you say about yourself? ~John 1:22

What a powerful question....

What do you say about yourself?

Right now, I'll be honest... I wouldn't say a lot of things positive about myself.  I would look back at the comparison thing & probably not want to say much about myself...

John didn't respond with the moans & groans of the world...

He didn't complain about how people were picking on him...
or he didn't mention how hard his life could have been...
no 'poor me' attitude...

He responded with words of the prophet Isaish

"I am the voice of one calling in the desert,
'Make straight the way for the Lord'"
~John 1:23

This was eye opening to me...

What do I say about myself?

Do I continue to say, "I'm not good enough at (Fill in the blank)"

or do I look at that question & see the things that I can do to continue to point to the Lord?

I mean, even with horrible hair, or a dirty house, or even with an extra 10 lbs... I can still point towards the Lord...

& isn't that what's more important anyways?
Isn't that what brings true joy anyways?

Thank you John the Baptist for showing me that I can still have that main purpose in my life... & don't have to wear camel's hair & eat locusts while doing it (Matthew 3:4)
There's a positive...

So the question for you today...

What do you say about yourself?


  1. I am the SAME. I promise you that you are not alone!!!!!!!

  2. I'm with you! I posted this on facebook yesterday (you can read what I wrote there). I like your spin on this topic as well. Why do we do this to ourselves? Sheesh! :)

  3. How do I feel about myself? Like every human on the planet.Like it is never good enough,shiny enough,clean enough, and so on and so forth. THEN I read "YOUR" blog and "YOU" point out the only THING that should be on our minds.What does the Lord think of us? He loves us even when we fail,get dirty and dull.He loves us when we are sad,emotional,grieving,and unhappy with our world.He is there for our ups and our downs,highs and lows,rights and wrongs.And YOU can be the light in someones day. If you believe that God uses ordinary people to help ordinary people, you can live,love, and laugh at yourself.Now cheer up, because "You" reminded me,through your blog, that life is what you make it.So make it count. Be a blessing to someone today.Like"YOU" are always a blessing to me Rebecca!! Love you!

  4. I think we all struggle from time-to-time with our self-concept and possibly even our self-worth. What we have to keep in mind, however, is that we're children of God. We're created in His own image and hard as it may be at times...we need to be confident in that. You truly are one of my fav. bloggy friends and I consider myself so incredibly lucky to have come to know you. You are faithful, funny, inspiring, honest, and just a beautiful human being...period. :)

  5. yes yes and yes! loved reading this today and knowing i'm not alone in thinking this. i'm not on facebook not because i don't like it...i'm just afraid of it. afraid that the comparison game will eat at me too much. great post friend!

  6. I have definitely fallen into the trap of comparing myself to others in many ways lately. Physical attributes some but mostly about the b-word. Yep, babies. All of my friends and it seems like everyone on facebook is having babies. And after over a year of trying and a miscarriage, we are still waiting. This week at my Bible study we studied about Abraham and Sarah, and God used His word to renew my faith in His plan for our family :) Thank you for sharing your struggles and how God used His word in your life! It is such an encouragement!

  7. I could have written this! I imagine that most of us feel this way about ourselves and when I read your blog, I always! She's such a gifted writer and puts thoughts down so well......

    I'm ready Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World and I confess that most times I don't feel like Mary or Martha, but like Lazarus......dead. I need to work on that!

  8. I think that everyone feels this way at least some point in their lives. I've been guilty of comparing myself to others. Sometimes I use it as motivation to better myself. Some other times I come to the conclusion that the grass isn't greener on the other side.

  9. First off, let me say that this is my favorite blog!!! And I love to follow blogs :) Don't ever think it's not good enough...because your words inspire me all the time! Besides, it's an "all you can get" blog...funny, inspirational, informative (I didn't know DWTS started in 3 days!!), thought provoking...I could go on ;)

    Secondly, YES...I struggle with not being good enough all the time! I think everyone does. I try not to, but it's tough. I also have these crazy expectations of how things should go and I end up just being let down. For example, I plan on doing the Jillian Michael's workout every day for 30 days and then on day 3, when I quit, I get so upset with myself and think...everyone else does it for 30 days...why can't I do it? (even though I doubt everyone does it for 30 days...ha!) That's why I love that bible verse I shared with you a while back...God loves us right where we are...that is comforting and all that matters!

    Keep looking up, writing, loving and inspiring...basically being yourself :) Love to you!

  10. Oh sister, can we roll our eyes together? Everything's better together. I'll even run behind you and prove that there will always be someone farther back in the "pack" than you. The pack we're in? It's one that doesn't have winners and losers anyway, right?


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