Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time


* Don't know where you're at... but if you're not around here, sorry for your luck... because its gonna be BEE-U-TI-FUL!!!!  Sunny, in the 70's... yes!!!

belle runs
This will be me running outside this weekend
... & y'all already know me & Belle are the same person...

* I'm excited I have a photo session scheduled on a beautiful day...

* & make that a trifecta... because I also get to second shoot at a wedding Saturday night with a friend.  I'm excited to take a step back & get to do what I love - take weddings...on a beautiful day... with a friend

* Now, let's hope I feel better - I've got some sort of sinus thing happening.  I think its allergies.  Sore throat, running nose, headache.  Always fun.

* Sad alert... I think all the dogs are grieving over Buffy, but its surprising to us - Bruno seems to be taking it the worst.  He just seems sad... & he always sleeps with me, but he keeps jumping off the bed & I find him laying in the spots that Buffy used to lay in... break my heart...

It really does feel like we've all cried like this over the past week....

* Dancing with the Stars.... 3 days away... YES!!!!

* I really want to see that movie by Kirk Cameron - Unstoppable...

* A buddy sent me this video last night... its literally like 6 seconds, but I've watched it like 100 times & laugh till I have tears....

* I saw a special on the news about baby carrots being washed in cleaner ... I just bought some & opened the bag.  I don't know if its because I just saw that special, but MAN OH MAN... they smell like bleach.  I couldn't even eat them.  It was STRONG.  I need a farm to grow my own stuff.

* I really need to stop eating snacks at work over my keyboard...

Buffy Yuck
Me when I go to shake out my keyboard & clean it up

* I just now realized what the date is...

Friday 13th
Doesn't bother me one bit...

* that made me remember... did anyone else ever watch that corny movie, "Saturday the 14th"?  I remember it being so funny ... but I was also like 10 years old... that's when booger jokes & fart noises are funny... I looked at the trailer of the movie & thought, Really?  I liked this?  ... but now I want to watch the whole thing again.  Something about corny 80's movies that still tugs at my heart...


  1. where do you come up with these clips?!!! hilarious!

    the one your friend sent you...funniest 6 seconds I've seen in a long time!!!

  2. OK, Sara has convinced me - I'm emailing myself a reminder to check out the video when I get home from work :)

    Mike was born on a Friday the 13th, so I think it's a LUCKY day!

  3. I buy the baby carrots and given them a good rinse at home with warm water. Not because of the chlorine solution they use, but as an 'extra step' for my peace of mind. Besides, I dip them in so much hummus or ranch dip I can't tell the difference! ha!

  4. We do grieve over our pets just as much as humans...they are our family, too.

    I wanna see Kirk's movie,too.

    That clip in the car....nearly spit my drink on the computer. Bahahaha!

    I thought I was the only one that loved that cheesy Saturday the 14th movie!

  5. That video of the guy in the car is awesome!

    Now I'm going to go smell my carrots. There's a sentence I thought I'd write. :-)

  6. I've always enjoyed the Kirk Cameron movies. I didn't even know about this one!

  7. Losing our dog last summer is something that this whole family is STILL working on getting over. They are family. I'm sorry for your loss. I'm all over the place, too. And loving these randomly joyful and poignant thoughts of yours, friend.

  8. I've almost stopped buying bag carrots, and I never buy the baby anymore. I don't think they have any taste. I buy the bunch in our market that stil have the tops and dirt on them.

    Enjoy your weekend! It's a blue sky day here today too!

  9. I had a poster of Kirk Cameron in my room when I was a kid. It's nice to see that he's still hot! :)


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