Thursday, January 02, 2014

2014 Resolutions... or Habits... however you want to look at it

I'm not a resolution kinda gal.. I mean, I can't keep up with anything for more then 3 days without getting bored with it & saying, "moving on"

But there's something about a new year that makes me want to lay out some standards & priorities I want in life... so yes, resolutions

I like Habits a lot better then resolutions!!!

I want to print this out & post it on my mirror so I can see what I am setting for myself... & want to come back in December 31, 2014 & copy & paste it & see how many of the things I can cross off...

Its going to be embarrassing if I can't mark anything off...
Let's think positively though

So my resolutions - or future habits for 2014:

* Sleep more... I'm horrible with sleeping - scraping by. I need to take it seriously

* Organize!!! ... I organized my kitchen cabinets this past weekend & it feels like heaven opening the pantry doors & seeing what I need, having it straight, knowing where everything is at.  I need more of my life like this

* Cut out the Self-Hate Talk... I catch myself using the word "Disgusting" quite a bit when I look in a mirror or catch myself thinking about how I feel about my body... I need to quit that. Using that word or any other self-hate word.  I saw that commercial from Special K that shows how much people talk about themselves ... I'd be shocked & sick if I saw the words I said to myself around me too

* I want to stick to more Happy Herbivore food plans... a good way to get fruits & veggies in my diet.. EVERY DAY!  I got in on their deal yesterday too where you could prepay for one year ... it actually is like getting 6 months for free.  I snagged up on that!  So I am really ready for this habit to kick in!

* Stretch... I think a lot of my back pains & leg issues is because I am so tight.  I need more yoga, pilates, stretching in my life...

* Sit ups - DAILY!  ... the abs are the one muscle you can work out every day! (fun fact) I want to get my back strong, which means the abs have to be strong.  Even if its 10 sit ups while I'm going to bed, do it!  I'm wanting to keep up my planks!  I was up to 2 minutes

Remember this DAILY
I'm not perfect

Get in the WORD!!... some way, some how, I want to hear from God.  A devotion, a Bible Study, I want His word constantly flowing through my mind & heart.

* Listen more then speak... I've done wonders in this area of my life over the years... watched the words I spoke before I speak, but I can do better.  I really want to watch my words.  They are powerful!

* Move at least 5 days a week... run, kickbox, walk,  Zumba, Kinect Dance, lift weights, do SOMETHING... just move

* Sit less... move more at work.  I want to do a post about how bad sitting is for you.  Its comparable to smoking a pack of cigarettes.  I sit all day at work... so bad for you. I want to get up & move every hour at work - even if its marching in place to my radio.

* Get a grip on worrying... this is a hard one for an anxiety girl like me but I really want to try & minimize the worrying I do.  Hold it in check.  Get control of it.  Remember who's really in control... not me...

This is me 99% of the time

* SLOW DOWN!!!.... ask anyone that knows me.... you all know too if you follow my blog - I'm constantly on the go.  Its starting to wear me down.  I need to slow down & enjoy life instead of working through it, whether that means cutting some things I love out of it, I may need to make that move. 

* Loose weight ... of course, that's usually on everyone's list (except Ricky's) ... but I'd love to see the number down by 40 - at least! If anything, for my health. I don't want to pant walking up my work steps anymore.

* Keep learning... I want to keep learning more about photography.  The latest things - lighting, equipment, studio, techniques... pictures are stories

* Speaking of pictures, I want to do another Project 365... I love documenting my life through my favorite media - pictures.  How I will keep up with it (blog, Instagram, Facebook) not sure - I'm just going to start clicking away.

* READ!!! I haven't stopped to do a good book for almost 2 months.  I miss my stories - the characters I meet & don't want to let go. 

Some quick easy thoughts we can always work at:

* Smile more
* Be kind to others
* Be forgiving & full of grace
* Don't always feel like I have to be right - let it go - agree to disagree
* Floss more

Lots to make myself a better person - have a better life - have a calm mind & heart...

Let's see what 2014 holds!


Do you make resolutions?

What do I need to put on the list?


  1. Great list! I can agree with nearly all of them and sleep needs to be number on my list. I am horrible at it. I stay up when I could be sleeping then find myself tossing and turning and uncomfortable and awake far earlier than I need to be. Here's to both of us being much more rested in 2014!

  2. All of those need to be on my list. I am resolving not to make any resolutions, but to focus on small changes through out the year.

  3. so i'm reading this and going "yes" to almost all of these! :) i may print your list too! lol

  4. These are excellent standards to follow and priorities to pay attention to. I like your list!

  5. GREAT list!!! The one that really surprised me was that you haven't read a book in like 2 months. You must have been REALLY busy!! I hope you do 365. I LOVE your pictures. They are art.

    I love you friend ~~ now I need to get my own list down.

  6. I definitely need to work on the stop the self-hate talk. I'm really bad for that. In fact, I believe a lot of women are bad for that. I'm trying to remember what Jesus said about us in Ephesians chapter 1. I learned it in Beth Moore's "Believing God" Bible study. I am adopted, blessed, chosen, forgiven redeemed, and loved. If this is what Jesus tells us in His word, then I need to believe this and not what satan whispers to me and tries to make me believe. I don't know about you, but I like Jesus words a whole lot better than satan's.

  7. I don't make resolutions but I like all of these! And I like referring to them as "habits", too. Makes it seem more long-term!

  8. I'm on my third Project 365. It's super easy girl!

    You should check out my post:


  9. This is a great list - so many good things to focus on. Half of them are on my list too. Every year, in fact. :-) I keep having to re-commit to the same things, b/c I peter out a few months in!


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