Monday, January 13, 2014

The weekend with a full brain...

I think I'm going to start giving a title to my weekends like "Friends" used to do... their titles were always "The one with..." or "The one that..." .. so I'll do "The weekend with.." or "The weekend that"... I'm a genius...

Why am I a genius all of a sudden?  because my brain has been on overload

why?  Because I spent most of it in a Church Leader Conference that our church put on.

Luckily, it was close to home so we didn't need anyone to have to take care of our babies.. & by babies, yes, I mean our dogs.

So here are some highlights of my weekend:

* I need to accept that since I married Ricky, I am usually arriving at locations 2 minutes before things start

* I remembered how much I love Tootsie Pops ... especially chocolate ones... yum!

* Sometime it pays to just sit & listen

* Its nice having Ricky next to me at church conferences. It was his first one.  He never has had a weekend full of information overload... his brain can hurt as much as mine

How every head should feel after days full of information given to you

* Some of my favorite things that stuck in my head that I can tell you without looking at my notes...

STOP whining... you're sharp... FIX IT!
What is rewarded is repeated!!!
Its ok to sacrifice one for many... its not OK to sacrifice many for one

* Usually retreat center's food is blah... Hot dang - this place was top notch. They had a full size salad bar & the best tomato basil soup... I was happily surprised

* Look in your glass before you drink ALL of your water.  I had a cup of water during one of the discussions - look down after I drank about 90% of it & noticed the cup had all sorts of stuff floating around... Gag... Puke... Gag...
Lesson learned - I checked my cup every time I poured anything the rest of the weekend

* Grown adults will still KNOCK YOU DOWN in a game... (I'm one of those grown adults)

* Excited to be able to watch Breaking Bad on my new tablet... I have a new corner of the world

* 50 degrees in January is like a kiss from God

* Love when you go to lunch & run into people you spent the whole weekend with.  Great minds think alike... especially when they're hungry

* Got to run over to mom's & see her & her bestie.. that meant my house was 100% neglected for the weekend... & that means that no one needs to come visit me at least for 2 weeks so I can get it cleaned up

* Yes - my Christmas tree - although bare - is still in the corner... as well as the Disney Big figures... & my Christmas picture on the wall... I need to spend some time at home.

* Tina Fey & Amy Poheler needs to be my best friends...

* So does Tom Hanks....

Tom Hanks – Really?
Yes...really... you need to be my friend

* & Julia Louise Dreyfus

Julia Louis Dreyfus

* I had to turn over & watch Downton Abby.. I won't give any spoilers away... just know I sat on my bed & kept saying "No, no, no, no, NO" for the last 5 minutes... how does that show make you so emotionally invested?

Oh No!
My reaction when Anna said she was going down stairs alone

* Ended my weekend back on the Golden Globes... glad to finally see Leo win.  Fact:  I was never really a fan of Leo Decaprio until the past year or two...
 & when I saw the pictures on "Why you should love Leo Dicaprio"... I would post some of them, but I don't understand why people have to put the "F" word in everything... so if you're interested - just Google it.  Some of them are pretty funny...


  1. Well you missed Revenge and all I can say is what is Emily up to?

    You'll soon find out.

  2. Ewwww on the stuff in the water! And now I'm going to have to search the web for tomato basil soup! ;-)

  3. I watched the Golden Globes for a little while..."90-Day Fiance" was calling my name! I've been meaning to ask...what do you think about "The Bachelor" this season? Can't wait for tonight! Tomato Basil Soup sounds so good to me about now! Good luck with tackling T25 today...I expect a report! ;)

  4. I love that is 50 degrees in January! I didn't watch the Golden Globes because I don't really watch award shows. I saw my twitter feed blowing up. I watched 90 Day Fiance instead.

  5. Glad you had a great conference this weekend.

    I didn't watch the awards show, in fact I didn't even know it was on until I saw some Twitter or FB remarks about it. May have even been yours. lol

  6. "50 degrees in January is like a kiss from God" RIGHT?! I was ready to roll my windows down while I was driving the other day! hahah

  7. I was loving the Golden Globes right up to the point where they commented on Jonah Hill and and well I had to explain something to my 8 year old that I was just not ready for. AWESOME!!

  8. Downton...I did the same thing :( I texted my friend "oh no, no, no, no!" Still upset!

  9. I don't watch downtown abby, but everyone I know who does all say they love it!


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