Thursday, January 30, 2014

#ProjectThankful14 - Week 3

I always feel so accomplished on Thursday when I do 2 posts in a day
(3 if you count my Fitness blog... the link is above)

01.23.14 - Reminder
On Facebook Thursday, there was a Made to Crave get together with questions & projects to do to make the study even better.  We were told to put a red string around our wrist as a reminder.  For me, I keep it on now as a reminder that Jesus wants MORE for me
01.24.14 - Surgical success
Harvey on his way home from being neutered.  I was so worried & he didn't even act like anything was wrong... except this cone being on him
which only lasted 15 minutes
01.25.14 - Guilty Pleasures
I'm sorry.  The Originals is something I'm addicted to.
Elijah?  Something I'm totally addicted to.
No - I'm not a 13 yr old girl... but I can play one on TV
01.26.14 - Blog Friends
You think you can't develop friendships in blog-world?  You'd be wrong.
I had blog friends text me on Sunday checking on Harvey - giving me kind words of prayers.  Even had blog friends send me messages on Facebook checking in on my little fur-baby... it just makes me smile. Women I've never really met face to face, but I pray for them, know about them, their family, their struggles.  Ask them to pray for me, share with them.  There are some amazing people out there if you get to know them.
01.27.14 - No pain
Actually worked out on the treadmill & my knee nor back hurt
... its a rarity... so I'm VERY grateful when it happens
01.28.14 - New Scent
I've been with BirchBox for about a year & a half.  There are some times I really like the products enough to go buy them.  This perfume?  I am so excited to try it - I never had heard of it before.  Harvey Prince.  I may have been swayed by the name too.
01.29.14 - Accountability
I have a sweet friend that is doing the Made to Crave Bible Study as well.  We got through Chapter 4 this week that talks about accountability so we set up a private Facebook page where we can post our thoughts, our work outs, our food, our struggles, our successes.  I've never told any one my weight before - but with her, I've shared.  & I love there is no judgment, just encouragement.
Accountability CAN be a blessing.
What have you been thankful for this week?


  1. Poor little Harvey, he is precious! Thanks for linking up with us :)

  2. I always love all your posts! Know that you are someone I now pray for. I agree with you about the friendships that are created through blogging. It is amazing how many people take the time to reach out and show some love <3
    I'm laughing about Harvey! My family dog kept his cone on for about the same amount of time. Poor babies! Those things must be so uncomfortable! Glad he's better.

  3. Sick dogs however minor, are still so sad and I always feel terrible. I'm glad your dog is feeling better and won't miss that cone one bit!

  4. Yay for blogging friends! I've only been blogging a few months but also have been amazed at the friendships I have started to build. It's something I was expecting but it makes blogging 100% more fulfilling! Thanks for linking up!!

  5. The friendships I've formed in blogland are my favorite part about being here! :)

  6. I love the friendships from the blog world. I care very much about these friends. I know I can ask for prayer and will receive it and I pray for them too.

    I love telling hubby about my friends and sharing with him their funny stories and prayer requests.

  7. I am thankful that it is Friday. Glad to hear your knees and back are doing well and that Harvey made it through OK.


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