Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A moment of rememberance for a good hat....RIP 2011-2013


I'm taking a post & dedicating it to my knitted hat.

Yesterday, my knitted hat got destroyed.

By one little Australian Shepherd.

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He knew when I was crying that something was REALLY wrong this time around

Yes... I posted yesterday that Harvey was left off of his lead due to the cold.

I was a nervous wreck going home, just envisioning the destruction that my house has weathered.  I imagined all five of the dog beds to be fluff-less & my kitchen to be fluff-filled. 

I envisioned some sort of acrobat moves happening during the day causing Harvey to open every cabinet door & trash my plates, get all the food out & letting him devour it & even opening my frig & causing all the cartons of juice & almond milk to be splashed on the floor...

yes - I can whip up some anxiety in just a few flashes of my imagination

I open the garage door... hear the dogs barking... did it sound distressed barking like the other dogs saying, "Its all his fault!"?

Nope.. I open the door & find everything perfectly normal...

the only thing was the rugs were moved, like a dog running around the kitchen wanting someone to play with them... yes, Harvey is a master at skidding across the floor.

My hat even made Starbucks a better place
I double checked... tripled checked... nothing inside or out was bothered.


I moved everything back in its place, let the dogs free to roam the house & sighed the biggest sigh of relief.  What was there to worry about?

I go to turn the heat up - after all, it was -8 degrees outside... yes, heat is needed.
I go to put on my layers of sweat pants & sweat shirts...
I'm out of the kitchen for about 5 minutes

Walk back in the living room & see Harvey tossing something in the air...

Wait... what is that?... WHAT IS THAT??????

Its my hat... in his mouth... with threads hanging from it...

Found this picture - when it was created -
February 2011

Not just any hat - but the one I knitted years ago & wear most of Fall, Winter & even Spring... a hat made of Noro Silk Yarn, the yarn of perfect beauty... the hat I can wear & it magically matches everything I wear... the hat that doesn't leave me with hat hair... the hat that I had wore this very frigid day & took off & laid on the counter when I got home...

& Mr. Harvey must have thought, FINALLY, something I can grab off the counter...

It took less then 5 minutes for him to totally rip out a side of the hat, causing it to be a loopy bunch of mess now....

I will be honest & admit that I cried... over a hat...

I had to laugh when I saw Chasity took this picture.  For those of you who are nervous in getting your picture taken, I'll help you get in poses.  I always say I wont put you in a position I won't do myself.  I also didn't plan on my knitted hat matching the graffiti wall, but how cool that it did :)
This hat went through many a photo session

But it was a hat I made... & having my bicep tendonitis that causes me so much pain to knit now, it is so hard for me to knit anything, so I value everything I've made in the past.

I just screamed like someone stabbed me in the toe...

My hat was even on the cover of my Photography Site for quite a while

Harvey knew this wasn't a random sock he just ate.. he ran & hid.  I mean hid where I couldn't even find him.  He got in the basement, in the corner of the bathroom & was shaking.

Note - my screams can produce a fear in you that you didn't realize you could have.

So today, I walked out of my house hat-less...

It was a sad moment for me... a cold moment...

For punishment, I'm making Harvey appreciate the love of knitted things...

at least till its warm outside
... I'm not that cruel...


  1. Awww, but how can you stay mad at that sweet little face??? It was a beautiful hat...I hope you gave it a decent burial.

  2. *Moment of Silence*
    Dog shaming cracks me up. I could get lost for HOURS looking at pictures like that! haha

  3. Oh no!!! That face is priceless.

    I remember when my dog, Bentley ate my fave shoes and my husband's Kindle :-(

  4. I'm so sorry about your hat and I know Harvey is too. I can tell these things (you know, from the pictures).

    If I could knit very well, I'd make you a new one. I'm making hats right now, but mine are on a loom and not near as nice as yours.

    Don't stay mad at him for too long.

  5. I have cried over many a hat... shoe... makeup brush... you get the idea. Those damn fur babies!

  6. He did at least hace the good grace to look ashamed! 😳

  7. When Lola was a few months old, she ate one of my very favorite flip flops. Not just any old rubber flip flop, but an expensive sandal flip flop (that I got for a mega deal!!). I cried too. And then I searched and searched for the same exact pair because they matched everything and I loved them! But no luck. I feel your pain. Someday you will forgive him (if you haven't already).


  8. UGHHH!!!!! Can I just say, I love and wear the slouch hat you made me and cherish it even more now because I know that you cannot knit anymore. I am so sad over your hat =( But Harvey looks really cute in his little diddy =)

    Love you friend! Hang in there. Harvey will grow up.


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