Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Friday... time to frag
So this was my drive into work this morning...
Media preview
It was horrible.
Snow - white outs where you couldn't see (in that picture above - that is a ramp over an express way - you can't even see the ramp) - it was horrible.
Going home, temps are supposed to drop to 19 degrees with more snow, which will be ice.
I just want this day over with & me home in my fuzzy socks
How my drive felt like

So dog-mom's have told me about the wonders of deer antlers or elk antlers
I will say Harvey is sort digging them
... well not DIGGING them literally...
but enjoying them
For like 5 minutes, until something else grabs his attention
but all the other dogs want them now too so I've ordered 2 more
One good thing I've read though - this company gets them when the deer shed them.  No deer were harmed for the happiness of my dogs

Luckily Harvey isn't this crazy about the antlers
... Bruno on the other hand....
My auto correct informed me deers is NOT plural for deer
deer is both plural & singular
deep thought of the day
 Anyone else get their Kindle stocked with Beth Moore books?
I don't know why they all went free, but I have enough books to keep me reading for a LONG time.

I need to space them out or I'm going to end up hair spraying my hair up & wearing leopard print & breaking out in random dancing in praise.
basically turning into Beth Moore

The upside of that? 
Travel Cottrell would always be around me playing awesome music


Did you know that the singer Pink -
her real name is Alecia Beth Moore

Now you know

I think BOTH Beth Moore's need bright pink hair


 I saw a billboard sign for an insurance company that says your hands are supposed to be at 9 & 3

When did that change?

I always thought it was 10 & 2

Is that "old school" now?

Doesn't matter, I tend to drive with my knees anyways!

This is more how I drive... see, both hands still on the wheel


So I tried every day for a giveaway they were having on the radio for Steven Curtis Chapman & his event he's having in New York City.

It costs something like $1800 to go to this week long event,
which ends up with you SINGING on STAGE with him
... in NEW YORK CITY...

I called in every day - got through every time too - but not the right caller
One time - all in the same shot - I was caller #1 #4 #14 #18 #23
You needed to be #25 to win!!!

Was it just me & one other person calling?
& I was still a loser!

I think God is just protecting me because I'd probably have a heart attack if I won a chance to sing with him

Andy Dwyer shocked
This would be me on stage with SCC
... a constant reaction over & over...
no singing... just in awe


Note to Bloggers:  If you have a dark background & white or light lettering...
you cause my eyes to hurt & makes me never want to read your blog again

Haven't you ever seen those optical illusions that mess with your eyes?
Like this... look at the dots on the nose - don't take your eyes away - count to 30 - then look at a white wall & you'll see the image of the face show up

That's what happens to my eyes with your blogs
I see it on walls for hours afterwards


The Shatner Game... I would totally win this... every time!
 I'd play that game...


  1. Yes, I got the Beth Moore books. Already started "Believing God."

    Haven't tried the antlers, but she has a spiral rawhide that she loves.

    Sorry you didn't win the contest. I would have loved that pictures from that one.

  2. That is an ugly drive to work. Now that I am retired I don't miss it one bit. Stay safe!

  3. Yes! The antler bones are some of the best bones around! Good choice!

    I'm sorry you didn't get qualified for the trip. :(

  4. I got all those books plus I have about 40 more free ones on my Kindle app. Plus a bunch more I need to download from Bookshout and who knows where else. I realized I'm using up all my memory on the ipad with books.

  5. i would love to see the other Beth Moore with bright pink hair!!! :)

  6. Did not know the Pink trivia so thanks for that. I could get on board with the Shatner game : ) Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Isn't it so weird when you find out a celeb's "real" name?!

  8. I've never read a Beth Moore book but I've heard such good things that now I'm wishing I had a kindle! Wonder why they are all free? And yuck to the snow. We are supposed to get up to 4 inches in Chicago tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

  9. I downloaded the Beth Moore books to. I was so excited to see them free! Yep I have a lot of reading to do this year =)

    I have the hardest time with those pics that you are suppose to look at and then see a face, but when I looked at the wall I saw it. AMAZING!!

    That drive. UGHHH!!!!!

    Have a restful, fuzzy socks kind of weekend =)

  10. Had to chuckle at the "Shatner" game. I totally see myself teaching this to the kids at school to liven things up a bit. LOL

  11. Beth Moore's books were free???? Are they still? I did her Believing God online study and absolutely LOVED it!! DH and I are contemplating finding a new church home, and one I'm leaning towards has about 6 Bible studies for women (count 'em 6 --- and for women of ALL ages!!!!) and 2 of them are Beth Moore studies!! Maybe that explains why I'm leaning toward that church! The fact that it's just 2-3 minutes from our house doesn't hurt either. ha!


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