Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time
The longest trip to Friday ever!!
The first full week back after the Holidays just royally bites...
But we made it...
so let's frag!

It was in the negative temps Monday
... & today in the 50's...
& could get claps of thunder tonight into tomorrow

How I picture Mother Nature lately...


Speaking of a crazy picture of Snow White...

I was watching You Tube videos the other day about how to become a Disney Princess.
Dang for me, they make you retire when you get to 30 years old... drats...

But I thought the cutest thing one of the girls who played Snow White said she learned - someone told her one time -

"Don't ever be the first one to ever let go of a child when they are hugging you.  You never know how much love they need"

That just made my heart tear up a little


& Speaking of Disney Princesses...

I want to be in Disney World this weekend.
Its race week again

I always get so jealous of all the RunDisney pictures on Instagram & Twitter

...some day...

This is how I feel about me making it to a Run Disney race


My poor husband... who never goes to the doctor...
has had to go 2 times this week.

first - because he was having horrible stomach pains last weekend
... they think he has an ulcer, which wouldn't surprise me much

These are all the same name as "Ricky"

THEN, when he got back to work from going to the doctor, he tripped off the steps at work & did something to his knee...

Its swollen & he can hardly walk

I have a picture but he would probably destroy every computer that existed if I posted a picture of his legs

Its pretty gross though.
Knees shouldn't be that big


Our little G-Boy turned 4 years old Wednesday!!!
He's the baby... but not for long...
Then he gets promoted to Middle Child

He'll make a perfect Big Brother to the new one

I've been watching some old clips of Conan on YouTube
... that dude is hilarious.
I forget he's on TBS

yes... this guy makes me laugh...

Whose your favorite late night TV host?


Anyone else see this list?
The best 16 books to read before the movie comes out...

I've already read a few of them
...CANT WAIT for The Fault in Our Stars!!!!!

I'm already getting my Kleenex ready

But I went right to Amazon & ended up loading up about 5 more books!

now... if I could find time to read...


I haven't been to Target since 2013

What's wrong with me?

I must....SOON!


Anyone else?

have so done this before
I can even look at someone really hard & make myself feel like I've never seen them before...

Is this what Crazy sounds like?


OK - enough of crazy talk
Time to get this day done & get to the weekend!

Have a Fantastic Friday everyone!



  1. I'm really enjoying Jimmy Fallon. I rarely stay up late to watch anything but may start taping him when he moves to the 10:30 slot. He reminds me of a younger David Letterman who we always watched in college...and younger middle age.

  2. Sorry to hear about Ricky! Hope he feels better!!

    I, too, saw the list and there were a few that I'd be interested in reading. I'm currently reading John Grisham's "Sycamore Row". I haven't read a John Grisham book since I was in college and it has the same characters from "A Time to Kill". So I keep reading it seeing Matthew McConaughey as Jake the lawyer. ha!

  3. who ever said "don't let go first of a child whose hugging you" never met my youngest...he NEVER lets go!!! :)

    thanks for that list of books....just added a few to my kindle!!! Can't wait for Divergent!

    Happy Friday!

  4. I hope Ricky's knee gets better soon. Do you have a swimming pool in your area? If yes I recommend Ricky try swimming to improve it.

  5. I've read quite a few of the books mentioned. I loved Divergent and can't wait for the movie. Saw previews for Monument Men and Winter's Tale, both of which looked good. I disliked the book Gone Girl, but think it might make a better movie than book. Loved Unbroken and hope the move does it justice. I will skip all the Vampire related stories : )

    Hope Ricky's knee is back to normal soon!

  6. i liked the Disney clips. I feel like the fat caterpillar waiting to be a beautiful and thinner butterfly. Very good graphics, don't you think? I liked Gone Girl, but I can't visualize it as being a great movie.

  7. I can't for Divergent to come out. I've listened to the audio of the first 2 books in the series and am waiting for the 3rd book from the Library. Really good. I saw a clip the other day at the theater and it really looks good.

  8. Since I'm the Queen of overthinking, overworrying, overstressing, you'd think I would have an ulcer by now ... nope, just chronic tension headaches. Gosh, I hope Ricky's knee is getting better (at least he's covered under worker's comp??). That quote from "Snow White" just melted my heart!

  9. Oh that princess advice. :)
    Happy birthday to the Grandboy!
    Hope your hubby's knee heals quickly. I fell and twisted mine twice last year and it's still not right even though x-rays show there's nothing wrong with it.
    Love Conan.

  10. The weather is all over the place!
    I keep meaning to read the Fault in Our Stars!!!!!!

  11. Thanks for the book list! I bookmarked it...same as I just need more time to read!

    Your grand baby is adorable!!! I bet he is squeezable and I bet YOU don't let go when hugging him ;)

    Hope Ricky heals quickly!

  12. I've read The Fault in Our Stars, Divergent and The Giver-- all good books! Now I'm adding Labor Day and Gone Girl to the list!


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