Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Items in the home...

I saw the question asking what your favorite thing was in your home....

My mind instantly goes through each area of the house.

Who doesn't love a Keurig?  I mean, I can make green tea in less then a minute & take it with me as I jet out of the door.

Fun fact:  Keurig is German for poop water

I love our couches in our living room.  We've had them since we moved to our home 13 years ago & probably need new ones, but I just love how beautiful they are, & comfy... reminders of visitors that have come over & sat on them & talked & laughed & shared good times on them.

My couch is perfect to do this on a hard day

I love my back massager in my rocking chair in my bedroom.  A great place to wind down a day & work out those kinks that have my shoulders tensed up to my ears.

Who doesn't love a good massage?

How can you leave out a washing machine & dryer?  You can't have dirty clothes... though jeans aren't considered dirty for at least 5 wears.  Its a rule.

Gotta love a treadmill... especially on zero degree days.  There's nothing like running outside & enjoying nature.  But there's also nothing like keeping your lungs from freezing over.  That never sounds like a good time.

Gym Dance
Walking outside is fun... but this is cooler!

Its not technically 'in' the house, but I always have said that my favorite place in the world is my front porch on a beautiful day, in the rocking chairs, with my dogs & a book... its a slice of heaven to me.

But yeah... my favorite item in my home?  Its gotta be anything that breaths :)  Husband, dogs... my family when they visit... A home isn't a home unless there's someone there to love & love you back.

We have more things with 4 legs that breath in our home then with 2 legs...
so this felt appropriate

....the only exception, when our home was swarmed with stink bugs.  THAT's the only deal breaker to that 'anything that breaths'

What's the first things you think of when you think of your favorite items in your home?


  1. My recliner (my non-human favorite thing) ... because I can sit in it, prop my legs up and QUILT!!! ;-)

  2. Our living room (which is a great room). It's where we watch TV, work puzzles, do crafts, read books (if not in bed), eat supper, play the piano. Just live our life! And I like it best, when hubby and the dog are with me.

  3. I am SO with you on the washing machine and dryer! We live in an apartment complex and that was one thing I insisted on... that we have a full sized washer and dryer IN our apartment... I didn't want to share or go to the Laundromat.

  4. That's a tough question but I guess I'd have to say my computer since that's what I use most in the house. I don't consider my husband and pets "items." Like you animated pics in this post--great job!


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