Friday, January 03, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Friday... right?  Maybe?
I'm so confused...
Let's Frag anyways
I'm so lost
Work 2 days... off... work 2 days... off... work 2 days... off...
I can't keep it straight
What's going to be worse is next week.
Back to working 5 full days
Talk about depressing
Oprah Sad Yes
This is how I'll be on Monday
What the heck is happening with this weather?
I know its winter, but COME ON!!!!
The temps Monday & Tuesday are going to be a HIGH of 8 degrees
The lows are negative numbers.
I have chills just thinking about it
Speaking of chills & freezing temps
I finally got to see Frozen!
Last Friday Frag, I mentioned I wanted to see it!
Well, I saw it twice! :)
Once on my birthday with Ricky (who actually loved it too)
& then went with my nieces & my dad
Its been out since Thanksgiving, so thought it would be in a small theater ready to be taken out of the movies....
Nope!  The theater was so packed, the only seats available were in the FRONT row, the neck breaking front row.
We couldn't even sit together.
Sophia & I had to sit in front of my dad & Madi
Glad to see it still going strong!
After seeing Frozen twice in 3 days, the songs are stuck in my head
so last night, it snowed... I had to call my nieces on the phone
& then sang, "Do you want to build a snowman?"
Sophia laughed
Madi just screamed NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
I usually have my Christmas stuff down by New Years
I'm 90% done.
We still have one more Christmas to do with the G-Boys
& then Christmas will officially be done
I am so anxious for Ricky to hook up our new Xbox Kinect
I bought the "Just Dance" game
...yes... the first one... from 5 years ago
I may be behind the times, but I'm going to get my groove on
I want to break this move out in random places
I'm hoping my nagging to "GET IT HOOKED UP" sinks in to Ricky soon
Everyone excited for Downton Abby to start on Sunday
raise your hands
I got a magazine in the mail yesterday that had info about the upcoming season
I have to say, it sounds like Mary moves on pretty quickly from loosing her husband
That's kinda sad.
I'm still mourning his death myself
You watching Sunday?
Funny of the day
Jesus... or Disco Chuck Norris
Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!!!


  1. seriously the cold.....we are to see single digits here in the south too!!! we may not know what to do.

    I have been wanting to see Frozen for so long...I think I will go today. I need a break from the 5 college kids and the puppy who have turned my quiet empty nest upside down.

    Downton Abby...can.not.wait!!!

  2. This cold is CRAZY!!!!! And we're suppose to get more snow. You too?

    Frozen was SO GOOD!! I took Sir Cuteness on New Years Eve and let me just say, there is nothing like seeing Frozen with a five year old!! Olaf had us cracking up. This was the best Disney movie they have come out with in a while. The story line was so thought out and meaningful. LOVED IT!!

    I just have not been crazy about recent Disney movies. They've seemed pretty dark to me, but this one was just GREAT!! I told Sir Cuteness we needed to buy it when it came out on DVD. He did not object. =)

    Oh and just so you know, Missouri Tigers (Mizzou) play Oklahoma State Cowboys tonight. Tell Ricky to root on Mizzou with us!!! And you can just yell at the appropriate times when Ricky does =)

    Love you friend ~~ GO TIGERS!!!

  3. Chuck Norris in disco attire made me laugh. But you're right, that is what it looks like.

    Totally loved Frozen!! Still waiting to see Catching Fire and Saving Mr. Banks.

  4. It is so cold here. We are at -24 degrees on the celsius scale. I am staying inside.

  5. I read where an airline isn't flying into Winnipeg Canada because it is too cold. So just think of that when you think it is cold! :)

  6. Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha...."Chuck Norris in Disco Attire".

    That seriously made me laugh out loud! ha!!

  7. Haven't seen Frozen, but I'd like to. I'm with you on Chuck Norris...before I read what it was, I was thinking Chuck. Its frigid here too...snowed in more or less for today.

    Definitely raising my hand on Downton Abbey...I read it is beginning six months after the death of Matthew. Sob.

  8. I saw a brunette Elvis with a beard... but on second look I too saw Chuck Norris...

  9. Oh! It does look like Chuck Norris -- haha!

    Frozen is awesome! We saw it this past weekend too.

    We take our decorations after 3 Kings day so I will be hitting that task later this week.

    Happy New Year!

  10. Some fun animated pix in this post.

    I think the hands-on Jesus would look a lot less like Chuck if he were wearing his traditional robe and didn't have his hands on his hips.

  11. It is soooo ridiculously cold. I took the garbage out today and thought my face was literally going to fall off.

  12. Gracie and I went to see Frozen last Sunday last minute...the theater was packed!!! It was amazing!!! And I love the music!

    Your Chuck Norris comment made me laugh out loud! Funny!

    Downton Abbey!!!!! We've been waiting for sooooo long!! Can't wait!!

  13. I see nothing but Chuck ready for the disco! That made my day. :) 8 degrees would be an improvement. Our high is to be 0 on Tuesday.

  14. I never realized how much Chuck Norris looked like Jesus! :)

    Still haven't made it to Frozen... today's our last chance before going back to work! We'll see if we can make it!


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