Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Does God have a Twitter?

I love Twitter. 

Especially when I sit at work because I can pull up cool things like Tweetdeck & let my screen just scroll on one computer monitor while I'm doing work on the other.

Easy to just glance to the side & see what's going on in the world.

I follow news stations ...this is really where I find top news faster then any other source around
I follow amazing Christian women... they give inspiration & scripture all day long
I follow friends... blog friends are the best because they feel like real life friends anyways & getting to talk to them in 'real time' is pretty nice
I follow runners... they make me not want to be a slacker
I follow some FUNNY people... I love comedians & writers of funny shows that tweet. They are the best on Twitter.

I love when Jimmy Kimmel does Celebrity mean Tweets
... if you haven't seen it - get to YouTube right now...

But I also love to follow celebrities.  It goes back to that idea that we get to see a glimpse in their life & see how they really think.  No script in front of them.   

As I type, I see Lea Michelle is talking about her new book that's being released.

The coolest thing happens though when all of a sudden, someone favorites or retweets you back. 

It feels so important.

Happy Dance
"They tweeted me" dance

I've had two brushes with this.  I had Jane Lynch tweet me back to a response I put up about Hollywood game Night...

& then over the weekend, I had the guy that is in the finals of Survivor respond back to a tweet I put up during the show last Wednesday.

He may not be uber-famous
but he's on Survivor
... good enough for me...

I have a friend who has had Diane Sawyer AND Robin Roberts respond to her tweets... as well as cast members from Scandal.  She's a tweet-pro to get these people talking back to her.

I'm not even going to lie - I try all the time to get Steven Curtis Chapman to tweet me.  I'm probably out of luck when at his last concert he admitted he has no idea how this social media thing works... he's hardly on it... I keep on though.  One day, he'll see his Twitter account & see "RebeccaJoKnits" all over this page & he'll think I need to say, "Hey" back to her... & that's all I would need. I would think the heavens opened up if I saw that tweet...

We get excited when important people say something to us.

So we were in church Sunday & we're reading all about Moses lately & his little stroll between walls of water & we're talking about the grumpy gus people that are complaining about lack of water & food & blah blah blah...

By the way, I'm a bad traveler - that would totally have been me too - I'm sure of it.

I would get on everyone's nerves
... I sing a lot while traveling...

But Moses went to talk to the Lord pretty much about how irritating these people are & in Numbers 20:7, it says,

The Lord said to Moses (vs 7)

.... that's it.....

Yes, verse 8 goes on & talks about what the Lord says to Moses.

& it wasn't, "Go punch them in the face & tell them to shut up".... but that's what I would have said...

But I thought it was so funny that just 5 words were in a verse.

If you read the Bible, you see verses are usually pretty full sentences full of big stuff to hang onto.... sometimes even full paragraphs.

5 simple words... that aren't so simple...

Our Pastor was talking about this whole story of Moses & Aaron, but that part just stuck out to me. 

How big is it when important people talk to us?

We take it pretty seriously - we get excited about it.

I think the Bible wants us to see how important it is when the Lord speaks to us as well. 

Do we get as excited about the Lord speaking to us as some of the other important people in the world?

... now, I need to check God's Twitter account for the day...


  1. Oh man, I LOVE Twitter, too! I don't care who it is, getting a response from anyone remotely famous makes my week haha. This post is awesome!

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  3. I like following celebrity chefs. I've had Carla Hall, Michael Symon and Alex Guareschelli respond to my tweets. I feel like a rock star when that happens.

  4. Awesome post! And I do the same thing. I keep my twitter feed up all day but I always forget to tweet :/ Bad blogger, I know! But you are right, when the Lord speaks to us, it should be a bigger deal than anyone famous!

  5. Amen to that for sure! Hearing from God is bigger and more important than a celeb tweet, but I know I get lost in that at times!

  6. As you know, I'm still finding my way around Twitter. Just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day, you know? The View followed me recently and even retweeted one of my comments...I was stoked! You always amaze me at how you can take something so ordinary, such as Twitter, and turn it into such a profound lesson on faith, God, etc. I love that! Oh, man, if God had a Twitter acct., I'd be tweeting him all day long! BTW...sure hope Steven Curtis Champman tweets you soon! I'd love for Tim McGraw or Luke Bryan to give me a little shout out!

  7. Oh, that's too funny about trying to get SCC to respond to one of your tweets. I used to try to get Toby Keith to respond...even though I knew the majority of the time it was his assistant or someone that did the tweeting. I hardly ever tweet these days so that's a wash. I'll have to content myself with his "liking" of a comment of mine on his Facebook page. And yes, it was him. He signs with a T when it's really him.

  8. Hahahaa... all that dedication to get him to tweet you back... it'll pay off one day! ;P

  9. I love this!!! What an awesome reminder & challenge. Thank you!!

  10. Good post!! My claim to fame would be that Aramis Knight from the movie Ender's Game (he played Bean) commented on one of my tweets and also friended me. Also, Liz Curtis Higgs commented on my blog on a book review I did. I thought I was the coolest thing in the world! haha


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