Tuesday, May 06, 2014

What I COULD complain about when it comes to heat....

The heat is coming... we're actually 10 degrees over normal today & like 15 degrees over tomorrow.  Hello 90 degree temps.  Didn't expect to see you for awhile.

& yes, I was the first one complaining about winter....

Is this me today?

Well, I'm going to talk about the things I already see coming that I hate about the warm weather... but I'll find a silver lining in these things... so no one better punch me...

& if you try, be warned - I punch back... momma didn't raise no fool.

* I COULD complain about my frizzy hair.  I don't care what I do to my hair. I could literally stand under a faucet of olive oil or grease & let it flow on my head & I'll step outside & I'll still turn into Rosanna Rosanna Danna... every time...

If you don't know who this is... ask your mom


* I COULD complain about BUGS.EVERYWHERE!!!!   Now, everyone that knows me knows I love all animals - even bugs. I'm the one who saves them & takes them outside & puts them in flowers or bushes & says, "Go - be free - enjoy life" (Yes, I really do that) But bugs in mega doses gives me the willies... & especially ticks.  I can't handle ticks.  I pulled one off of Harvey last night & then instantly feel like I have ticks sucking the blood out of me all over my head.  We won't even mention the spider I saw last night the size of the palm of my hand....

SILVER LINING - I have to think of Bugs from Disney & they are all just a misunderstood community... except for Ticks... they are shunned from this community

Bugs need love too ... except ticks..

* I COULD complain about leather seats.... with wearing shorts or shorter skirts, when I get in my car after work... YAYYZZHHAAA!!!!!!  The back of my legs are scalded.

SILVER LINING - I'll just think of it as a heat therapy for my aching body....


* I COULD complain about the grass growing every time you look at it.    I'll complain about this one for my husband who cuts it... constantly... every day....
Doesn't it seem like you cut it & especially if it rains, you have an instant FIELD right there in your yard again.  If only my hair would grow like that.

SILVER LINING ... it's giving a home to those bug communities I was talking about earlier


* I COULD complain about allergies.  That grass I was talking about... yeah... add that in with tree pollen. I'm a goner. My eyes are running, my throat is closing.  I want to scratch my skin off.  It's such a good look for spring & summer.  Something you don't see often though on runways.

SILVER LINING - I'll suffer through it to see anything but bare trees. That's so depressing to me. 


I COULD complain about being a beach cabana girl for my dogs.  They have fur on - I get it. I wouldn't want to wear fur on hot days.  So they are panting & constantly drinking up the water.  Having 4 dogs - that's a lot of water bowls... & they are emptying them before I can even sit down.  We have 2 water bowls outside... 2 in the kitchen... 2 in the bedrooms.  I'm constantly filling them up, checking on them.  Even in the middle of the night, Sydney will bark & wake us up to fill the bowl up with FRESH water. Yes, my dogs are spoiled.

This could very well be my dog

SILVER LINING - everything about it - I'd carry water pitchers from my body if it made my dogs happy :)  love my fur babies


I COULD complain about sweat... Now, I like to sweat at certain points of the day.  Working out, running?  Yes, bring on the sweat.  But I hate doing photo sessions & having the sweat run down my back... eww... or getting out of my car (& those dang leather seats we mentioned earlier) & having my shirt stick to my back & have sweat marks & have to go back into work after lunch.  I need clothing invented that doesn't show sweat.  & please, don't bring back the hyper color clothing of the 80's the enhanced your sweat.

SILVER LINING - its like a sauna treatment for your skin every day

What aggravates you about Spring & Summer coming?
& what's your silver lining?


  1. I really love this post and your positive spins haha! Send some of that warm weather up here, I think so far this year, we've broke 70 twice. The weathermen keep telling us we might get a third one this week *hoping*! Enjoy that heat therapy and those Disney bugs!

  2. omg, Bugs! I used to love that movie-- along with Antz, which is so odd because I don't think I've ever come across a bug in real life that I like! I'm with you on the bugs and allergies though! Not a fan...

  3. 98 degrees here already. My husband is insisting to have the air conditioner so low I think I'm going to need a loan to pay the electric company.

  4. Oh, my hair frizzes up, too! I have probably every frizz product known to man under my bathroom sink, in fact. Nothing seems to work, however. I just can't believe we're not even in summer yet! Great post!

  5. Hahaha that dog picture! So funny. We're still freezing over here.. I'm ready for all of this (talk to me in August though)!

  6. I know I don't want to complain about the heat because I was begging for it a month ago. But man... it drastically changed from frigid to scalding!

  7. Haha this made me laugh. What I hate most about spring are the spiders!! Those things seriously creep me out!

  8. Sweaty boobs, melted makeup and frizzy hair. Trifecta.

  9. We have a frost warning tonite, so we're a long way from summer temps. I guess if I were to complain it would be my itchy watery eyes. But we haven't really bloomed here yet, so that might be a summer complaint this year : )

  10. Bugs annoy the ever lovin poop out of me. they're fine.... if they're over there, away from me. Once they start flying and/or crawling around me, I'm done!


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