Monday, May 12, 2014

The weekend I was peed on....

What a busy weekend.  Be prepared - this post may be extra full of pictures today. It's what happens when 3 grandbabies come to visit.


* Took one more advantage of Starbucks Happy Hour.  It was delish.  Delish enough to make me feel guilty enough to load up my basket full of fruits & veggies.

* My back was feeling a tad better after icing it at work all day & popping a few Alleve.  But I took advantage of my massage chair Friday evening.

* Lots of cleaning happening around the house... just so 3 boys can dirty it right back up.  That's what its all about.


* My back was aching but I still got in my Day 17 of T25... with Ricky sitting there shaking his head at me, yelling at me with a lot of "When will you learn" ... motivation at its finest.

* I had a photo session right when Julie & the boys were driving up to our house.  Passing ships in the night.

* Oh my gosh... baby sessions are just the sessions to have lately. & they're all so different.  Babies RULE a session.  & no matter if they're sleepy, lazy, crying, happy, grumpy, they are all so sweet & snuggle-y & have that precious baby smell.

Chasity loves a baby session
... will be having one of her own soon...
* Nothing like a hail storm rolling through in Spring while doing a photo session.  Ignore all phones ringing with warnings.  Photos must continue on.

* & reason #289 why I have the best assistant & friend in Chasity when she helps me with sessions.  This baby had reflux so bad.  (poor little guy) I can tolerate baby 'fluids' - you know - spit, slobber, spit up - all things coming from the face of a baby... but I also prefer not to & I do get easily gagged.  So this sweet baby was having a hard time.  He actually got his mom like 4 or 5 times.  When he ended up spitting up on me, his mom cleaned him up while Chasity was cleaning me up :) haha!

* Got home to find a blue eyed baby waiting on Nanny to pick him up

3rd in a row... Julie has some cute babies!

*  Its so funny how a house with 1 baby & 2 little boys running around can come so alive.

* Sydney & Bruno are pros at having little ones around the house.  Zoe?  She's an uber-pro - she goes & hides 99% of the time the boys are there.  She knows how to stay safe.  Harvey?  This was his first time of having the boys up to our house & he was so confused.  Who to follow first?  Who to protect?  He just kept sniffing Will & laying next to him.  Julie even got a picture of Harvey laying his head down on Will's belly .... Harvey liked this Uncle protector role.

* Headed over to Target ... or as Isaac calls it, "The toy place"

I love when the 3 of them walk together
Pretty soon, it'll be 4

*  Now THIS is how to shop in Target...

* Will was too curious to actually stay in that for a long time... so Nanny carried him.  & how does a cute 2 month old repay his Nanny for the lift?  By peeing all over me.

I was drenched

* If you've been on Facebook lately & seen all the Cold Water Challenges?  I think I win just with my shirt above...

* Ran over to Home Depot for what I thought would be a 5 minute quick trip in to grab something.  Next thing I know, Steve is missing, Ricky has ran down to another store, one of the boys has to go to the bathroom, everyone is scattered.  I think we were in Home Depot's parking lot for 40 minutes.  There's your weekend entertainment right there.

Sunday - Mother's Day

* Woke up & Steve had left to go to church (He finds local Catholic churches to visit every time he's up)... Julie runs out of the bedroom nervous.  He left with the diaper bag in their van & there's no diapers in the house.  Nanny to the rescue. To the grocery I go.  I had no make up on, yoga pants I slept in & my hair in a clip. I was sure I was going to see someone I knew.  Luckily, not a lot of people are at the grocery at 8:00am. Whew.

* Got home & found this surprise from my doggies :)

Mother's Day is for Fur-Mom's too

* The boys could care less it was Mother's Day. There was a Tom & Jerry movie on that held their attention above anything else.  We had to almost force Isaac to eat his breakfast while he was watching the movie.  Hypnotizing.

* So not only did I get peed on... I also got poo'ed on... this baby is just making sure his Nanny can take all the wonders of a baby.

*  Got the most beautiful flower from Julie, Steve & the boys... it smelt like heaven.  So gorgeous.

* I took pictures of Will in a mini baby session at the house. He was loving it at first.  Getting snuggled up in soft blankets & laid by a window?  He was all for it... & then it all went crazy & he was over it.  All babies have their Diva Moments.  I did get some beautiful pictures.  I'll share as soon as I get them edited.

* We headed over to my mom's for a visit.  The boys hadn't seen the horses in awhile & Steve hadn't ever seen them before... they're good horses that love people visiting them... especially if they have carrots in hand.

* It started raining or Dad would have taken the boys on a little ride around the pasture.  Stupid rain.  Oh well, something to look forward to next time.

* Yaya kept the little one in... his day of horses will come. Now, it was just time to relax & sneak in a nap.

yaya knows how to rock a baby
* My dad was showing the boys all the ways of cowboys & horses.  They didn't want to leave.  What little boy doesn't want play guns & cowboy hats?  & horses heads?  They actually were fighting over wanting to be the horse for a bit.  They can't wait to go back to Papaw & Yaya's house.

This isn't brother abuse - Luke wanted to be the horse :)
 * we headed over to Ricky's sister's for a cook out & to celebrate Mother's Day with his momma.  Its always so much fun being around his family.

* The boys loved playing with their Aunt Sherry's dog.  It's a lot easier playing with 1 dog then having 4 dogs chase after you at our house :)

* The skies looked scary all day long, but we kept avoiding the storms.

* The Vincent gang doesn't get together & NOT play corn hole... & let me tell you, the game gets SERIOUS.  Vincent's don't play... Well, they play, but they don't play around.

* The entertainment for me was watching Luke.  He was standing there the whole time just watching everyone play & he was so expressive in his reactions when the bags would hit the boards. It was hilarious. I ended up taking like 15 different expressions.  Kids are the best.  Especially cute little ones that call me Nanny :)

I'll call this one "Home Alone" reaction

* Maggie got to meet her 3rd great-grandbaby... Will just enjoyed all the attention. Lots of new faces to see, lots of aunts to hold him.  He didn't mind this day one bit.

* Ricky's sister lives a few roads away from the house I grew up in.  It's always so funny to drive back around the area.  See how things have changed.  Have memories flood back of being young.  Time flies in a life.

* It always feel extra quiet in our house after the boys leave.  That's Zoe's cue to come out of hiding though. :)

* Once Upon a Time finale... WHAT!!?!?!?!?!? Frozen!!!!!  I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

How was your weekend?

Was your Mother's Day wonderful?

Did you get peed on?


  1. our Lily tries to herd the little ones too when they come over!!

    GREAT finale!!! But FROZEN?! I am very curious how they are going to do this one!! So many questions! GAH..I hate to wait!!

  2. This sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Love all the pictures. I had a great mother's day and nope, I did not get peed on haha.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! I did not get peed on this weekend, but I get spit up on quite frequently. Poor Landry and her reflux...praying it gets better soon. I wear stinky formula to work almost every morning!

  4. Some of the cutest pics in this post girl, the babies and puppy picture, so cute!! Glad you had a good weekend, besides getting peed and poo'ed on ;)

  5. Did you watch Revenge? Oh wow, wow, wow.

  6. I didn't get peed on! What a full weekend you had and an awesome Mother's Day with family.

  7. Looks like you had quite the weekend!!!! Target was definitely on many peoples radar it looks like right? ;-)

  8. WOW! I'm tired after just reading your post but it sounds like such a wonderful time with all your family! Your grandbabies are precious!

  9. Looks like a wonderful weekend with your grandbabies! Luckily I avoided getting peed on this weekend - although I don't think I would mind if it was by that cutie! Loved the Home Alone face :)

  10. "The toy place"... Bahahahahahahahhahaha! That is so stinking cute! :)


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