Friday, May 02, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Friday... Oaks Day around Here
Derby Day tomorrow
My cue to stay away from the chaos of Louisville :)
I plan on tackling my closet tomorrow.
if you don't hear from me next week, my closet swallowed me whole.
I am a bit scared about it.  Gaining all this weight lately I'm afraid I'm going to be naked for Spring & Summer.
I'm also probably going to have the biggest haul ready for Goodwill EVER!
So I didn't know my car has an alarm.
I knew there was a red button on my key chain, but never knew what it did.
I found out by accident this morning.
My car was going off like I robbed a bank & I was like
What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?
... please note - I'm not good in a panic situation...
I finally realized, hit the red button on my key chain.
Well... that's what that does.
Don't scare me in a parking lot - I'm all prepared with my red button now

Spiderman 2 starts this weekend!


The 1st of the month is Heart Worm Pill day for my dogs.
I got it all out for 4 dogs - gave it to 3 of them.
Zoe is always hiding & never eats with everyone else.
So I leave her pill on the counter.
.... then I go to feed the other 3 dogs...
& then notice Zoe's pill is gone.
It looks like a piece of dog food so I knew I threw it in somewhere with all the dogs food.
You should have seen me & Ricky dumping out all the dog food trying to find this one pill.
It was like the ultimate "seek & find" game ever.
Note:  I'm the one who found it! WINNER!
Robert Downey Jr. Thanks
Yes, everything is a contest with the Hubs & I
How did I not know about the show on Bravo called The People's Couch?
The idea of the show is they watch people who are watching TV shows.
Sounds dumb?
Its actually freaking hilarious!
I seriously laughed till I had tears streaming down my face.
These 3 guys are one set who are on the show
... & they all responded to a tweet I posted about the show...
so they are now my favorite
I just know someone needs to get me on this show.
I'm someone who is constantly yelling & talking to the TV... & the conversations that happen with Ricky watching the same show?  Yes, where's the dotted line to sign on for this show?
I need to get out & pull weeds.
For someone who turns into a big scratchy rash when I touch anything green & grassy,
let's just say I'm not looking forward to doing this.
Maybe I need special socks... for my whole body
A Different Type Of Dinosaur
Sad & embarrassing fact
 I just found in our closet a Fanny Pack thing that holds a CD player so you can wear it as you walk
... I remember the bad thing with it though, if you walked too hard, it would make the CD skip though
Have you gotten over to the K-Love Fan Awards to vote?
Steven Curtis Chapman is up for nomination.
I have to say, I was torn.
He's in the same category with Colton Dixon and Chris Tomlin
...2 other dudes I just love!...
But Steven's #1 fan will always give my vote to him!
Not to mention, "Glorious Unfolding" is to me still the best song!

I'll end it right there with a song from Steven...
the best way to start a weekend!


  1. YES, People's Couch is sooo funny! And I read that article yesterday - I had to laugh out loud about the CD player skipping. I also remember recording songs on the radio onto my Talk Boy.. remember those?! Good times!

  2. My Dad used to purposely set off his car alarm when he couldn't find his car in the parking lot. He never lost his car.

  3. I really need to tackle my closet and makeup this weekend! Good luck!

  4. People's Couch, huh? Well, there's always something new. I usually just watch Zombie flicks. I noted that you like Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst. I like her devotional material, although I have not purchased any books by her. Have a great weekend.

  5. The dog in the socks!! My stomach hurts from laughing. I need to save that photo for when I'm feeling crummy! Good luck with the weeds and the closet. I've been putting off both of those tasks. Maybe you'll inspire me.

  6. LOL about the car alarm! Mine goes off sometimes and I can NEVER get it to turn off fast enough and I'm always so embarrassed! haha It's still hard for me to believe that CDs are basically a thing of the past! I still love mine!

  7. Bahahahahah... the fanny pack... I die! I wonder what else you'll find when you tackle your closet! Good luck! ;P

  8. I'm right there with you on the whole closet thing & not having anything to wear. I keep looking at the tote that my summer clothes are in with dread.
    We just spent $318 on 2 of the dogs' heartworm & flea/tick meds. Crazy expensive...too expensive to not find that one!


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