Monday, May 19, 2014

The weekend that had me singing "Girl for All Seasons"... thank you Grease 2...


* Stopped by a Starbucks & asked if they had the Peach Green Tea Lemonade... SCORE!!! My Friday started off wonderfully!  I never have wanted to hug a Starbucks employee so much in my life.

PGTL - the best letters ever at Starbucks

* Ricky & I stopped at McAlister's... it was so empty. At 7:00 on a Friday.  I asked him if the world was coming to an end or something... I've never seen that place empty.  At least if it was ending, I was going out with my McAlister's tea.

Ron Swanson gif why is everyone else so bad at eating Parks and Recreation Imgur

* Barbara Walter's Special... anyone else watch it?  Man, she's had a life, hasn't she?  All the people she's had the privilege of sitting down & talking with.  Can you imagine that kind of job?


* knew it was going to be a busy day, so I got up early (thanks goes to my dogs for that early wake up all too) & got my T25 work out in.  Still wondering when I'm going to have those before & after results I keep seeing on TV.

* Had everything wrapped & ready & told Ricky, don't make us late for our friend's baby shower.  I just knew it would be him that would make us late.

* Went & met my sweet friends/family ("Framily" as I came up with the word this weekend) for a maternity session... it was so cool & beautiful.  Perfect for a hormonal pregnant lady.

Such a pretty momma

* So we pushed it with the time for the photo session.  Momma & daddy were good to just head straight from there to go to the shower.  I had to get home, clean up, change & then go.... so yeah, Ricky was calling me saying, "didn't you tell me we had to leave at 2:45?"... it was 2:40... oopsie


* Yep... we were late...

* Such a fun baby shower.  It was the biggest I've ever seen in my life, but so great to see familiar faces & faces I hadn't seen in a long time.  My favorite things someone told me, "You really exist off of Facebook" :)  You know its been awhile of seeing each other when you hear that.  At least Facebook keeps connections going.

* Ricky played a game they had for the guys of the shower... & he WON!  Technically, Ryan, the daddy, won.  But he's the daddy - he can't win.  The baby is his prize.... so Ricky came in 2nd place.  Kudos to my man for diapering a balloon blindfolded :)

Need a baby stuck with pins in the dark?
Ricky's your guy.

* I was a loser.. in a Disney music game! WHAT?!!? I know!!! I missed 3... the winner missed 2.  I lost on Robin Hood, Lady & The Tramp & Hunchback of Notre Dame.  I still don't remember one song in Robin Hood.  ... I'm still hanging my head in shame over this.  I now will watch every Disney movie & listen to every Disney soundtrack on repeat.  This game just made my husband's life miserable.

Me after the Disney game

* Ricky & I stayed behind to help clean up with the rest of the FRAMIY... lots of work is easier with lots of hands.

* It was a LONG day... we ended up getting home about 8:00 & poor Ricky fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.  Diapering balloons is hard work.

* I stayed up to work on pictures & ended up watching Grease & Grease 2... I never get enough of Grease 2... Cool Rider!!!

Cool Rider Grease 2 animated GIF

* Why did anyone think any of these people looked like they belonged in high school. They look older then the teachers.


* Was actually late to church to a Merge meeting because Grease 2 was on again.  How can I leave before "Girl for all seasons" plays?  Ricky may or may not be a little disturbed I know all the words to this movie, all the songs, & even the moves to the dances.
Classics On Logo Girl For All Seasons animated GIF

* "OH MY GOD .... I'm going to die & I'm wearing my mother's underwear" ... still one of my favorite lines of the movie.

Classics On Logo Girl For All Seasons animated GIF

* Great church service on Anger & a great service in our Merge group... love when I walk out with so much going in my head ... when it sticks, it's good.

* it was Grey & White day at church... not really, but when I saw this little boy, I had to grab a picture.  Plus, I just love this little dude anyways.  He's the most laid back fellow.. & dang cute!!!

* I had another photo session with one of the cool kids on our youth group - did some pics for some Senior photos... such a good guy.  It literally was like, click, click, click... we're done.  I told him he was so easy going - he said, "you just want me to sit like I normally naturally sit" ... YES!  He gets it. :)

* I actually took Chasity back out for another picture.  When we did her pictures the day before, on the drive, we noticed tons of yellow goldenrod fields... so she's a trooper & said she'd go back out for more pictures... especially because she's a 'yellow lover' like me... it was worth the trip.

* Chasity said the field reminded her of the poppy field in Wizard of Oz... I had to laugh when I was looking the pictures & saw she had on a blue & white dress... hello Dorothy? ... I think her shoes may have even been silver!!!! :)

* headed out to Target... the normal weekend adventure.  Had to get there -  yoga pants on sale for $10.00... yes please!!!!

* Ran across an aisle of red stickers in the Journal aisle.  It was torture trying to decide. I showed restraint.  Only walked away with 2.. wanted at least 5 of them. Dang... where's the money when you need it...

* Stopped at our Starbucks & asked for my heavenly PGTL & they said, "We don't have Peach in yet"... what?  Did I say earlier I wanted to hug a Starbucks employee?  this time I wanted to punch one. I take my PGTL seriously.  I ended up with a Passion Tango Tea Shaken Lemonade... it was good... but no PGTL

Ricky's drink just looks pitiful next to mine

* It was such a beautiful day... I didn't want to stay in the house, so headed over to my parents house to check out the horses ... who didn't want to be bothered during dinner time.  I don't blame them.


* Billboard awards... was it me or was it kinda lame?  & the build up of the Michael Jackson thing?  It just made me realize - he's not replaceable... it was just depressing to me.

* Ended my night looking for one more showing of Grease 2....

How was your weekend?


  1. I am sitting next to my daughter as I read this (yea!) and I turned to her and said I think I know someone who loves Disney more than you!! she said "not possible!" ha!

    I will have to try one of those lemonades!

    the picture with the yellow wild flowers is gorgeous!!!

  2. Grease 2 is always fun. I have a friend who would not only sing along to every song but act the whole thing out.

  3. Peach Green Tea Lemonade is something I really MUST try! Sounds amazing! Those maternity photos are just so lovely! You're so talented :)

  4. yes!!!!! Now that makes me want to go and watch it right now :-) Any weekend that involves multiple Starbucks runs and yoga pants on sale at Target....I'm so down with!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend, but very busy. Love your pictures, as usual. Especially love the picture of the horse through the barn. You could frame that.

    Really, you lost a Disney related game! lol That's okay, I probably would have too. I can usually remember a song somewhat, but forget which movie it was in.

  6. Apparently I need to try this drink from Starbucks! And I love the yellow field pic! So worth going out again!

  7. Goodness, you stay busy! Have you ever listened to the Disney station on Pandora? I bet you would love it! Chasity is absolutely gorgeous and that field is awesome! Oh, and your it!

  8. You always have the best Starbucks drinks!!! How have I never heard of this Peach Green Tea Lemonade before? I'm going to try and hunt it down this week! And really, really love that picture in the yellow flower field - so beautiful!!

  9. Your shoot turned out beautifully!!!!
    I've never actually seen Grease 2 before!


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