Thursday, May 08, 2014


Thankful Thursday
Gratitude is the memory of the heart. ~Jean Baptiste Massieu


05.01.14 Can't wait!!!

This magazine came in the mail & I was giddy excited!
Can't wait to see "The Fault in our Stars"
... know its going to be so freaking sad...
but still can't wait.
Anyone else read the book?
05.02.14 Made it to 3 months

Here we are... as I type this, we're PAST 3 months.
& Sydney is doing really well!  She's actually RUNNING in the backyard...slow... but hey, she's like her momma.  Run slow & funny. Its the cool way to do it.
She's doing really well.  I honestly think its all the prayers being lifted.  Keep 'em going! Please :)

We're actually debating on what to do with her medicine.  Our only problems we are having with her is at night.  She just sits up all night & 'yips' ... she's not like she's in pain - but I think the medicine is hurting her stomach. The vet said its possible & to give her Pepcid - which we do. But Sydney feels better if we give her food during the night, so that's why we think its her stomach.
Anyways - someone got in touch with us about a natural medicine called Protandim that is now available for animals.  People take it as well.
Its a mix of Eastern medicine - herbs that I believe in - green teas, turmeric - but we were reading up on reviews & thoughts & it seems amazing what it can do for animals.
But cancer? 
We don't know what to do.  Thinking we may try this & then alternate her other medicine every other day - or every 3rd day.
We hate medicine... We wont take it ourselves...hate to give it to our dog as well.
(This one was long)

05.03.14 Hanging out with the Hubs

Wasn't expecting a phone call from Ricky while he was at work asking if I wanted to meet him for lunch & a movie.  Who doesn't want to do that?  Forget the idea of cleaning closets.  This is much better!
Another thing to be thankful for - chocolate covered almonds in the movies! YUM!

05.04.14 Lemonade on a hot day!!!

Chasity & I had a photo session after church & it was HOT!!!  I had a water in my car, but after the session, it was hot.  I hate hot water.  I hate water bottles that have been sitting in my car with the sun shining on them (anyone else hear the rumor that the plastic in heat causes cancer?)
So I stopped to pick up Ricky & I some dinner on the way home from Penn Station & I think I saw little fairies flying around the lemonade jug.
I ordered one - ended up drinking it ALL while waiting on the sandwich.
Also thankful for REFILLS! :)
It was like nectar from the heavens!

05.05.14 BEST Coconut Water EVER

It took me awhile to get used to coconut water but reading how good it was for you, I'd suck it up... & then it wasn't so bad.  I love the flavored ones as well.  I found this one at my grocery store the other day on sale & thought I'd give it a try.
OH WOW!!! Its so amazingly good!  It tastes like some sort of tropical drink.  Doesn't have a weird taste like some coconut waters have.
My frig will likely be full of these babies now.

05.06.14 Boston Marathon Book

I was sent this book to review & I love love love that its about the Boston Marathon & stories of runners that were part of the day.  Seen through their eyes.  I'm just a few chapters in & I am just holding my breath waiting to the moment we get to 4:09:43 - the time on the runner's clock when the bomb went off.
I'll let you know what I think when I'm done with the book.
05.07.14 Let there be air....

 Yep - I was complaining last week about freezing.
This day, its 90 degrees.  WH-WH-WHAT?
So thankful for AC - especially because we went like 4 years with it being a disaster every time we turned on the AC the first time each year.
We got a new unit 2 years ago but I still hold my breath when its time to turn it on.
FYI - it worked... my house was comfy last night... aaahhh

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Holy cow that's hot!! Sydney is a BEAUTIFUL dog! I'm hoping she keeps doing better. That lemonade looks fantastic and I have heard that rumor about water bottles in the sun and actually in the freezer, too. I never know which "this causes cancer" things to believe, but not freezing my water bottles anymore is any easy thing to change, so I did.

  2. I haven't found a coconut water I like yet so I'm going to try this one! And I've heard the same thing about hot water bottles and the plastic and cancer.. no idea if it has any truth behind it but I'm paranoid enough not to do it! We are getting up to 83 degrees here today.. woohoo!

  3. That lemonade looks so good right now! I haven't had any in so long and now I'm craving it! I don't think I can bring myself to see TFIOS movie because of how sad I know it will be! I think I'll eventually read the book.

  4. I'm glad Sydney is still doing ok, she is so beautiful! What a fun date, lunch and a movie, can't beat that! I love lemonade, it's my fave in the summer!

  5. Oh, it's definitely very HOT here in HOTlanta, too! I'm dying! I keep the fans cranked up on high all day long...I'm trying to hold off on running the AC until we just can't take it anymore. I'm almost at that point. Sweet thankful for each and every day you get to spend with her. Hope it continues for a long, long time!

  6. ooo! I'm reading Fault in Our Stars right now! I guess I should hurry :)

  7. Oh sweet Sydney!! I'm so happy she's doing so well! Impromptu dates are the best!! Glad you & Ricky enjoyed one :)

  8. I read The Fault in our Stars and it was EXCELLENT. Now I'm reading Looking for Alaska by the same author and I'm expecting it to be just as good!

  9. My favorite is Chick-fil-a lemonade! I actually had some on Saturday when my mouth was SO dry. It tasted like Heaven! And Ricky sounds like my husband! He is still ticked that we haven't seen the new Spiderman yet.


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