Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The weekend that makes me want more 3 day weekends

Where we look at the highlights of the weekend

// I really hate grocery shopping.

// I am thankful that our grocery has a big selection for health food/natural food.

// I saw a tweet about Pizza Hut before I left work Friday & then was instantly craving.  The power of advertising.  I mentioned it to Ricky & he instantly wanted it too.  The power of suggestion.  So we kicked off the weekend with veggie pizza... Pizza Hut is the best.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good
Swweeennggg! :)

//What Would You Do? is back on TV.  Ricky & I love that show.  I have to think the people of New York are onto this gig now after all these years.  I would recognize those same actors they use without a doubt if I saw a weird situation.

// If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you see the things Harvey Dent is up to... puppy stuff... & Saturday, I truly cried over it.  He got my Polar Watch... & I needed it to work out.  It actually still worked, with no band & the face dented up.  I put it in a wrist wallet & used it while I worked out.  Genius.

That rascal

// I finally got my closet moved over.  & found out I had bought some skirts over fall/winter when they were on clearance & then just ordered 4 more maxi skirts from Target - so I have 8 new skirts.  YES!  I am going to go through summer in skirts & flip flops.

// Its a good thing I have all those skirts because half of my shorts are too tight   #depressing

// Watched the new Muppet movie with Amy Adams & the guy from How I met your Mother... it was pretty awesome.  I love the muppets.  Something I grew up with. I was even thinking of doing a post called "Me & Miss Piggy" one day....

// Determined to finish my book Paper Towns.  It was an up & down roller coaster. I hated it one minute, loved it another.  Loved the beginning, loved the end... the middle?  mmeehhh.... I am looking forward to John Green's book "Looking for Alaska"

// We ended up just hanging out in Merge with the kids & playing games. It was such a fun day to just laugh together.  Sometimes that's the best way to connect.

// I may have peed a little on myself from laughing.

// I had a twin at church.  What are the odds of us having that exact color on.  It's not like an every day color.  Apparently it makes you really happy when you wear it.

// We head out to lunch at McAlister's with our buddies Ryan & Chasity & ended up sitting in there talking for 3 hours.  3 hours... thank goodness for free refills of McAlister's Tea

I talked so much, I needed this to keep my throat from drying out 

//  Found a Polar watch at Best Buy on clearance for $45 off!!! SCORE!  It's a red band & I love all things red.  Ricky told me I should thank Harvey Dent.  Let's not go that far.

//  Went to see X-men with friends... I LOVED IT!!!! LOVVVEEEDDDDD IT!! & not because you see Hugh Jackman's bare rear end... that helped... but it was a great X-men movie!

Ricky was actually there... he took the picture... he prefers to be behind the camera then in front anyways

// Our Sydney is doing good one minute, having problems the next... but she's still hanging in there fighting a good fight.  Our precious girl.

My beautiful Aussies

// Memorial Day was easy & relaxed with a trip to Target, a stop at Five Guys & a nap... I don't nap... but I think my body knew it was a day off work so that requires extra 'lazy'

// Got to see my family for a little bit on Memorial Day.  I got to hang with my nieces for a bit too & take a walk down to the pond to look for snapping turtles.  The joy of being a kid.

// It's always fun to listen to my mom & her sisters get together.... Italian women together?  How can that not be fun?

// Started the Beta round on T25 ... & I think I almost puked on the first work out.  Here we go with the next 30 days.

How was your long Memorial Weekend?


  1. So glad that your sweet Sydney is hanging on ... praying for more good days than bad.

    Five Guys? YUM! Love Five Guys!

  2. Those skirts. LOVE THEM!! Girl, lets talk about skirts.
    I want to wear them, especially the Maxi's, but I feel like I don't wear them well. Is this just me? Is it all about the shirt you pair with them, or can some people just wear them better than others? Do tell =)

    I LOVE mint green!! I have a shirt just that color. We could be triplets =)

    Could Chastity get any cuter? I mean seriously, she is the cutest pregnant lady I have ever seen!!! I want her hair. anyway.....

    Precious Sydney. She is so beautiful Rebecca. Sweet thang!!

    And Harvey, woopsie. But she's still precious right? =)

    Love you girl ~~ dawn

  3. That picture of you and your "twin" is too cute! My daughter and my mom saw that Muppet Movie together and just LOVED it!

  4. I said this morning that I wished every weekend had 3 days. :) Not too much to ask for, right??

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  5. Loved your blog. Love all your,I know them, pictures and your funny pictures that only you have the ability to find and post pictures. Love Love Love the picture of your two Aussies. My dear Lord they are such beautiful loving creatures!!When did you add the Dent to Harvey's name? I totally missed that somehow?! Is he ever gonna grow up?(get over wanting to chew things up?)Little stinker!!.Love the picture off your new skirts. You have long legs,they flatter your figure. Woo Woo.That Jordan is just sooo model material,she cannot do anything wrong in my book,as my Daddy,God rest his sole {it would be his 106th birthday today.} used to say.He loved me and I still miss him. I totally love those sisters!!And remember Rebecca,Jesus loves you and so do I.

  6. Sounds like you had a good weekend. We did too.

  7. Such a sweet picture of the pups. Sounds like a great weekend and now I'm craving pizza : )

  8. Your beautiful Aussies is right, so pretty! Lil Harvey is on a roll huh, I would have cried too. Oh man, anytime I crave pizza or anything else, all I have to do is mention it to Dustin and we have to have it! The power of "suggestion" ;)

  9. such a fun weekend. And yes, we need more 3 day weekends.

  10. First, every weekend should be a 3 day weekend. Your weekends are always packed with such goodness! I can't wait to see Xmen! And your babies...so cute! But that does stink that your watch for destroyed but how could you stay made at that face??!

  11. You looked so cute in your matching outfits! Great color on you. Hooray for new skirts !!! I need some more, one is simply not going to cut it.

  12. I can not wait to see Xmen!!! I had NO idea you get to see Hugh's bum....now I'm going! ha! :)

    love our aussies!! that picture is beautiful! another reason I love my DIL to be...she has an aussie!

  13. Haha your McAlister's experience and the "Thank you, Linus" are too funny! That made me laugh so much this season on HIMYM!!! We LOVE the 2 new Muppet movies at our house!

  14. Mmmm and now I want Pizza Hut! And sweet tea. Welp, I know what I'm having for dinner now!

  15. Loooove Pizza Hut! Just named my top 3 pizza places the other day and they were on there! :) haha


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