Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What is that stupid locker combination?

I read a blog post the other day from a friend who was talking about a reoccurring dream she always has. And the funny thing was, her mom had the same reoccurring dream.

I wonder if my mom dreams about singing on stage with Steven Curtis Chapman like I do?

Got me thinking about a dream that I have all the time.

I actually have two but I think the one with King Kong chasing me while I'm on a moped may be a little strange... its true though.  Nothing like a monster monkey chasing you to get your heart pounding in your sleep.

My reoccurring dream....

first you gotta get cozy & fall asleep

I'm always in high school.  Back in good ole Male Traditional.  The old one.  They've since moved to a new fancy school building where we went in the days that there were wood floors & no air conditioning in 95 degree summer school days.

Do I sound like an old grandparent who says, "I walked to school barefoot in the snow... uphill the whole way"

It was really an old school building. & in my dreams, I'm always back in the halls.  I see the same faces that I remembered from a long time ago. 

It has been a long time too - I graduated in 1990. Geez. 24 years this year. Oh my LAWD - my 25 yr reunion is next year? Ahh - who cares. I haven't gone to any of my high school reunions.  I think high school reunions are the ultimate place of comparison... which we know sucks all sorts of joy of you.

This would totally be me at a high school reunion


In my dream, I'm panicked.  It usually starts off that I can't find my schedule.  Its the first day of school, but its not.... dreams are weird like that... & I can't find where I'm supposed to go.  It is Geometry?  God, please no... I hated Geometry.  Is it English?  Or Typing?

Yes - again, let me throw out my age to all you young'uns out there. I actually had typing classes.  On typewriters.  With white out strips for mistakes.  Do they still make those?  Little pieces of paper with white out on them that you would have to put behind the bar on a typewriter, hit the key & HOPE you have the white out strip in the right place of your paper has white marks all over it.  The good ole days.

I think this is the only picture of a typing class that isn't in black & white
& set in the 50's

But I'm running around trying to figure out where to go, while teachers are slamming doors in my face telling me I am at the wrong room. 

I always end up in the office asking someone to give me a copy of my schedule.

I get it... get to the right class & all goes well....

that is, until the bell rings & I have to go to my locker.

The dreaded locker.

This is where my dream always makes me sweat.  I'm standing at my locker - which actually, my dreams will change, but it will always be the same place my real lockers where in different years.  9th grade was in the middle of the hall by the cafeteria... 12th grade was at the far end of the hall around a corner... I can remember where all my lockers were.

The combinations?  Nope... I can't remember.

& in my dream, I'm freaking out.  What is that number?  I try a thousand combos of numbers... all while people are walking by & talking to me, reminding me of old high school drama.  But people are grown up.  It's like I'm in high school today, which would be really sad if a 42 yr old was still in high school....

I'm young at heart though...maybe that's why I'm still in high school.

I wake up every time still panicked because I feel lost. 

What was that stupid combination?  Where was I supposed to go next?  & did I ever get my books & notebook out of there? & what is the point of having this stupid dream over & over?

The questions of life...

All probably just to remind me that my memory bites....or I'm a little crazy... whichever...

Do you have any reoccurring dreams?


  1. Haha! I can't say I have any reoccurring dreams, but I definitely have some strange ones, often!

  2. I have weird vivid dreams but not usually any recurring ones. I always hate the back in high school ones though. Yuck!

  3. Yes, I have them. I dream of school quite often, but I can't even find my locker and it's like its the middle of the school year and I haven't been to a certain class the whole year and have no idea what's going on. Also, that I run out to catch the bus and keep running and running and falling and just can't make it to the bus.

    I just figure maybe my school years were more traumatic than I thought. I mean, I graduated in 1975. So you'd think after 39 years, I'd be over it. But nooooo!

    My husband has them too!

  4. I have the ol' I can't remember my schedule dream a LOT, too!

  5. Love the Romy & Michelle HS Reunion GIF!!! One of my favorite movies! I always have the same recurring dream about being on an airplane that starts to crash as soon as it takes off. I'm always okay but it's so strange - thank goodness I'm not terrified of flying after all those!!

  6. I usually don't have recurring dreams. I have a few times, but mostly I dream about things I wish I could NOT dream about. Things that scare me. Like tornadoes.

  7. Wow,yes reoccurring dreams of high school. I am at school without some vital piece of clothing.A blouse and brazier, a skirt,pants,and underwear. Usually one or the other. Sometimes shoes too. I think that other people are undressed like me,but when I look around it is not normal.Someone at home told me it was okay,but when I get there people are pointing and laughing at me. I want to hide,but I have to get to class to be excused,or to my locker where I might have a piece of clothing.But I can't find my locker or forget the combination.

  8. Plus, you always say exactly what I am thinking in this blog.Those pictures you post are right on! Me drooling at the reunion,boy I know I would do that!! Soooo funny Rebecca, thanks for a big belly laugh and some sympathy coming your way.How can you escape a giant gorilla on a little scooter? You can't, you are going to be tossed far far away or eaten or bitten into!! AAHHHH wake up!!

  9. Sisters from another Mister. And that's all I can say about this post. Every. Single. Bit. (Cept, I graduated in 89' - so I had that "AAAAAHHHH! My 25th reunion is THIS year!!! moment already. Until... I remembered that I haven't gone to any of them and I'm just glad I survived High School. Then I'm all good again.)


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