Friday, November 07, 2014

Friday Favorites

Friday... whew... has it only been my first week back from vacation?
Why does it feel like I've been here forever...
Let's celebrate Friday by looking at some of my favorite things this week

Favorite Planner
Kate Spade 2015 Planner

I am a big journal/calendar/planner person. I love my Bullet Journal, but the only thing it lacks is a calendar to go out into the year... so I kept seeing people talk about this journal & then there was a sale that had everything 20% off so I took the plunge.  I wasn't sure which one to go with so I decided to go bold & get the green giraffe print.  Now, I sort wish I got the ones with the books... but then I'm sure I would have wanted the striped... then the polka dots. #canteverdecide ... when I got it, it was bigger then I thought & didn't have everything I needed - BUT, it has months August, Sept & Oct that I obviously wouldn't use so I took some paper & made some health charts & fitness charts that I use for my bullet journal & glued them in... this is now my perfect journal.  I've since taken to carrying it with me everywhere because I rely on it now.

Favorite Creamer
Bailey's Mudslide ... its like pouring thick creamy chocolate in your coffee.
Oh my goodness
All you need to know.

Favorite TV Moment

Vampire Diaries:  Damon & Elena saw each other for the first time since he 'died' ( I know... not a show for growing your mind)

Scandal: All of it...  Olivia pulling the move on Tom... the phone call from Fitz... Tom talking about the President when Olivia left... & the END???

Me at every commercial break of Scandal

Favorite Knit Pattern

Aren't these adorable?  Someone sent it to me on Facebook asking me to make one & then I went over to my loom board & found like 3 posts of people who made similar ones.  They directed me to the patterns & I just purchased & downloaded them this morning.  Can't wait to try this.
I want to be a raccoon myself.

Favorite Idea if I had kids
Kids� Drive-In Movie


Favorite Funnies:

This kinda isn't funny....

Pretty much.
I'll just let you figure out which one I am Two kinds of people..

Favorite Reminder

so cry.

Favorite Funny Video:

I look forward to Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween video every year where parents tell their kids they ate all their candy... the best!
I know you've probably seen it already... watch again... just to kick off your weekend!


  1. I LOVE those Jimmy Kimmel videos!! Soooo funny! And I'm still debating which planner to get... can't believe I missed that 20% off Kate Spade sale. Happy happy Friday!

  2. OK, I want one of those bear knit things for Landry. SO CUTE! Let me know how much you'd charge to do it and mail it to me!!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love that kids' birthday party idea - so cute! I also LOVE that kids' knit pattern, I can't wait to see what you do with it :)

  4. That Jimmy Kimmel video cracked me up and also made me think holy crap some of these kids are BRATS haha. I must try that creamer :)

  5. The phone call from Fitz...I almost changed the channel it was so hot!

  6. I love the Jimmy Kimmel Video! and the idea for kids is so cute. I looove planners and I want one of those so bad!!

  7. My daughter gave me a list of three planners she would want and the Kate Spade green giraffe print one was on the list. Not sure if I'm going to get her that one though.

  8. Great roundup! I was giving up on Scandal; however, your post has me ready to find it on-demand...I'll hold off until tonight. The Evelyn .gif was pure hilarity :) Happy Friday! Enjoy a restful weekend, Rebecca Jo :)

  9. I love that drive in movie....too cute! I also love that knit pattern and the Kate Spade planners very nice.

  10. I'm the SAME.WAY when it comes to Scandal. I just hope it doesn't get crazy in following seasons.
    Love the drive in idea! So cute!

  11. I got a generic planner this year because I wanted to go back to a paper planner. I've been regretting not getting a prettier one.

  12. I love the Kate Spade planners! I have been loyal to Erin Condren that past few years but I am definitely considering some other styles for 2015!

  13. I kinda want to be a raccoon. Yep, I would be a raccoon this winter. It's been so long since I watched TVD.. probably season 1 haha. I can't believe it's still going!!! It's only a matter of time for me to watch it, since it's on Netflix.

  14. Is it wrong that I want to chug JUST the creamer, minus the coffee? If it is then I don't want to be right.

  15. i love all things christmas, but am not ready for it just yet. the day after, it is ON!


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